DVD Review – WWE Money In The Bank 2015

mitb mitb2

Hello and welcome to today’s WWE DVD review, we are back to the Pay Per Views after a short absence due to the Monday Night Wars release last week. It is back to documentaries for the next two releases but today you will hear my thoughts on the yearly event which is normally one of my favorites mostly 2011 where CM Punk went off with the title. The show began with a tribute to Dusty Rhodes which especially if I would of watched it on the night evoked more emotion from me as I have always been a big Dusty Rhodes fan overall.

The first match was that of the Money In The Bank match which is always the highlight of the PPV year on year. Reigns was my pick to win the match overall but with him climbing the ladder to claim this, The lights went out and the Bray Wyatt Graphic appeared. Bray Wyatt then appeared from the dark and shook the ladder while Wyatt had his hand on the . He brought Reigns down with a Sister Abigail which led to Reigns rolling out and Sheamus climbed to the top to retrieve it and did even though Neville tried to stop him. Overall this was a good match and had some great spots including a great RKO from Orton on Neville. I cannot wait to see Sheamus maybe win the title from Rollins in the future. This shows that WWE doesn’t just make the main few guys such as Cena, Rollins, Ambrose, Reigns and now Cesaro to have that starpower and Sheamus winning this in my opinion is a good move and also begins a new feud for Reigns and shifts both of the two wrestlers on different paths after the match.

Nikki Bella vs Paige follows this, Brie is not at ringside with Nikki as usual but this would set up a potential Twin Magic spot at the end as they were both wearing the same attire. This was a good match at the start but the fact it was a dusty finish with them two switching and then Brie picking up the win but Brie taking tissues out of her top and basically screwing Paige over allowed Nikki to hit her patented Rack Attack for the victory. A good match from the outset in my opinion but it sucked that there was a dusty finish and it shows Nikki not to be this legitimate champion in a way as she cannot really win without help and hopefully now my favourite diva Becky Lynch is up on the main roster hopefully she can win the title in future. The fact that Paige was in the match with Nikki again shows a lack of depth at this time in terms of the Women’s roster but now the Divas Revolution has started this will all change. Ryback vs Big Show followed in quite a short match, what made this worse was that the finish was that Show hit the KO Punch on Ryback and rolled him up but Miz attacked Show which meant that Big Show won by DQ but Ryback was still the champion. Apart from this match serving as a pre-cursor for a future feud possibly it doesn’t do anything for me and in that aspect if you are not going to give it time what is the point of it being on the card.

Kevin Owens vs John Cena followed in a Champion vs Champion match, their previous matches have been great in my opinion most notably Elimination Chamber which was one of the best matches I have seen in a long while. This was no exception this was a fantastic match and this takes place as my match of the year so far and considering WWE have not been producing that many good matches in my opinion as of late this is a change from the normal and really adds to the final rating overall. Cena won by hitting the AA for the third time and after 20 minutes getting the three count. Cena was outstanding and some of the criticism is unwarranted especially after this amazing match. The crowd was outstanding as well and these two really put on a really great match. Owens shows again as well why he deserves to be on the main roster instead of NXT and an opponent like Cena shows that in abundance. After the match Owens gave him a powerbomb after a handshake, Owens grabbed the US title and he tossed it down then walked off.

The New Day vs PTP was a cool off match and there was nothing more to it. Young did basically the whole match until a hot tag finish, the fact New Day did a promo before then lost shows that talking smack like they did puts you on the back foot and in this case it definitely did with PTP picking up the titles for the first time which is genuinely a great move as they have always deserved to win gold in WWE in the tag team ranks and if this would have just been a retain it would have sucked but adding that change adds a new dynamic to it and a better rating as a result to the final score.

Rollins vs Ambrose ends the show, the former Shield team mates, they put on a very good match butt of course it wasn’t as good as the epic Cena vs Owens match. Rollins and Ambrose fell off the ladder for the finish at the same time and ended up with it in his hands which in my opinion sucked as it meant that a 36 minute match was all for a finish which didn’t feel like a main event finish of a PPV. Ambrose sold the knee Injury which meant Rollins worked on it throughout the match which was good and as a result for most of the match the crowd were behind it but the fact it is 36 minutes meant there were portions of the match that were boring for both me as a reviewer and the crowd. Don’t get me wrong this was a great match but the finish kind of annoyed me but it brings him to his next match against Lesnar where he will have to win clean to show himself as a more legitimate champion after this match. After the match Rollins posed with the title and Triple H raised the hand of him and an interview followed which was cocky and arrogant and makes me really looking forward to Battleground when I review it for a potential great match.

Overall rating wise it gets a 7 from me, not WWE’s best effort but not their worst, the Owens vs Cena match, MITB match and Rollins vs Ambrose (to a certain extent) delivered and left the viewer very happy including myself. Nikki and Paige even though i’m a massive women’s wrestling advocate shot this due to the dusty finish, the IC title also did as well due to it being by DQ and being horrendously short and also the finish of the main event meant that it did not reach ten but if those three were replaced with better matches this would be an amazing PPV but it is good to see WWE is back on the right track in terms of PPV’s.

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