Interview – Leah Owens


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Leah thanks for your time, could you please introduce yourself to the readers first of all??
Hi all, I am Leah Owens, one half of Irelands very own twin tag team, ‘The Owens Twins.’ I wrestle in the tag team with my twin Kasey, as well as wrestling in singles competitions all over the world.
I am the current RCW Womens Champion in Barcelona, where i have defended it against some of the best female wrestlers around the world including, Hikaru Shida from Japan and Scotlands own hardcore queen, Kay Lee Ray.
I am also the current W3L Womens Champion, which i defeated another one of Scotlands finests, Viper.
2. How did you get involved in Wrestling training and would you say this was due to a love of wrestling growing up??
I got involved in wrestling training thanks to Kasey, as she informed me that her training school in Belfast called, ‘Modern Extreme Grappling Arts, ‘ was moving premises, and that in conjunction with moving to a better training facility, that they were offering a first session free to try it out. Therefore i decided to join her, as she had been already training with them a year, lets just say when i took my first bump i was hooked. (cliche i know)
I had always loved wrestling growing up till i was 15, but had grown out of it due to school and major exams, but i had always had a soft spot for it, and admired Kasey for following her dream to start training. Therefore when i was given the opportunity to train the love of wrestling definately flooded back. So yes it was a big influence.
3. With of course you being sisters with Kasey who previously did an interview with BWR, did you get involved at the same time in terms of training or did you take a different path in that aspect??
Well Kasey was training a year before i had joined her, as i have explained in the answer to the previous question. But we definately motivated each other during training, as we knew we had alot to prove with being the only female trainees in Ireland at that point.
4. At BEW/RCW Britains Rising 2 England vs Spain you are defending your RCW Women’s title and you are facing off against your sister Kasey for the first time in 3 years I believe, are you looking forward to working against Kasey in a singles match as opposed to a tag team match and what do you predict of this match for fans coming to this event??
I am absolutely ecstatic and nervous to be facing Kasey again in singles competition for my RCW Womens Championship. The main reasons for this is that i know the level at which Kasey has evolved as a singles competitor, as she is learning from some of the best in the UK today, such as Kay Lee Ray and BT Gunn. She is much more of a well rounded wrestler these days, and has a serious fire and aggression lit under her right now. She has demonstrated this aggression in alot of her recent matches, such as her non title match against Kay Lee Ray at Fierce Females, ‘Rumble in the Jungle.’ I have always loved working with my sister, especially in singles competition against her, as we both push each other to the limits and learn from each other all at the same time.
I predict this match is going to have everything, from great wrestling to pure emotion from both Kasey and I. I love my sister so much, but when it comes to my title i am going to do everything in my power to keep it, and represent RCW the best i can. You will have never seen anything like this.
5. You were part of TNA British Bootcamp getting to the York Hall stage which I believe took place a year ago this Sunday, how was this experience for you and do you think that this experience was beneficial for you and Kasey??
The experience was everything and more. it opened both mine and kaseys eyes to the amount of hard work it takes to put on a show that is being filmed for tv. such as working with floor cameras etc, that may not necessarily be used on the independent scene. We learnt so much from the judges comments on and off camera, which inspired us so much to continue chasing our dream. so yes i found it very beneficial, and to give you a quote that Samoa Joe gave us that has stuck with us for the past year is that in order, ‘To be Impressive, you need to be Aggressive.’ 
6. You are part of HOPE’s next show in Mansfield on the 21st August, what are your thoughts on your opponent and also debuting for HOPE??
My thoughts on Lana Austin, well she is an absolutely fantastic wrestler, and has shown so much dedication and heart throughout all of her matches to date. However i am going to HOPE to win, i am going to HOPE to prove that i am one of the strongest singles competitors to come from Ireland. Therefore Lana will need to bring all that she has got to this match, cause i am there to WIN.
Debuting for HOPE, i honestly can’t wait, i have seen the types of shows and the crowds they pull in and it is right up my street. I honestly can’t wait to show HOPE’s Fans who i am and what i am capable of.
7. You have previously been over to Japan to compete for Ice Ribbon back in 2013 I believe, is one of your firm ambitions to return and is there any other countries that you want to visit and any talents that you want to face in these countries that you don’t have the chance to over here in the UK??
Japan is definitely one place that both Kasey and I want to return to, and infact there maybe something happening later this year that may mean our return to the east. I am also making my debut in Switzerland in October, so thats another crossed off the list. There are 2 more places i definately want to go to, the USA and Australia. as i think this will definately expand my wrestling experience, and hopefully work well towards earning a tryout.
Talents wise, there is so many i would like to face in the future, 2 names that spring to mind are, ‘Crazy Mary Dobson,’ and the other ‘Lufisto.’ This is due to their unique style of wrestling which i am a definate fan of, and i feel would help me develop more as a wrestler who can be thrown into any match stipulation and succeed.
8. What are your thoughts on the current state of British and Female Wrestling??
My thoughts on british and female wrestling is that both are on the up and up, and definitely something the people/fans around the world should invest more time in watching. I am very excited to be apart of british and female wrestling at this time.
9. What are your future goals/ambitions in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??
I am being quite ambitious for the next 5 years, i am going to work hard alongside Kasey to constantly learn and expand our abilities as a tag team, as well as singles competitors. We both want to be travelling the world, especially Japan and the USA competing for companies such as Stardom and Shimmer.
10. Where can readers/promoters find Leah Owens and have you got any future dates/projects you wish to plug??
You can follow me on my Leah Owens facebook page, which is updated daily with photos, shows and ongoings from my career. along with my twitter page which is,

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