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2nd Photo Credit :ODJK Photography

1. First of all, please introduce yourself to the BWR fans who may or may not know Red Nation, the best up and coming tag team in the UK??

That is correct we are Red Nation and there’s no other Tag Team like us in the country. We’d love to think that was the case for sure!

2. Did you watch Wrestling growing up and if so which era did you watch wrestling in and as a result who inspired you??

Yes we did, primarily we grew up during the attitude era of wrestling and it was the usual people that inspired us, y’know, The Rock, Stone Cold, Undertaker and Kane.

3. How did you both get involved with Wrestling training, where did you train and who would you say had the biggest role in making both of you the wrestlers you are today??

We both started training at the Target Wrestling academy in our home town of Carlisle which is ran by the Nattrass Boys (Shady and J Nattrass) and we’d both say that they have had the biggest role in making us the team we are today. Without them we wouldn’t of had the opportunities we’ve had so far and for that we are very grateful.

4. How did you form as a tag team and how long have you both been wrestling in general??

We formed as a team just by chance really, one day down at training we just decided to give it a go and it kinda took off from there really. The dynamic seemed to work, we have Alexander Henry as the cocky and brash talker of the team and then we have Johnny Khaos who is the more silent character who lets his actions speak louder than words. We haven’t been wrestling long at all, only around 2 years.

5. You team in Target Wrestling one of my affiliates in the Lake District area, what are your thoughts on the promotion, the great talent such as Val Venis and Al Snow they bring in and you faced the New Age Kliq on July 17th of this year for Target how was it having the opportunity to face one of the best tag teams in the UK??

Yes, Target Wrestling has grown so much from when it was first established in 2013. At first shows were performed in front of a maximum of fifty people and now they’re drawing close to three hundred. We’re very proud to be apart of the rise and it’s very surreal to perform on shows with some of these international stars that we watched growing up. It was great to face the NAK last month it’s something the die hard Target fans have wanted to see for a while so it was good to see their reaction especially with the face off before the match getting a “This is awesome” chant. That was very humbling for us.

6. You are part of TIDAL Wrestling Against All Odds 2 on September 27th in Leeds facing The Proven in a match that is sure to be a MOTY candidate, have you got any words for Caz and Sam and are you looking forward to debuting for TIDAL??

Tidal is our first booking outside of Target and we’re very thankful to them for giving us a chance to show what we’ve got, we’re very much looking forward to it. As for The Proven, well they have no idea what they’re in for. All we can promise is an all out fight.

7. You lost to The Brolievers in the PCW Open Challenge contest to face Team Single, what are your thoughts on this and do you believe that if you would of won the contest you would of beaten Team Single and took the belts ??

In regards to the PCW Open Challenge we were naturally disappointed that we missed out but at the same time The Brolievers are a superb team. We wrestled them two months ago in what some people are calling our best match ever so we’re sure their match with Team Single will be a great one. However Team Single must consider themselves lucky because if we did win the competition we sure would of taken those tag straps!

8. What would you say has been your favorite moment as a tag team so far and What are your future ambitions and goals for 2015 and beyond??

There’s so many moments to name but to name one we’d probably have to go back to February in Target where we literally made our mark by attacking The Coffeys, Too Cool and Jack Jester throughout the evening. Whilst we didn’t wrestle that night we certainly created some moments to remember. Our future ambitions are to just gain as many opportunities as we can across the country. We believe Red Nation has something to offer to any promotion and we’d be grateful for any opportunity that was to come our way.

9. Where can the readers find Red Nation and where can promoters book you??

Readers can like us on Facebook at and they can book us by messaging that page.

10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

September 11th, Target Wrestling Live at The Venue in Carlisle, it’s Red Nation vs The New Age Kliq 2 and this time we’re bringing our buddy “The Primate” Jason Prime in what is set to be a huge six man tag team war. The show also features The Hurricane.

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