Interview – Aspen Faith

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Photo Credit : @mrdavidjwilson

1. First of all, please introduce yourself to the BWR fans who may or may not know Aspen Faith??

Aspen Faith, 25 years old, from Aberdeen Scotland, been wrestling for 4 years.

2. Did you watch Wrestling growing up and if so which era did you watch wrestling in and as a result who inspired you??

I’ve watched wrestling since I was around 9 or 10 years old, so we’re talking -1999/2000. I guess that’s what people would place as the height of the Attitude Era, so I was growing up watching going into the invasion stuff then the brand split etc. Inspirations would be Chris Jericho, William Regal, Chris Benoit. But I would also watch old World of Sport tapes so I was into guys like Les Kellett, Johnny Saint, Rollerball Rocco etc.

3. How did you get involved with Wrestling training, who trained you and who in the UK would you want to have been trained by if given the chance whether it be Doug Williams or someone like Johnny Kidd??

Not an exciting story, I researched schools, found one near me and once I finished college I signed up. I was initially trained by the guys at WrestleZone, primarily Scotty Swift but also others. I’d say I got a lot of help along the way from guys like Damien and Crusher Craib also, and more recently when I can I train with Damian O’Connor at Source in Glasgow. I’ve actually taken training and seminars with a lot of the guys I’ve wanted to, Johnny Saint, Marty Jones, Mikey Whiplash, Johnny Moss, all those guys were on the list. But someone I haven’t, I’d love to train with William Regal.

4. This year you have made your debut for Insane Championship Wrestling in two of the Spacebaws events facing off against Saqib Ali and Solar, do you think that appearing on these events is a great opportunity for yourself considering ICW is one of the best known promotions in the UK right now and ICW is known for having its fair share of hardcore matches would you ever take part in a hardcore match for ICW or any promotion??

Would definitely say it’s a great opportunity and I’m thankful hat someone thinks I’m good enough to showcase like that. I’d say getting in at this time especially is a great thing, with the rise ICW is making right now and the amount of eyes on the promotion right now with the addition of the on demand service it’s an amazing chance to show a whole new audience what I’m about. I actually have been a part of a hardcore match before, well a street fight but who’s that picky? So yeah I’d definitely do it again, for ICW, or wherever else. I’m not into those type of matches just for the sake of it but for a real reason, with a real feud behind it then definitely, I’d be up for that.

5. You have had the opportunity to step in the ring with Hardcore Holly for WrestleZone, how was this experience for you especially to learn from a legend in the business and overall what did he say after the match had ended to you??

Being in the ring with Hardcore Holly, a man who was on the first wrestling show I ever watched, was amazing and a huge deal for me. I’d worked against ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan a could of years previously and that blew my mind but he was before my time really, and Holly was someone who was there when I first got into wrestling. I think the match went well and it came off the way we all wanted so I’m very happy with that, after the match there wasn’t a lot said other than thank you’s and good job. But Holly was a gentleman throughout and I’m very thankful I got that opportunity.

6. Also you worked with the Young Bucks for Discovery Wrestling who are known as being the best tag team in the Indies right now, again how was it to work with them and you have been part of two of Discovery’s events what are your thoughts on this promotions shows so far??

That match was a great experience for me, I wasn’t originally booked on that show but when Christopher Saynt was injured and they needed someone he came to me to be his replacement in the Gatecrashers. I enjoyed the match and I can proudly say I survived the Superkick Party, Superkick free, that has to be a thing right? I really enjoyed my time at both the Discovery shows, I think it’s. Great wee promotion and fingers crossed I’ll be back and you’ll get to see a lot more of me there in future.

7. Do you want to make it over to England in 2015 and if so who would you want to face that you wouldn’t have the chance to in Scotland??

England is definitely one of the next goals and I am hoping to work there, whether that be later this year or going into 2016 I do believe that will happen. The list of guys I’d love to face would be way too long to write but the top of that list would be Jack Gallagher, I think we could do some really good work together.

8. What are your future ambitions and goals for 2015 and beyond??

My goals are to get myself out there more, work outside of Scotland. England is a goal, and I’d love to work in Germany at some point and spread out into Europe. I also thing I’ve got a good gimmick going on with Sammii Jayne and a definite goal would be to explore that more, some mixed tag matches, and hopefully get that team going in more places.

9. Where can the readers find Aspen Faith and where can promoters book you??

Facebook – /theaspenfaith Twitter – @theaspenfaith Instagram – theaspenfaith

10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

WrestleZone have got their annual Battle of the Nations show coming up on August 22nd, you’ll be able to see myself and Sammii Jayne in action there as well as at upcoming, ICW Spacebaws, Discovery, and Rock N Wrestle shows. If you’d like to follow Sammii head over to: Facebook – /SammiiJayneofficial Twitter – @SammiiJayne21

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