DVD Review – TIDAL High Tide 2015


Welcome to the latest DVD review of TIDAL Wrestling, it has been a few months since I last reviewed anything from TIDAL but I was told by them that this one would be the best one yet so I have high hopes! I hope you all enjoy the review and there is the Monday Night Wars and Money In The Bank 2015 reviews to come in the next few days/weeks so watch this space!

Match 1 : ‘The Righteous’ Joseph Conners vs Kenny Williams

If anyone knows me they will know that Joseph Conners is my favorite wrestler and he has been since he started his new Righteous gimmick which I have seen grow in Southside over the past few months which now includes BWR alumni HC Dyer, Jimmy Havoc and Kay Lee Ray. Kenny Williams has always been somebody who I think can make it over in the States and I look forward to seeing these two face off in this match which is a great opener. Conners stamped on the hoverboard which prompted Williams to leave the ring and give the cap to a fan but Conners threw it in the ring. Conners came back in going straight after Kenny getting the advantage in the opening exchanges being the bigger guy. Kenny tried to use his speed but Conners being a technician reversed all of his attempts to get the advantage. Conners go thrown to the outside and a suicide dive followed by Kenny who showed his speed. Kenny went to the top and hit Conners with an elbow to the face. Conners threw Williams into the turnbuckle shouting I am the RIGHTEOUS, Conners started kicking him in the corner and he started to rake him in the eyes slowing down the match pace from Williams’ original high flying offence. The crowd were behind Kenny Williams who got up and started to exchange blows and floor Joseph with a flying back elbow. Kicks to the legs followed before an enziguri right to the head, Kenny covered him after a flying knee but could not get the win, stiff forearms followed in the corner but Conners came back into the fray by throwing his shoulder into the ring post and finishing him off with a DDT to get the pinfall in a good opener.

Match 2 – Ruby Summers vs Bete Noire – Special Referee Lana Austin

Ruby Summers has been a mainstay for TIDAL for quite a while while Bete Noire was making her debut I believe. TIDAL’s women’s division keeps getting stronger with the likes of Nixon Newell, Ruby, Lana and in the past the likes of Violet Vendetta, Leah Von Dutch and Addy Starr. With Lana as a guest referee this promised to be a great match. Bete started by smashing her off the top rope, Bete choked her with her boot both on the ropes and in the corner, Ruby started to strike Bete but was soon smashed back to the ground and the choking continued on the ropes like at the start of the match, Bete showed her dominance with a Fisherman’s Suplex and using her boot to pin her, she held the hair which made Ruby strike her again and when she tried a move from the top rope, Bete caught her nicely in an armbar wrapping the legs around the waist but this ended as Ruby got to the ropes in time. Bete irish whipped Ruby which she ducked but a hard shot to the jaw followed by Bete on Ruby. Ruby was slingshotted into the turnbuckle and used shoulder blocks to push the air out of her, Ruby though ducked out of the way of an oncoming boot which she took advantage off by downing her with a running dropkick followed by a running bulldog. A flying dropkick followed from the top rope but Bete kicked out, Bete hit her with a clothesline but Ruby hit her with a twist of fate after a schoolgirl pin to show she wasn’t backing down. Bete used a death valley driver and even though Ruby’s foot was on the rope, Lana gave Bete Noire the victory. After the match Ruby complained with lead to Lana laying her out with a DDT which could lead to a future match. This was a good match which saw Bete Noire dominate and was a good leader into a possible Lana-Ruby feud

Match 3 – Sean Only vs Joe Hendry

This next match is in my opinion one of the best on the card, Sean Only has become one of my favorite wrestlers after watching TIDAL like Liam Lazarus and against Joe Hendry who is known from appearing on RAW and also for many promotions such as ICW up north this promised to be a great rematch. Joe Hendry used his Judo Background to put him to the mat twice, Sean though jumped over him and floored him doing it twice. Sean though got beaten up by Joe on the outside as retribution for his offence in the ring, Sean threw him into the lift after reversing what Joe was going to do to him. Joe and Sean went back to the ring and Joe suplexed him getting him a two count. Sean got up with support from the crowd but was taken down with a stiff clothesline straight away. Joe got taken down by a flying knee to the face which prompted him to do a combo of knees and kicks followed by a neckbreaker, Joe took him down with a german suplex followed by a fallaway slam which got a 2 1/2, he tried for it again to finish him off but Sean Only reversed it and rolled him up for a 3 count to win the match and show that he would be a legitimate champion if he beats Violet O’Hara for the Open Championship. This match was good and I think that Sean has grown since starting with TIDAL to the point that if he was given a title he would be a legitimate champion

