Interview – Solar


Photo Credit : Warrior Fight Photography

1. First of all, please introduce yourself to the BWR fans who may or may not know Solar??

Hi there my name is Robbie Solar, I am 20 years old and I have been wrestling since September 2012.

2. Did you watch Wrestling growing up and if so which era did you watch wrestling in and as a result who inspired you??

I grew watching wrestling during the 90s because my 2 older brothers were huge fans of it, if I am honest I wasn’t really that into wrestling at this point, it wasn’t until I saw Rey Mysterio for the first time he was doing things in the ring that I had never seen done before and from that moment I became hooked.

3. How did you get involved with Wrestling training, where did you train and who would you say had the biggest role in making you the wrestler you are today??

I was 16 and I was watching wrestling on my laptop and I came across a match from Scotland, from that match I ended up searching for local schools and I happened across the Source wrestling school a week later I attended my first session and have been training there ever since. In terms of who has had the biggest role in making me the wrestler I am today, it is Big Damo the head trainer of the Source wrestling school, he is one the best wrestlers I know and has one of the best minds for wrestling I have learned so much from him that I don’t think I will be able to put into words just how much he has helped me

4. You have wrestled for ICW since 2013 which means you have basically seen the rise of the promotion, what are your thoughts on this and with ICW touring the country quite a lot, would you be open to being part of one of these tours to reach new audiences with your talent??

Honestly I think it is amazing how much ICW has grown, it has become a a wonderful violent alternative to the likes of the family orientated entertainment of WWE. With all the opportunities that the ICW tours offer I would love to be part of them but right now I am mostly featured in Spacebaws I want to focus on my appearances there and make every Spacebaws show the best possible product it can be.

5. You were Scottish Junior Heavyweight Title for 2 months before losing it to Ryan Griffin in April of this year, is one of your goals to get this title back and if so do you have any words for Ryan or any one else who is going to stand in your way of getting a title shot??

I want to make this very clear, I was never beaten for the championship, yes Ryan Griffin is the champion right now and he is doing a great job of defending the title but I will becoming for what it is mine, Ryan Griffin I am warning you now, the next time you and I are in the ring I will make you TAP-OUT!!!

6. At PAID Promotions Vendetta, you are facing Chris Ridgeway who unmasked El Ligero at the last event, do you have any words for Chris and does it play on your mind that he unmasked another luchador ??

Chris Ridgeway did something I just can’t forgive, he disrespected the mask, I know how talented Chris is and instead of proving his talent by beating El Ligero fair and square he took the coward’s way out and stole Ligero’s mask , that is just something you don’t do, that is my motivation for this match I am gonna beat Ridgeway down, I’m gonna make him respect the mask.

7. What would you say are your career highlights so far??

For me my career highlight would have to be teaming with the ultimo dragon and defeating Jonathan Gresham for the SWA.

8. What are your future ambitions and goals for 2015 and beyond??

As of right now I am just focusing on improving my in ring work and putting on the best matches I can for the promotions I currently work for.

9. Where can the readers find Solar and where can promoters book you??

People can keep upto date with me and all my matches by liking the official Facebook page of Robbie Solar.

10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

I will be appearing at PAID promotions on the 15th of August and for ICW Spacebaws on August 30th and September 20th

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