Interview – “Ultraviolet” Chris Silvio

chris silvio silvio

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Chris, please introduce yourself to the readers??

I am Chris Silvio (ultra violent Chris Silvio, Psychedelic Superstar Chris Silvio amongst many other awesome names). I am an American professional wrestler and founder of Round Peg Promotions, an event promotions, marketing, and talent management company. I’m also a musician and host of the chris Silvio show podcast. Let’s just say I keep pretty busy..

2. Lets talk about growing up first of all, did you watch wrestling growing up and if so were you inspired by anybody in particular to become a professional wrestler??

There’s never been a time period of my life where wrestling was not a big, or the biggest part of my life. My baby pictures are with hogan and Andre action figures not rattles or whatever toys babies like to play with. Though I did have a pretty gangster big bird swing in my backyard (back garden for my british pals) But to answer the question yes I was inspired by all of them. I was captivated with everything about professional wrestling and everyone in it. I always thought these guys had like a godly sort of presence and didn’t really think that regular people could just become a wrestler. Id say during the late 90s my perception started to change as I saw a lot of different looking performers. The cruiserweights were being featured on national TV and were smaller athletic guys doing some amazing things. ECW was inspiring as well because a lot of guys didn’t fit the traditional wrestler mold. In the 90s you got to see guys get opportunities that would have never gotten those opportunities years before. I was an amatuer wrestler and a very athletic kid. I had studied the business my entire life and for the first time i thought if these guys can do it so can I. I wanted to be just like them and perform exciting athletic matches.

3. How did you then get involved in Wrestling, who trained you and what are your thoughts on the training you received looking back at it??

It’s really kind of a long story but as many pros today, I started putting on shows with friends in their backyard. At 18 you could obtain a wrestling license in VA but you could train at 17 I believe. I found a couple local places and started to train in the ring. I was largely self trained out of necessity. In wrestling there are few reputable training facilities and many not so reputable. These first places I trained with fell into the not so reputable category. I kind of knew that at the time but didn’t care because I was getting to wrestle. I was a very fast learner and a student of the game so I picked things up very quickly. Unfortunately you also pick up a lot of bad habits without the right direction. I did however develop my own style and a wild side that would help me in future. Everything was a learning experience.

4. You have worked for OVW since around 2007 winning both Television and Southern Tag Team titles, what has been your favourite moment/match in OVW, how is it working with Danny Davis and finally how was it winning those titles??

Favorite matches… I couldn’t pick one, but I have a few that stand out to me. Vs cliff compton in a cage match. This was the culmination of a lengthy feud during the OVW/TNA relationship. I feel like the booking kind of dropped the ball and as we were nearing the big monthly showcase (SNS) there was no main event announced. Cliff and I were announced on a weds night for Saturday’s show. We managed to pretty much sell out in 3 days and had a hell of a match. That felt really good. We were both very proud of that match and our work together. Raphael Constantine and I had a great match together vs The Elite (Ted Mcnaler and Adam Revolver) at an ROH house show at the OVW arena. We really killed it that night. Id say the first title was the most memorable , Paredyse and I won the tag titles for the first time in 09 as Totally Awesome after winning a tag team tournament. That was our first real “push” at OVW. I had worked so hard the past several years during the wwe developmental era and after their departure to get a shot. I mean I did everything in my power. I trained several times a week worked sometime 5 matches a week. I wrestled hurt,sick and never complained. So it felt great to see it all come together. After the match all the boys came out to ringside to cheer us on and it meant a lot to us. At that point it was the highlight of my career and a very emotional moment. The first TV title was memorable as well. When I first got to OVW I wanted to become TV champ right away. I was a huge fan of the IC division in WWF/WWE in the 80s/90s and thought those guys put on the best matches. They were generally smaller athletic guys that could really perform. I knew as TV champion I could do the same. It took me 4 or 5 years to get there so it felt like a goal accomplished in a way.

5. You have been part of Ring of Honor in the past working events previously, how did this come about, what are your thoughts on your time in ROH and also what do you think of them joining up with Destination America??

I owe all of that to Jim Cornette believing in me. I can’t really thank him enough for that. I got an opportunity on a house show (tag match mentioned above) and I hit a home run. I remember hearing a few guys complaining about our match that’s when I knew we did something good. I don’t think they expected us to put on the match that we did. We had an opportunity and made the most of it and went out to steal the show. After that I was booked on almost every TV for over a year. It was a really fun time and I just showed up busted my ass, stayed quiet, and did my job to the best of my abilities. I got to travel quite a bit with my good friend Mike Mondo and we had some great times on the road. It was good to have someone close to me in the new surroundings. I tried really hard to be different and establish myself with the company. Then, almost all of the featured talents were tenured employees so it was hard for a new cat to break through, but I just made the best out of every opportunity. Showed up early, stayed late and didn’t complain. Those guys do some amazing stuff and sometimes I don’t know how they do it and come back the next night and do it all over again. But they find a way. I have nothing but respect for those guys. As far as the current TV deal, if the guys can get some work and make some money it’s great. Wrestling needs places guys can make a living or the business suffers. I don’t think most people really understand the wrestler lifestyle in a lot of aspects. The toll that this industry takes on the body and mind is incredible. It takes so much passion to do what we do and sometimes the return doesn’t always equal the work that one puts in. Anytime I can see myself or the boys getting ahead and paying their bills I am happy. It’s good for the fans and the talent.

6. You have your own podcast called The Chris Silvio Show, why did you decide to do a podcast and what is the show about in general??

I was out with a knee injury and needed a creative outlet. I did a few with my good friend Ben Kirk just for kicks. Then I noticed people started to enjoy it and I realized I was pretty good at it. Like anything else I worked hard to make the shows as good as possible and invested in some professional equipment. The show is about having a good time. It’s as much a comedy show as is anything else. I interview wrestlers and entertainers and screw around with my friend Ben. It’s all about fun and people have really taken to the show.

7. Would you if you could come over to the UK in future to Wrestle and if so who would you want to Wrestle and why??

I visited with Future Shock over the winter and they were a really nice far as match ups. Id like to wrestle the best, period. Id love to fight Dave Mastiff..Zack Sabre Jr. Just to name a couple. I’ve always enjoyed the UK scene. I am a fan of almost every genre of wrestling and really respect the UK talent and fans. They do some extraordinary things.

8. What are your future goals in Wrestling that you want to achieve in the next five years??

I want to turn round peg promotions into an international opportunity. A lot of the details have to be kept confidential but that’s the goal. I am more focused on Chris Silvio the promoter and Chris Silvio the director. I wrestle strictly because I have an undying passion for the industry and love being in the ring. However, I have much more longevity on the business end of the wrestling business. I intend to do some groundbreaking things all around.

9. Where can the readers find Chris Silvio and where can promoters book you??

Twitter is best @thechrissilvio and @rp_promotions. I have a like page on FB you can check out but best way to reach me is Twitter. Direct any bookings or anything Round Peg Promotions related to You can also like Round Peg Promotions on Fb and follow one of the fastest rising companies in the U.S.

10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug?? I’ll be taking on Sabu at Round Peg Promotions Summer Fight Fest July 11th in New albany IN. And will be competing in a TLC match at OVW Friday Night Fight 2 House of the Rising Sun on July 24th at the World Famous Davis arena in louisville. Logistics and visual effects by Round Peg Promotions. Visit us on FB and Twitter for more info and for tickets message on Twitter/FB or email !

Thanks hope to see all of my UK mates very soon. Keep kicking ass guys!

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