Match 4 – Peace vs Pastor William Eaver

Peace is a wrestler that I have seen once live and that was at a local carnival show but he has appeared for TIDAL Before recently with BWR alumni Nina Samuels, he is taking on, one of the best up and coming talents in the country, Pastor William Eaver who as well is a BWR alumni, he has been making a real name for himself in Progress and as far as i’m aware this is his debut. They finally started with both men exchanging wrist locks, Peace used his speed to reverse this and floor Eaver, Eaver himself reversed the wristlock when they were standing which allowed him to floor Peace and continue the wristlock grounded. Peace smashed  on the back before using a backdrop to wear down Eaver even more. Eaver though got back into it with a sunset flip which got a 2 count. Peace missed a kick but hit him with a standing moonsault. Eaver took hit down with a shoulder drop and a elbow. Peace reversed an irish whip into a turnbuckle and hit him with a Peace Elbow, Peace taunted Eaver before having his irish whip reversed, Eaver hit him with a fist on the apron before hitting him with a diving headbutt. Eaver finished him off with the Crucifix Bomb on the second attempt to get a 3 count and end the match. Good to see Eaver in TIDAL as he is one of the best up and coming talents in the country right now vs Peace who for the first time I have seen him heel which I prefer to the face gimmick he portrays on most shows.

Match 5 – Barefoot Lego Match – Addy Starr vs JD Boom

This was a Barefoot Lego Deathmatch which was set up at Fools Rush In after JD Boom distracted the referee by threatening a chair shot to Addy Starr. As the referee put the chair out of the ring, JD Boom hot Starr with a megaphone before the pin., JD Boom came out with Bearfeet saying it didn’t specify the spelling, Addy Starr is of course the specialist in this match as it is what she is predominately known for. Starr took the bearfeet off and tickled his feet, JD slapped her and started hitting her with elbows to the face followed by shoulder blocks in the corner. Addy got angry and started to beat him up while Boom was grounded for retribution. Addy used a nice snapmare and did the spot he did last time where he tried low blowing her but of course it does not work. The lego was used for the 1st time by JD Boom to the back of Addy Starr. More lego was put into the ring and JD grabbed a cardboard/lego penis and started ramming it against Addy, He grabbed a ton of small lego to use like thumbtacks, JD threw her face straight into the lego and rubbed her face into it. Addy was asking for more and she was getting fired up until she got german suplexed onto the lego. JD put his lego moustache downstairs and leg dropped over it. He held her feet down onto the lego then jumped on her sitting on her for the pin. JD Went for the powerbomb but she set him in a tree of woe position, she covered his face in lego then she kicked it. Addy finally got to administer punishment onto the lego and in this match she showed she is a legitimate badass. Addy won the match hit him with a lego boxing glove of sorts to win the match. To be honest being an advocate of hardcore matches, I loved this and it was good to see TIDAL doing it properly instead of just having a small bit of lego the ring was full of it!

Match 6 – No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere – Dave Mastiff & T-Bone vs Big Damo & Wolfgang

They had a Tag match earlier on in the year in Leeds, they had to get a 6 sided ring to make sure they didnt break it, they still managed to pop the middle rope off and carry on. This was a great match and I cannot wait for Round 2, the match being no holds barred and falls count anywhere started straight away with neither team holding back. T-Bone and Mastiff cleared the ring and they carried on on the outside. Wolfgang smashed Mastiff’s head off the apron and carried him around, Mastiff reversed and threw Wolfgang into the lift. Damo and T-Bone went upstairs and Damo kicked T-Bone off a chair. Wolfgang and Dave Mastiff went to fight outside beating the living crap out of each other. Mastiff threw him into a lorry and even though the bar was shut Damo used the shutters. Damo then tried throwing T-Bone off the balcony and the opposite was tried as well. T-Bone introduced a crutch to the match as they went nearer the ring. Wolfgang tried to get away in a lift outside but ended up throwing his head off a automatic door anyway and then setting off a fire extinguisher which he did to T-Bone as well when he returned to the ring. Mastiff went back into the ring to beat the hell out of Damo, Wolfgang and T-Bone battled with Bone knocking Wolfgang out basically with a pint. T-Bone used the extinguisher on Wolfgang before they both used it on Big Damo. They got some retribution as a team when they suplexed T-Bone into the bar shutters. Wolfgang brought Mastiff down the steps before they put him in the ring to try and finish him off. Mastiff and T-Bone won though through a suplex into the turnbuckle then a cannonball by Mastiff onto Wolfgang to end an amazing match. A crazy match which in my opinion if it wasn’t outside the ring as much, the ring would have broken due to the size of the 4 men so it was good for them to use the surroundings of the Leeds University Union to live up to the No Holds Barred rules

Prior to Dan James vs ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero, Dan James took to the mic and told the crowd that since he had put Ruby Summers  in her place, the only man willing to stand up to him was El Ligero. ‘The Mexican Sensation’ then came through the crowd and attacked Dan James from behind.

