Interview – Bingo Ballance

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1. First of all, please introduce yourself to the BWR fans who may or may not know Bingo Ballance??

Sure. Hey, guys, I’m Bingo Ballance. I’m a wrestler from Dublin, and I’ve been working on the indy scene for the last ten years, mainly in Ireland and the UK.

2. Did you watch Wrestling growing up and if so which era did you watch wrestling in and as a result who inspired you??

I did, yeah – I’ve been watching wrestling since 1991/1992, and I would’ve been about seven or eight at the time. I’m not sure what era you’d categorise that as, but the main guys in the WWF at the time were Hogan, Macho Man, The Ultimate Warrior and Ric Flair, and my favourites were Bret and Owen Hart, The Rockers and The Ultimate Warrior. I’m not sure if they inspired me, per se, but they were the guys I liked watching the most, and the ones that kept my interest.

3. How did you get involved with Wrestling training, where did you train and who would you say had the biggest role in making you the wrestler you are today??

I got into training in 2005, shortly after I’d been to see an Irish Whip Wrestling show over here in Dublin. They’d announced, during the intermission, that they had a training school, and it was something I definitely had to try. I headed down, gave it a shot, and was quite lucky in that I took to the training very quickly. The school was in Baldoyle, and was actually a really nice place to train; the ring was pretty much permanently set up, and the place was open nearly every day so, early on, it really helped me get a bit of momentum and progress. To be honest, the person who had the biggest role in making me the wrestler I am today was me! Though I’d definitely credit the trainers who were down there at the time – like Vic Viper, Sheamus and Red Vinny- with helping me get some of my basics down, I made the most progress by myself, by watching my stuff back, trying things out, and analysing matches and tapes, and putting that into practice. I got a camcorder early on, and found it really helpful to see what was working for me and what wasn’t. Though it might be considered somewhat of a wrestling faux-pas, I’m pretty much self-trained.

4. Being from Ireland yourself, it is known for producing talent such as Finn Balor (Prince Devitt), Becky Lynch and Sheamus in WWE, did you ever work with any of them before they went and has there ever been a moment when you thought you could follow in the footsteps of those who have gone over to America??

I don’t think Fergal and I have ever crossed paths, weirdly enough, to the best of my recollection, but I did work with Sheamus for about a year in IWW, and was down for a sparring session with Becky once or twice about ten years ago. Definitely would’ve loved to have headed over to the States and given it a shot. To be honest, I’m not ancient yet- there’s still time! You do kinda need to have connections, though, and someone to put in a word for you, and that’s probably the main thing I’m lacking.

5. You have been mostly appearing in Scotland outside of Ireland for WrestleZone, is it good to be able to visit a different country regularly and you haven’t wrestled in England since 2011 I believe, do you wish to return and if so who do you want to face that you haven’t already??

Yeah, I have to say I love wrestling in Scotland. The fans are awesome, I enjoy working with the guys over there and, frankly, the uncomplicated nature of things really appeals to me. There’s no baggage or bullshit – I just get to turn up, hang out for a while with some really sound people, go out and wrestle, and be removed from any politics, in-fighting or anything like that. That’s all I want. More and more over the last few years, I’ve just been working places where I’m happy to go and feel at ease. So much of wrestling- like acting- is waiting around, so if I’ve got to spend a day or half a day somewhere, I want it to be somewhere I’m comfortable. Not the ‘sexiest’ approach to wrestling, I know, but I don’t want to work somewhere I’m not gonna have fun, or am going to be limited creatively. I’ve worked a reasonable amount in England, and would love to do more over there, definitely, if the opportunity presented itself.

6. You got an impromptu shot at the CCW All-Star Title, and won it, how did it feel to win it and do you have any words for any of the CCW roster who want a shot ??

Anytime someone trusts you with a championship, it’s a cool honour, and I was delighted to have won the All-Star Title. For my own part, I’d definitely love to have a run with it like Cena’s having with the US Title at the moment (though preferably keeping my nose intact, if at all possible!) I’d love to just have a bunch of singles matches with anyone and everyone. I love working with people I haven’t had a chance to before- and mixing things up- so the greater variety of opponent I get to work with, the better, to be honest.

7. What would you say are your career highlights so far and also being from Ireland what are your thoughts on the current state of Irish Wrestling for the readers who may not follow it??

Winning my first title – the IWW Zero Gravity one, back in 2007- was a huge highlight, I have to say, along with winning the Heavyweight Titles for WrestleZone, and CCW in Ireland, a few years ago. Like I said, any time you get a chance to hold a title, it’s a great vote of confidence, and shows that your work is respected. Along with that, getting the opportunity to run the IWW School as its Head Trainer for three years was a terrific experience; I love teaching, and being able to see guys and girls improving week by week before your eyes. It wasn’t without its fair share of headaches (situations, and problem trainees), but it was a good experience on the whole, and I’ve enjoyed the sessions and seminars I’ve been able to do since then, both at home and in the UK. Along with that, I’ve had the chance to wrestle for upwards of 1,200- 1,300 people over the last few years, with WrestleZone, and it’s been an amazing experience to work for audiences of that size. I enjoy working in Ireland, but I don’t really like the Irish scene, if that makes any sense? There’s some really, really great talent over here, and shows attracting good to great crowds, but the scene is quite cliquish and politically-charged, and I’m just really not into that. I just want to go out and perform- I’m not interested in drama, navigating political minefields, or any other extraneous crap.

8. What are your future ambitions and goals for 2015 and beyond??

Short term, I really just want to rack up some great matches this year, if I can, and finish out 2015 injury-free. I had a disrupted 2014 due to an injury last summer, and that halted some of the momentum that I was building up. I’ve been fine this year, touch wood, and just want to keep going, keep working away, and keep entertaining the audiences I get a chance to wrestle for, wherever that may be.

9. Where can the readers find Bingo Ballance and where can promoters book you??

I’ve a dedicated Facebook page with results, upcoming shows, photos and all that jazz, and that would be the most up-to-date place to keep up with my appearances and stuff. That’s at I’ve also got a Blogger site at that has my blogs from 2010 until today. For promoters looking to book me, I’d suggest dropping me a line on Facebook, or e-mail me at For anyone looking for a match that really typifies my style- and probably the best example of my work- I’d suggest checking out my WrestleZone match with Stevie Xavier: .

10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

I’ve upcoming dates this month for CCW and IWW in Ireland, and further Irish dates later into the year, so I’ve enough to keep me off the streets and out of mischief for the time being! I’ll be back to Scotland later in the year, too, which I’m looking forward to. That’s about it!

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