Interview – Eric Ryan

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1. First of all, please give the readers a quick introduction to yourself for those who may not know who you are??

My name is Eric Ryan. I’m from Cleveland Ohio and trained under Chris Kole. I’ve wrestled for many of the main promotions in the US including AIW, CZW, EVOLVE, DGUSA, Chikara and AAW.

2. Did you watch wrestling growing up at all and if so when did you get into Wrestling was it early or late and who would you say inspired you to become a professional Wrestler??

I did. A lot. Still do as an adult. I’d like to say it was the typical “watching since 5 years old” but I’m not too sure as to when I started. Nor do I have a memory of matches and all that jazz people claim to have. I was inspired by everyone. Pro wresting just made me feel good every time I watched it. If I had a bad day, wresting was there. If I had a good day, wresting was there. It was just there and spoke to me more than football, baseball or basketball ever did.

3. How did you then get involved in Wrestling and who were you trained by??

I google searched wrestling schools a lot. I had high hopes of going to Harley races school, or doing the ROH school when Punk was training, but it was just too far away and I didn’t have the money or a car at the time. So, I waited till I had both and found a local wrestling school. From there I was trained by Chris Kole. He may be relatively unknown, but has trained some of the hardest working and best guys out there. Guys like myself, Rickey Shane Page and Marion Fontaine.

4. You competed at CZW Tournament of Death 14 against Lucky 13 in a Ladders, Orange Sacks and Lego match, who came up with the concept, how much did it hurt afterwards and what are your thoughts overall on the ultraviolent style CZW uses??

The concept was brought up by lucky 13 since he thought I was a joke and couldn’t hang with the CZW crew. I’d like to believe I proved him wrong (even though I didn’t win). And I’m a fan of it. It has its place in wrestling. CZW offers a buffet of wrestling. You get traditional, high flying, women, comedy, strong style and death matches. It’s a bit for everyone to enjoy.

5. In VOW you won the Anarchy Title in a triple threat recently but lost to Rickey Shane Page on the same night, how did it feel to lose a title you worked your butt off for already to lose it on the same day and have you got any words for Rickey as a result??

The only words I have for RSP is that he needs to man up and grow a beard.

6. In AIW, you have been AIW Absolute Champion twice and AIW Tag Team Champion 3x, you have worked there since basically the inception of your career in your opinion do you think competing and working as hard as you do for AIW has helped you achieve bookings in other places even further??

AIW is on the cusp of breaking out on being the next big promotion that everyone wants to come to. Like ROH, CZW and PWG, AIW’s name will be up there soon. And I love it there. It’s the place where I’ve gotten to grow and people there have seen me grow into the performer I am today. A lot of eyes are on AIW, so bookings haw come from it and a lot of exposure as well.

7. You are currently in the UK I believe competing for Fight Club Pro in Wolverhampton and you are also competing for SWA, have you got any more dates lined up, what are your thoughts on your time over here so far and of course the talent??

Fight Club Pro was amazing. It reminded me a lot of a promotion that was around a while back in Ohio called HYBRID. Loud, ruckus crowd banging on sheet metal gets the blood pumping and gets you psyched to wrestle! I may have a few more dates lined up, but nothing is 100% concrete at the moment.

8. What are your future ambitions in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??

I’d like to wrestle in Japan and Germany. Those are my next goals. So, hopefully in 5 years I can accomplish that!

9. Where can readers and promoters find Eric Ryan on Social Media and to book you??

EricRyanPro on Twitter and for bookings!

10. Any future dates or projects you are currently involved in that you want to plug??

Some stuff is picking up in a few places. Nothing I can speak on yet. But keep your eyes on AIW and CZW

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