Match 7 – ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero vs Dan James

Ligero was on fire after Dan James insulting words beating the living crap out of him and rightfully so. He was mostly doing knifeedge chops to the delight of the Leeds crowd but Dan James did not sit down and he shoulder tackled him in the corner, snapmared him and kicked his arm, Nothing came from it though in that portion of the match as Ligero continued to be on fire and the crowd as usual love Ligero and this willed him on. Dan James saw his chance though when Ligero was thrown out the ring and he sent him into the ring post and did his trademark by focusing on the arm by wrapping it round the ring post and then when they returned to the ring he did the same. Ligero sent Dan James to the outside and constantly kicked him from the apron, James was thrown back in and he got fired up again ending it with the C4L which only got a 2 count. In the end Ruby Summers distracted Dan James before he could use the ring bell hammer against El Ligero which allowed El Ligero to capitalise and pick up the win.

Following the match, El Ligero held Dan James and Ruby Summers slapped him.

A good match something you can always say for Ligero, also it was good for TIDAL to use a real life relationship to fuel a feud between Dan and Ruby and something I applaud TIDAL for doing!

Match 7 – The London Riots (Rob Lynch & James Davis) vs The Proven (Caz Crash & Sam Wilder)

Since seeing The London Riots live for the first time in June where they won the Southside Tag Team Titles, they have become my favorite tag team and so it is great to see them in TIDAL facing off against The Proven who have had some great matches with So Scandalous in recent events.  Caz Crash then said about how he would of given his right arm to be where you were at the Elimination Chamber facing John Cena alluding to the fact Rob Lynch looks like Kevin Owens which made me chuckle. Davis started off with Wilder and both men focused on the arms but after a bit it turned into a slog with forearms a plenty. Rob Lynch and Caz Crash were tagged in with both men trying to get the upper hand but there was no clear leader until I would probably say when Lynch suplexed him. It was Davis vs Wilder again but Crash was poised and then both teams faced off against each other like the No Holds Barred match earlier. The match went outside when Lynch smashed Crash off the apron while in the ring Wilder was getting beaten by Davis. The London Riots were dominant throughout in my opinion even though of course The Proven had their moments when they were dominating. TLR ended up winning in the end using a tag team combo which ended in a spear from Lynch. Davis beat up Wilder with the RIOTS cricket bat, As The London Riots celebrated, The Proven exchanged word with The London Riots ending with Sam Wilder having to restrain Caz Crash.

Like I have said at the start of their match, The London Riots always deliver and it is the reason why they are my favorite tag team in the country. Loved the bit at the start where Caz talked about how Lynch looks like Kevin Owens and TIDAL acting on something we are all thinking such as last month when I saw London Riots vs StarBux (Robbie X and Mark Haskins) all match every one was chanting Kevin Owens! More of the Riots in TIDAL please!

Main Event – Rampage Brown vs Liam Lazarus – Last Man Standing for the TCW Championship

This match is basically Rampage’s rematch from when he lost his title a few months back and in my opinion if Liam could win this he would show everyone that he is a legitimate champion for sure. Rampage went straight out of the gate and tried to knock him out with a powerbomb. Lazarus got up and put his middle finger up which got him constant clotheslines. Sean Only came out to come and tend to Liam but when he tried for a piledriver Liam reversed it and it spilled to the outside, they went towards the lift with Liam going head first into it. Liam started to get some offence but was sent crashing straight back down again by Rampage. Rampage added insult to injury with a nasty DDT. Liam continued to get up though, Rampage set him up again but he was thrown to the outside which prompted Liam to double axehandle him on the outside from the top rope. They brawled on the stairs before going up near the merch table and continuing with there being no count outs. Lazarus was put down the lift to the floor which made him bleed, Rampage man handled him and continued to make him bleed. He reversed a piledriver and got his Yorkshire Tea out before flipping onto a standing Rampage Brown. He kneed him to the face before dropkicking him off the top rope. Liam could barely get to his feet aand then he got thrown to the apron before being absolutely battered by Rampage in the corner, Liam superkicked him before using Rampage’s piledriver. Sean Only hit Rampage with the belt when Dan Eagles was not looking which got Lazarus the victory, Sean Only hit his best friend Liam Lazarus with the TIDAL championship before performing the Last Caress onto the belt. Hopefully a potential match in the future.

Love a bit of Liam Lazarus in TIDAL, always grab a cup of tea when I watch his matches and I think he has grown in stature on the UK scene as a result of being the face of TIDAL and like I was saying on Twitter, if he isn’t signed in 5 years it is a shambles! Good to see Sean Only as well involved with a dramatic ending which could see a match in the future where Sean could hold both belts in TIDAL!

Rating 10/10 – TIDAL weren’t lying abit this event when they told me how good it was, in my opinion the best TIDAL show I have seen and I have seen nearly every one since their first show in 2013! I really think TIDAL have done a cracking job here and it is worth every penny on DVD or Bluray.

Note – If any of the move names in this article are wrong I apologise!

I would like to thank TIDAL for the opportunity as always to review the DVD’s they produce, I don’t know when the next review of their DVD’s will be but please watch this space!
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