DVD Review – WWE Elimination Chamber 2015


Welcome to the latest WWE DVD review, the PPV trend continues with Elimination Chamber 2015! If you are a regular reader you will know that I have slated most of the PPV DVD’s over the past few months since WrestleMania, will this be a sign of change going into the Monday Night Wars release in August??.



Elimination Chamber has always been a PPV that I have not liked and is one I always avoid so when I popped this in when I got home from a break I wasn’t holding my breath. I have never been a major fan of this PPV when it is normally situated. The two main events were not Chamber matches which does not fit the main premise of the PPV being Kevin Owens defeating John Cena which was a great match and a MOTY candidate, Owens originally before the match was never going to win as Cena is normally known for being this unbeatable superstar who has always been the face of WWE. All fans of Owens especially as Steen such as myself who have followed him since his Indy days were hoping he would win so when he did everyone apart from Cena fans and people who don’t like Owens are bound to be happy. This didn’t have a dirty finish or any sort of interference or stoppage it was clean which gives Owens legitimacy on the main roster. I think that this match will be on the Best of PPV Matches DVD next year if released. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose was the other main event for the WWE World Title. It was good but wasn’t a MOTY candidate like Owens vs Cena and so was dwarfed compared to that. This was an ongoing part of a feud and not the start like Owens vs Cena was. The ending was a Dusty Finish which was used to further establish Rollins as a heel.




The two EC matches were for the tag team titles between The New Day, Lucha Dragons, Kidd and Cesaro, Prime Time Players, Los Matadores and The Ascension which was basically WWE’s current Tag Team Division barring the Uso’s due to injuries. This was good from every team involved and a great opener which was nearly 25 minutes long while normal openers are normally around 5. The Intercontinental Chamber match on the other hand was bad and while the Tag Match was great and long, this was really long but bad. It just didn’t excite me as much as the other match so a bit of a write off for me! The rest of the show was Nikki Bella vs Naomi vs Paige which in my standards of loving Divas matches was bad, they tried a bit too hard and as a result was a mess like the Elimination Chamber IC match. Another write off for me which is a shame as I like all 3 divas. Neville vs Bo Dallas was alright  but it had no basis but to just bridge the gap between Cena vs Dallas and Ambrose vs Rollins, Dallas used to be a firm favorite of mine but he stagnated and will go down as a major flop like Adam Rose when he has been moved up. Neville at least won which is good.

DVD extras as usual was the kick off matches between Stardust and Zack Ryder and some backstage stuff with The Bellas and Ryback. This show gets a 5 overall as it was a one match show which was Owens vs Cena which gains it a good rating as a result as it is a match of the year candidate which if your wanting to buy this is worth it but if I were you I would wait until a Best of PPV Matches DVD is released to get this match on a DVD!

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