Interview – ‘Good Times Only’ TJ Marconi

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1. First of all, please give the readers a quick introduction to yourself for those who may not know who you are??

Hello everyone, I am TJ Marconi aka Mr. GOOD Times Only,  the Blue Eyed Devil or the master chief of the Crusade For Change.

I’m 6 and half feet tall. 300 lbs move around like Big Boss Man in his prime. Quick like a cat. Finally I’m as handsome as Bradley Cooper and Brad Pitt combine  😉
I Wrestle throughout the NORTHEAST OF the US, and some other parts south and west. Just passed my 5th year in the wrestling business.

2. Did you watch wrestling growing up at all and if so when did you get into Wrestling was it early or late and who would you say inspired you to become a professional Wrestler??

I watched wrestling for as long as I can remember. Saturday morning shows after the cartoons were my first wrestling events I recall watching. I vividly remember the 1st match. My grandmother was a huge fan and would put on the shows. I remember Big Boss Man and Akeem versus Demolition as being my first match I watched & somehow Wrestlemania 6 Warrior vs Hogan being shortly after.

I did get into the business late unfortunately. I started a little after my 22 birthday. My inspirations of getting into the business vary from Kevin Nash, Y2J, Stone Cold and Mr. Perfect. The longer I’ve been inside the business I’ve come to appreciate guys like Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, Misawa, William Regal and Ricky Steamboat.

3. How did you then get involved in Wrestling and who were you trained by??

I started at the BWO (Bodyslam Wrestling Organization) in late 2009 with Andrew “Magic” Morgan. A guy who’s been involved in the training of countless NYC area wrestlers of the past Low ki, Homicide, etc, and new cats like Jaka, Chris Dickinson, Eric Corvis, and Darius Carter.
Shortly after I also was training with Nunzio. Left that school and trained with people like Matt Osborne (orinigal Doink the Clown), Samu, & Afa.

Till this day I’m training at least 2/3 days a week whether at the Warriors of Wrestling Training Center in Staten Island or at the ACE Pro Wrestling school in Wallington NJ at the Mike Morgan Jr. Arena (May he Rest In Peace)

4. On 11th July I believe you won the ACE Heavyweight title previously held by the likes of Jay Lethal and Steve Corino, could you put into words how it felt to win the title and have you got any words for any potential challengers now your at the helm??

I was in shock, not cause I didn’t think I’d win the championship, but because of the fact I’m holding the top Championship of a company. That for 11 years has had so many great champions like Steve Corino, Jay Lethal, Dan Maff, Alex Shelly, Stockade and others.

My goal now is to be the greatest ACE Champion in their history.

As for potential opponents, some of the names who have held this title are still active why not challenge them and prove in better than them. But I’m open to any and all challengers.

5. You are part of House of Glory Wrestling who have Rey Mysterio at their At Last show, what are your thoughts on being on the same show as Rey and also what are your thoughts on the rise of promotions like HOG who bring all of these high flyers in and are different than just the run of the mill promotion??

To be involved with House of Glory Wrestling and performing on a huge stage such as the “At Last” event on August 21st in Queens, NY featuring Rey Mysterio vs Amazing Red is a honor as well as a humbling experience. My job that night is to impress that crowd so much that my name is on their tounges and my performance is in their head as much as that headlining dream main event is.

My opinon on “high flyers” is to stay to something they’re good at acrobatics and gymnastics. As much as they’re are impressive. You can’t teach or beat brute size and strength. I’m a fighter, I’m a wrestler. Flip all you want I’ll swat you down like a fly. All that aside I’m thrilled about working with HOG and bringing them a different aspect of the game to the table.

6. You are part of the Crusade for Change with a friend of BWR Darius Carter, how did you get involved in the stable and do you think by the end of 2015 your stable will achieve what you set out to do in Beyond by the end of the year??

Darius Carter is my closest friend in this business bar none. Started training together. Had so many war with and against him. I lost count. I got involve with the Crusade For Change because like Darius I’m hating the direction not only beyond wrestling is taking but indy Wrestling in general. Hard work is no longer paid off. Opportunities are no longer given to deserving people.

It’s all about who ass you’re kissing and what drunk fans you’re appealing to. We, the wrestlers, the performers, tell the story not the other way around. I’ve seen so much BS wrestling just to garner a cheap pop or expose the business further than it already is its disgusting. Our goals aren’t limited to just beyond wrestling but by years end we will be on the proper path of achieving all we want.

7. Of course the blog is about British Wrestling, do you want to come over to the UK soon to work the Indy circuit and if so who would you have in mind to face/work for??

I’ve been trying to come over to the UK for about 6 months now. It’s very high up on my list of goals (maybe you guys can get a brother a hookup). I would love an extended stay across the pond, and perfect my craft in a new continent. One of my dream Matches is to work with Drew Galloway have always been a huge admirer of his work & feel we would have have a lovely series of matches.

8. What are your future ambitions in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??

My future ambitions in Wrestling are very simple to perform at the highest level I can and to give as many fans the best show I possibly can. In 5 years time if I’m  not signed to a major company  (WWE, NJPW, AAA) I would be very upset at myself.

9. Where can readers and promoters find TJ Marconi on Social Media and to book you??

The best way to reach me is through Messenger on Facebook (TJ Marconi) or my email

My social media to find me I’m at;
Twitter @TJMarconi
IG: @goodtimesonly
Snapchat @goodtimesonly

10. Any future dates or projects you are currently involved in that you want to plug??

I’m starting to fill up my schedule pretty nicely.

On August 29th Us Vs Them Wrestling has their debut show in Enfield CT featuring myself, CJ Parker, Matt Striker and EC3 Facebook  (UsVsThemWrestling)

I’ll be bringing CHANGE to beyond wrestling for Americanrana on 7/26 & the last Sunday of every month in Providence, RI  (

I’ll be at Coney Island boardwalk all summer for Xcite Wrestling they’re bringing wrestling to the famous Coney Island boardwalk In Brooklyn all summer long. (

I’ll be defending my ACE Championship in New Jersey 8/8, 9/12, 10/10, 11/7, 12/5 (

I’ll be bringing Good Times Only to Warriors of Wrestling in Staten Island on 7/18, 8/15, 9/12, 10/3, 11/14, 12/12 (

I’ll be destroying everyone in my path at Five Boro Wrestling in Brooklyn 8/20, 9/11 & more to be announced later on their Facebook (five boro wrestling)

Being apart of the greatest tag team in NYWC The Brother Club in Deer Park NY on 7/30, 8/27 & more (

& as mentioned above House of Glory Wrestling in Queens NY on 8/21 for “At Last” featuring Rey vs Red (

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