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1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Adam, first of all please introduce yourself to the readers and give them a quick summary of yourself as a wrestler???

A – Thanks for the opportunity to be exposed on here man i really appreciate it.
My name is Adam Brooks AKA Brooksy to the wrestling scene down here, I’m 24 years old from Melbourne Australia and I’ve been wrestling for about 5 and a half years now i made my debut in February 2010.
I like to look at myself as a fairly athletic wrestler very fast paced, solid type of style.

2. Lets talk about your growing up, did you enjoy watching wrestling growing up or did it start much later and if so, who inspired you to think I am going to become a Wrestler??

A – I first found wrestling when i was around 11 years old I’m fairly positive it was somewhere around that age, i was hanging out with my neighbours at the time and i remember one of them said let’s go to mine and finish watching the rest of this tape from the video shop i got its wrestling, at the time i was like yea ok whatever not having a clue what wrestling was, the VHS tape was WrestleMania 16 from the year 2000, being that the tape was half watched already it was up to the triangle ladder match between the Hardy Boyz, Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian, i remember being mesmerized during the whole match but what caught my eye was the guy in baggy pants and weird colored hair – Jeff Hardy.
From that day i did my research rented all the wrestling that was at my local store WWE, WCW but in the end i was hooked on WWE and Jeff Hardy.
at the time i didn’t have cable but my neighbor taped every raw for me from about 2002 on-wards.

3. You were trained by Murphy from WWE NXT, how did you get involved with training with Murphy, how was the experience and how is it now seeing him as one half of the WWE NXT tag team champions??

A – oh it was awesome man, i remember when i found out there was local wrestling i went to a few shows and actually caught he’s debut match in Australia, he was my favorite on the show coz he did a cool flip or something along those lines haha
obviously years go by and i continue seeing Murphy ( wrestling as Matt Silva at the time ) doing all this cool stuff on highlight videos and stuff then when he walked into a training session i was in a little intimidated and quite shy but i think he saw my passion for wrestling and he could tell out of all the other students that i was serious and he took me under his wing, it went from being a mentor to a friend to a brother, where as close as brothers we were both there for each other during average times and we always stood by each other.
Man seeing him now not just on TV but on TV as a champion (1st Australian to ever hold a wwe branded belt) its awesome it makes me so happy because many people here didn’t have much faith in Matt they knew he was talented but didn’t think he would last, i heard stuff like oh he’ll be back in 6 months oh he’ll get in trouble for doing certain moves i just nodded my head and kept doing my thing, he needs to check the times in different timezones before calling nowadays though haha
But yea extremely proud of him i miss him being here a lot.

4. As far as i’m aware you are part of Max and Ivan’s The Wrestling over here in the UK as far as i’m aware, how did you get involved with this and how is this different from a normal wrestling show that British fans will see locally??

A – Well they were touring here as part of the Melbourne Comedy Fest here in Melbourne and it was kind of a last minute thing one of the guys couldn’t make it i got a call saying hey do you wanna wrestle on this comedy thing tonight i had no idea what it was but then opened the show and walked out to about 1000 people it was a great experience, lots of fun everybody was so cool and very welcoming was awesome.

5. You have been OCW Tag Team Champion till recently with Krackerjak as ‘The Loose Bastards’ but you lost it in a handicap match, what happened to you and Krackerjak as a team and will you keep at getting your title back or will you go for the heavyweight title in OCW??

A – That was a fun little run we had I’ve worked with krackers a lot as a opponent, he’s another guy i look up to and always go to for advice especially promos, he would diffidently be in the top promo guys in this country.
But krackers was unfortunately taken out by our opponents then dumped at sea and i had to fend for myself causing us to lose our championships, i do know krackers is safe and alive but no idea where he is, you can see all his antics on bastard tv on YouTube.
As for the future things could be interesting, id love a shot at the current OCW champion Drew Galloway.

6. Australia is known for producing talents such as Emma and Murphy, do you think that in a few years people will be speaking about you in the same vein and what are your thoughts on the state of Australian wrestling at the moment??

A – Man i certainly hope so i mean that’s the goal, id love to be travelling the world wrestling even better would be being in the WWE alongside my best friend that’d be awesome, but right now I’m just doing my thing man i mean there’s opportunities popping up everywhere now, we currently have a scout for GFW working with us at OCW so who knows what the future holds, hopefully positives.
The state of Australian wrestling right now is at the highest i think it’s ever been, people are travelling, people are getting signed i mean crowds aren’t in the 1000 marks like they used to be but there’s so many more positive opportunites popping up.

7. Like alluded to previously you are part of The Wrestling but do you want to come over to the UK to wrestle more if given the chance like Toni Storm, Josh Shooter and Slade Mercer have been in the past and if so who do you have your eyes on facing??

A – It’s not something currently on the cards but my girlfriend who is also a wrestler is half British and loves that technical style, so who knows man if i got the chance to id certainly jump at it, it’d be great to learn that British style.

8. What are your future ambitions in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??

A – Obviously wrestling for a living is the goal whether that’s WWE, TNA, GFW “if it hopefully takes off ‘ , japan who knows man.
As far as 5 years time hopefully I’m somewhere overseas wrestling.

9. Where can the readers find Adam Brooks and where can promoters book you??

A – Best ways to hit me up are my social media pages
instagram – @brooksybrand
Twitter – @theadambrooksy

10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

A – As far as upcoming dates there’s an OCW TV Taping at the Ashwood College in Ashwood coming up on the 29th of August, project wise myself and my girlfriend are slowly working on getting our intergender tag team more noticed and off the ground, if you’d like to book myself and Kellyanne #bestos please hit us up.

Thanks for this opportunity fellas i really appreciate it.

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