DVD Review – WWE Monday Night Wars Vol. 1 – Shots Fired


Welcome to the latest WWE DVD review, we are finally back to the documentaries after a long amount of PPV’s and in all honesty they have not been the best! WrestleMania has been the benchmark this year and unfortunately WWE have yet to meet that! Next month it will be a year since I started doing WWE DVD reviews and the documentaries have always come out the best so I was looking forward to this one!

This 4 disc set in itself brings together the first ten episodes of the WWE Network’s Monday Night Wars series. When I first watched the trailer for this I thought it was the first 10 episodes of the Monday Night Wars in terms of the actual shows with matches etc and so when I found out it was the documentaries when I watched them I was happy as with my busy schedule it would of been hard to review ten episodes of RAW, WCW.

A lot of fans say that this era was the best time in Wrestling and always compare the current PG era to this one which is fair enough. WCW are known for over their short existence bringing in loads of WWF, Japanese and ECW talent to compete such as La Parka, Juventud Guerrera and Rey Mysterio who for the latter made it in WWE later on. Instead of the fact it is a WWE release they focus on the positives and negatives from most sides which gains it more points as without it, this DVD would just be a WWE glory fest and would slate WCW even more. All of these documentaries focus on a theme such as the N.W.O and D-X and also the beginning of the Wars which for anyone who was not alive at the time or doesn’t have the knowledge provides a good history lesson and with post episode analysis from Renee Young who is great in my opinion especially in Tough Enough, Sting and Triple H which gives views from both sides of the coin. They offer up unknown snippets that are not revealed up to this point so it is insightful! Following on from The War Begins we get a look at the NWO which focuses on the key cogs such as Nash and Hall, the popularity and overexpansion of the faction. For someone who has not seen their releases this is a good history lesson as is the whole set but if your someone who grew up then or has the releases you will not be learning anything new and you might think it’s a waste of money in that aspect. From there you get chapters on embracing attitude which focuses on Austin vs McMahon and N.W.O getting stale for example and also dedicated looks at “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, D-X, Mick Foley and Bret Hart again they all have releases like with N-W-O so again I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone who has any of these. Certain parts are used again which in my opinion are used to make this DVD longer than it would be without them with interviews and clips used again which in some cases are relevant but is frustrating. This is only Volume 1 so not everything is discussed but it is a good start and ends with Goldberg and cruiserweights discussed which is a good bridge onto Volume 2 which is out in a few months time!

In summary, buying this is good for anyone who does not have knowledge on the Monday Night Wars and wants to get more of an understanding but for anyone who already has the retrospective sets on these wrestlers this will offer basically nothing new. For me I don’t own any of their sets so watching this I gained more of an understanding as I got into Wrestling a little later in life and past this period. A good set which gets WWE back on form so it gets me a little more optimistic going into the next release! It gets a solid 7/10 from me!

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