DVD Review – Daniel Bryan Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes!


Welcome to my latest WWE DVD review which is of Daniel Bryan, Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes!  which is the latest release from WWE Home Video. This is a week late due to issues with getting the discs to me but I am glad to say that I am reviewing this, this weekend and Extreme Rules next weekend! I could not wait to watch this DVD as I have always been quite a big Bryan fan since ROH to now.

The main feature is the documentary which is built around Daniel’s road to Wrestlemania 30 when he won the WWE Championship and made everyone mark out including myself in the process and kind of fulfilled a destiny. We get a lot of Brie Bella throughout who of course is his wife and is someone he met through WWE like Nikki meeting John Cena and dating him, this is good as it gives his story from someone elses perspective and someone who lives with Bryan and has seen his rise to the top in WWE. We also get about his growing up and his YES movement which saw Bryan rise to the top both in WWE in terms of the WWE title but also to the top in the fans eyes who chanted with him and still do. This also allows John Cena to talk about how the YES movement shows that the WWE Universe have a voice and made it happen. We even get Seth Rollins involved who of course wrestled with him in ROH and how he never fit that mould and how he is an underdog as a result. Cesaro as well who like Rollins wrestled with him on the Indy Circuit also provided some insight into Bryan. Training with Shawn Michaels at his Wrestling Academy was discussed and how larger than life he was. Michaels talked about how he set himself above everyone else and did that due to his size. It was good to see Regal as well who is always good at discussing training. We get footage from Ring of Honor of a match with Rollins and him saying how good the Independents were for him, ROH was discussed by Bryan which was good as it would be a nit pick if it wasn’t as it was what kind of made Bryan who he is today, John Cena also says how he was a fan before WWE and that he hates the term ‘Indy Guy’, Seth Rollins calls him one of his idols which shows how humble how Rollins is. Brie says how humble and nervous how he is when fans shout Yes and how he doesn’t think he is a superstar. NXT is discussed with The Miz admitting how he didn’t know  he was before hand and Bryan saying how he was frustrated he was with NXT with how goofy it was, Jericho vs Bryan was talked about and how Jericho praised him after and how Vince said he is never going to be a star he doesn’t eat meat which of course he was wrong due to his achievements now. Bryan got fired after being part of the Nexus and doing what was said which was to raise hell but the fact Roberts got choked got him the boot. Pat Patterson talked about how he got him rehired and got Vince to cave in saying to give him a second chance which was a good move by Pat and then he was part of the WWE Team vs Nexus at Summerslam where he was highly praised and recognized a lot more by fans. Fast forward around 4 years later to the press conference and Bryan said how it made him uncomfortable as he finds it more comfortable in Spandex. There is then a flashback to WrestleMania 27 with his match with Sheamus which was apparently a low point in Sheamus’ career. The start of the Yes Movement is then discussed with the 18 second loss at WrestleMania with Sheamus claiming his title. John Cena then again discussed the Yes Movement and the impact on the crowd. It goes back and to the end of the press conference and more interaction with Brie after the conference. The Media Frenzy with him becoming a pop culture phenomenom and how awkward it is to be stopped is again touched on. As well as all the media commitments he has is touched on as well. Jack Swagger having a conversation about American Football is also included which is followed by Training for WrestleMania and Triple H which includes footage of him in the gym and talking about his injuries he has accumulated in the past. Occupy Raw which in my opinion was one of the best moments of RAW in 2014 was touched on with Brie Bella, John Cena talking about how it gave them goosebumps and how it wasn’t breaking anything it was just to get what everyone wanted and giving an underdog a chance. The Miz talked about one night in Seattle when they constantly chanted his name and how Rey Mysterio was booed because it wasn’t Bryan who was 30th in the Rumble which showed how big the movement was. Brie got her own section and she talked about how long they have been together and how much of a bad idea it was to get married straight after WrestleMania. It showed me a different side of Brie to what I see on Total Divas as she seems more laidback talking in this documentary than on the reality show. WrestleMania Axxess and Hall of Fame was then touched on after the section on Brie. The documentary finishes with the WrestleMania 30 weekend with both of his matches highlighted in a great end to a great DVD!

All of his matches that are discussed in this and some more including his FastLane match recently and his Tryout match between Brian Kendrik / Lance Cade vs. American Dragon / Shooter Schultz and a match from Velocity on January 18, 2003 between Jamie Noble and Bryan are on Disc 2 and 3 as well as all the build up to the big matches including promos. A great addition to the main piece and a definitive Bryan collection in the WWE so far without him getting a collection like the likes of Ric Flair for example.

Rating 10/10 – I always say that the documentary pieces are always the best that the WWE produce and are worth every penny for any fan of Bryan or not. I would say the main piece alone makes it the best DVD of this year so far produced by WWE and some people may disagree but you have to watch it if you are a WWE fan. I cannot wait now to read his book when it is released and I would of loved this DVD even more if they would have got rights to have a few ROH matches with the likes of Rollins and Cesaro who are currently on the roster and had a role in the DVD, that would of been amazing but as it is, it is an amazing DVD which is a must watch!

I am looking forward to my next WWE review which is Extreme Rules 2015 on DVD next weekend and normally you can find out when the next one will be by going to :

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