Interview – ‘Tango’ Timm Wylie

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1. First of all, please give the readers a quick introduction to yourself for those who may not know who you are??

My name is ‘Tango’ Timm Wylie, from the midlands of England originally but moved to Glasgow, Scotland 4 years ago. The bulk of my career was in France for the Wrestling Stars (WS) promotion, for 3 years I was there pretty much every weekend, working 3 shows each trip on average.

2. Did you watch wrestling growing up at all and if so when did you get into Wrestling was it early or late and who would you say inspired you to become a professional Wrestler??

My brother and sister used to watch wrestling, I was likely about 5 years old and started to watch it with them. I wanted to get involved in it pretty soon after that. I wouldn’t say any one in particular inspired me, just knew I wanted to do it too.

3. How did you then get involved in Wrestling and who were you trained by??

I began weight training at 12 years old, due to being inspired by all the muscular physiques I would see watching wrestling. At 14 I attended my first wrestling class, my mother drove me 4 hours to the hammerlock school in Kent. That was never going to be a weekly thing at that time, and fortunately a year later I discovered a new school opening in Stoke-on-Trent, ran by Chris Curtis. There I learned some of the basics and after Afew months began as a referee on shows as I was still under 16. I made my official debut on January 21st, 2001. I disappeared from wrestling from 2003-2006, but have been wrestling relatively regularly since then.

4. You are currently on a tour of China, how did this come about, how long are you over there, what are your thoughts on China so far and the talent you are over there with??

I was offered the tour of China through a friend of mine (Liverpool’s Zack Gibson) who was wrestling over here last summer, wrestling is practically non-existent over here and those in charge were looking to change that, and needed international talent to help out. The shows begin tomorrow night, and we are all excited at the prospect of starting this off right. A lot of things that shouldn’t have died off in wrestling have died off, western audiences have been desensitised and lost track of the simple things. You know, like rules! The team out here all share the same vision of taking things back Afew years, you don’t get that chance very often, so we could benefit greatly if it goes well. The talent on the team is made up of a variety of different wrestling styles and backgrounds, and several very good minds for the business who I’m confident can steer things correctly.

5. You are part of The 55 w/ James R. Kennedy, Kid Fite, Martin Kirby, Sha Samuels and Bram, how is it working in ICW and with these men and what is your agenda as a group in ICW??

As the 55, what we have accomplished so far has been very brief, and we haven’t all been together as a unit for some time it seems. What we have done together, has got parts of our message across very well! After watching clowns and pretty boys getting all the publicity and accolades in British wrestling, we decided it was time to restore the place of the real man. One of our mottos is “our business is violence, and business is good.” When we do finally get together again, business will no doubt be booming.

6. You also work for the likes of Scottish Wrestling Alliance up in Scotland and Infinite Promotions in Liverpool, what are your thoughts looking at these promotions and the UK scene in general on the current state of British Wrestling as a whole??

My ‘regular’ bookings in the UK are with Infinite in Liverpool, Discovery based in Edinburgh and of course the mighty ICW in Glasgow.
Infinite has built a solid reputation producing excellent family-friendly shows. They have recently undergone a slight change in management, and I’m confident they can keep up and maybe improve this reputation. I have been teaming with The Babyface Pitbull for some time now, we are soon competing for the Tag Team championship title, having thrown around and defeated what we have faced so far.
Discovery is a new company that began in October last year with a bang! The core roster is full of talent, with regular fly-ins from the States. Great family entertainment, well organised and they have the best looking championship belt (currently held by Chris Sabin) I’ve ever seen up close
Of course, ICW is the one most people are talking about. It’s an over 18’s audience, has grown so much over the past 4 years. Who knows where it will be in another 4 years, but if the past is any sign of its future, then we should all be excited. I don’t often leave my current bubble within wrestling, however I felt the UK scene in general was looking very strong and healthier than it has been in years. From spending time with others currently in China, and watching them perform, I now have that confirmed.

7. With you being in China at the moment, is there any other countries you want to visit and do you think you would ever consider joining WWE or TNA if given the chance in the future??

I’d be interested in working anywhere in the world, I’m enjoying compiling a list of countries wrestling has taken me, and it’s never cost me a penny. I would be happy to be involved with either WWE or TNA in the future, however I no longer see that as a be-all and end-all.

8. What are your future ambitions in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??

My goals are to continue wrestling all over the world, and see how many continents I can add to the list. I’ve wrestled in 10 countries, however this China trip is the first time outside of Europe. I’m hoping it will not be the last. I just turned 30, and with my training and lifestyle, have never felt better, I imagine all being well I will still be wrestling in 5 years time.

9. Where can readers and promoters find “Tango” Timm Wylie on Social Media and to book you??

I can be found on Facebook at, search for ‘Timm wylie’ on Instagram, and through email at

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