DVD Review – WWE Extreme Rules 2015


Welcome to the latest WWE DVD review, this time we visit Extreme Rules, straight after the peak of WrestleMania on April 25th 2015. This event normally features WrestleMania rematches that never live up to their original at the previous event. Like events like Payback, Battleground and FastLane this is always smack bang after or before a big PPV. Will this years Extreme Rules get a good rating or will it be drab and go in the pile of PPV’s that get low ratings from me??

Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins was an example of a carryover from the big event with it being the main event on this card and it being for the WWE title after Rollins cashed in, the steel cage added a different dynamic and was basically WWE’s way of saying they didn’t want it to be a carbon copy from their Mania match and so they added that as well as the RKO being banned and Kane being the gatekeeper. Rollins was of course never going to lose this early on in reality and escaped the cage. It was good but not as good as the Mania match was and as a result showed that once it was done on the big stage it could not be re done straight afterwards. John Cena vs Rusev and Roman Reigns vs Big Show provided two strong sub main events and even though it has been done to death by now, Cena vs Rusev was really good albeit not as good as their Mania affair, again like the Rollins vs Orton match they tried to make sure it wasn’t a carbon copy and add this Extreme element into it to tie in with the event title which was of course the Russian Chain element which made the rating go down, I wouldn’t have minded a simple Tables match but the touch four corners part of this match really like I said make the rating go down. Reigns vs Show was a lot better and again had a stipulation with Last Man Standing coming into play, this was a great showcase in terms of a last man standing match and did what it said on the tin, Reigns put in another great performance to show he can hang with the best of them like he did with Lesnar and Show albeit in the twilight of his career put in another good performance to show he is not done yet.

Lets now talk about the undercard, the Chicago streetfight between Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper where they left the ring for an hour before returning to finish off showed something different but it meant that you could not get into the match as by the time you had watched the next two matches and they returned you end up forgetting about them leaving in the first place, top marks for the idea but leaving for an hour was not needed and so they get a reduced mark for that. Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler’s Kiss Me Arse match was too short and the stipulation really didn’t what could of been a good one on one like Ambrose vs Harper but is ruined by a stipulation. Kidd & Cesaro vs The New Day was really good and showed that finally the tag team division was getting stronger after months of Adam Rose and The Bunny and The Uso’s which made me want to skip them but now I watch them knowing I will get a good match, if only it was longer as it was only 9 minutes, I hope this improves in future as it is distracting from a great potential match but at this point it is just good and needs that time on a WWE PPV for the titles image to improve.

Nikki Bella vs Naomi as usual for a Divas match was stuck in between the sub main event and Main Event, I really like Nikki Bella as champion and I really think she has improved as a wrestler and is a really legitimate champion. Being from England though  I would prefer Paige to be champion but that’s just my humble opinion. This match was fine and the 9 minutes gave them just enough time, If it was just 5 minutes I would of complained but no complaints from me on an alright match overall. I am looking forward to seeing whether Nikki keeps the Divas title or if she loses it to Paige, Naomi or even someone like Emma or any of the 4 Horsewomen in NXT who are bound to come up soon (Charlotte, Bayley, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch).

Overall this event provided a good follow up to WrestleMania but not the best WWE PPV I have seen in the past two years by a long way. There was too many stipulations and even though it is Extreme Rules they could of only have done with up to 3. The Main Event and sub main events provided an entertaining few matches  but the undercard like a lot of recent events let this down and reduced it’s rating dramatically. This will go down as an OK show in my eyes but was never going to realistically reach the heights of Mania unfortunately. This gets a 5/10 from me overall, my next few months in terms of WWE reviews are mostly PPV’s so hopefully an improvement from here on out!

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