Interview – ‘Iceman’ Sam Goodison

'Iceman'Sam Goodison

Photo Credit : Danielle Overend-hogg Photography // not to be used without prior permission

1. First of all, please give the readers a quick introduction to yourself for those who may not know who you are??

I am ‘Iceman’ Sam Goodison. I made my debut three years ago at the age of twenty three for Sheffield based Elite British Wrestling.

2. Did you watch wrestling growing up at all and if so when did you get into Wrestling was it early or late and who would you say inspired you to become a professional Wrestler??

A friend of mine and I became hooked on the old WWF Warzone game. We began watching Raw every week, and I have been a lifelong fan since.

3. How did you then get involved in Wrestling and who were you trained by??

I consider myself a late starter. At the age of twenty, a work colleague of mine began attending training sessions at the Rebel Pro Wrestling school in Sheffield. I trained on an intermittent basis for a couple of years and learned some of the basics, before disappearing from wrestling for a year. I then began training at the Elite British Wrestling school in Sheffield, under ‘Pigman’ Andy Hogg, Mark Sanders and Kris Travis.

4. You are currently the EBW Catch Champion, how did it feel to win this title and having defeated most of the roster is the sky the limit for the ‘Iceman’ Sam Goodison??

I have had the belt since August of last year. I always believe that it’s an honour to have any title in wrestling, and I have been privileged to defend it and work with the likes of Kris Travis , Stixx and El Ligero. Hopefully I can say that I have brought some prestige to what is a relatively new title. 5. El Ligero faced you in EBW for your title where you beat him, he is one of the biggest stars the UK has, what are your thoughts on this and Ligeros quote about you as a wrestler afterwards ‘you can already tell he’s a reliable mechanic and once he picks up the personality aspect of the job, I think he’ll turn some heads’??

I see it as an honour whenever a promotor has faith in you to work against a bigger name, and am very proud and appreciative of his words and encouragement afterwards. Working with him was a tremendous experience, and he taught me alot. I have come out of the experience focused on improving myself in all aspects, not just technically, in order to reach the next level.

6. Last year you were part of Southside’s first Sheffield show in a dark match, how was it working for one of the biggest promotions in the UK and is one of your goals in the future to be working for promotions like this regularly??

At the time, that was the biggest show that I had been a part of, and it was a pleasure to be involved with. I found myself backstage with wrestlers who I look up and respect and feel I made a decent showing of myself both backstage and in the ring. It has left me even more determined to push myself as far as I can with wrestling because I’d love to be in locker rooms like that again. The level of Southside, PCW, ICW and others like this should be an aspiration of everyone involved with wrestling in the UK, in my opinion.

7. Do you want to go abroad in future and if so where would you preferably like to go and who would you want to face basically say your piece to promoters??

I would appreciate the chance to work anywhere, for the experience and the chance to pick up not only different styles and ways of working but also to experience different cultures themselves. From the harder hitting styles found in Japan to the quicker and showier style in Mexico, I think anywhere I find myself will be an invaluable learning experience. The door definitely seems open for Brits to travel nowadays. Finn Balor, Wade Barrett and Paige in WWE, Mark Andrews in TNA, and Will Ospreay in PWG are all proof that it can be done.

8. What are your future ambitions in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??

I would love to keep improving and to wrestle in as many places as i possibly can. PCW and ICW are my current goals in this country. I think if I carry on training hard, going to the gym and fully taking advantage of all the opportunities I’m given like I have been then it could become a reality.

9. Where can readers and promoters find “Iceman” Sam Goodison on Social Media and to book you??

I am on Facebook , under Sam Goodison, and on Twitter under the handle @icemangoodison.

10. Any future dates or projects you are currently involved in that you want to plug??

EBW is at the Sheffield Tramlines festival , which is a free entry show, on July 26th at the Library Theatre in Sheffield. Then on August 15th its sister promotion, Phoenix Events, is at the Queens Road Social Club in Sheffield, featuring myself vs Grado, and also featuring Rampage Brown, Drew Galloway, Chris Masters and Martin Kirby.

Thanks to Sam for taking part in this interview and taking time out of his schedule to complete these, as a thank you please go and support him on social media and there will be more like this coming up only way to find out when they are out is by going to : Facebook : Twitter : @BritWresRevival Instagram : @BritWresRevivalBlog Shop : And as always go and support our affiliates by using the dropdown!


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