Interview – Daria ‘The Jersey Devil’ Berenato

Tough Enough Interviews

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Daria, first of all please introduce yourself to the readers of #BWR??

Hello and thank you to everyone reading on British Wrestling Revival ! My name is Daria “The Jersey Devil” Berenato former WWE Tough Enough Contestant, MMA Fighter and now current Pro Wrestler pursing all paths leading me back to the WWE!

2. Many of the readers will know you from taking part in this years edition of Tough Enough, how did you make the decision to make the audition and did you ever think you would get into the show??
I first heard about the show (WWE Tough Enough) from a friend of mine, Maria Menounos who has had various experiences and appearances with the WWE. She is like a mentor to me in life in general and she’s a big supporter of MMA career as well.. She had mentioned to me on multiple occasions that WWE would be an amazing transition for me! Maria planted the seed so to speak, so when the opportunity came about for Tough Enough I knew I had to audition!
3. Before joining up with the show, were you ever a wrestling fan or would you say this has come now you have been part of WWE in some aspect??
Prior to this I was not a wrestling fan but I was not a fan of any sport really, I always competed and played sports but never watched much TV, or followed any one thing until MMA. As soon as I discovered MMA I fell in love and pursued learning everything about it, the same went for Pro Wrestling, as soon as I starting doing my homework, I fell in love. It’s larger then life, it’s competitive but at the same time entertaining its everything I’ve always loved all rolled into one. 
4. What are your thoughts on your experience on the show and would you recommend it to anyone when it next comes around??
My experience on Tough Enough was amazing ! I enjoy anything that gets me outside of my comfort zone, and WWE did just that and I loved every minute of it ! The competitions were fun yet crazy, living in a house with 12 other larger then life personalities was an experience of a lifetime and most of all learning the ins and outs of pro wrestling at THE WWE PERFORMANCE CENTER, from current superstars and legends! What more could you ask for?
5. The final is next week with Sara and Amanda on the girls side and ZZ and Josh on the boys, who do you want to win in their respective categories and why??
So the Final is this week and out of the remaining 4 competitors the winners are clear in my eyes it should be Josh and Amanda… Out of the people left they are by far the most talented, athletic, and just overall well rounded !
6. Are you looking to pursue a career in Wrestling in the future after the show or will you continue in MMA for either as well what are your future goals in Wrestling and MMA??
Since the day I got home from Tough Enough I have been training wrestling with Brian Kendrick over at Santino Bro’s in Southern California. I have absolutely fallen in love with this industry and this style of living, it is everything I love..competition, performing, and athleticism all in one. My immediate goal is to train my ass off until I get into NXT. I am continuing to train MMA because I think it’ll only further my abilities in the ring, but right now my heart is set on WWE gold and I wont stop until I get it.
7. You came out on the shows competition special, what reaction have you had from the LGBT community and also your family??
Yes, so coming out on the competition special was probably one of the scariest moments of my life…. It completely caught me off guard. Prior to the show my parents knew and maybe a hand full of close friends, never did I see my coming out moment to be on National Television in front of WWE Executives Triple H, Lita, Billy Gunn and Booker T…That being said looking back it was the best decision I have ever made. I have gotten nothing but love and support from the LGBT community and from my family and friends, and what really makes it all worth while is the messages and tweets I receive all the time saying things like ” Seeing you come out gave me the courage to tell my parents”. Being able to encourage just one person to be themselves whether that be gay/transgender or just someone who feels that they don’t belong that its okay to be the odd man out, its okay to be who you are made this entire journey that much more amazing. 
8. MMA is known at the moment for the likes of Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey would you say that it would be easier for an MMA fighter to transition to Wrestling or is it harder??
I wouldn’t say that its easier for an MMA fighter to become a Pro Wrestler because they are both so different in so many ways.. But I would say that having an MMA background could certainly enhance your arsenal of moves and possibly give you a nice foundation. I think that it also gives us a different kind of edge going into pro wrestling, a different flavor so to speak.
9. Where can the readers find you on Social media and do you have a message for your fans??
Yes I would like to say thank you so much to everyone out there for voting for me on Tough Enough and continuing to follow my journey after the show. I am so grateful for all of my Jersey Devils because I understand that without you there is no me. I would also like to thank the LGBT community for reaching out and sending me so much love and support throughout this experience. Lastly I would like to say to anyone reading out there, screw the norms, screw the expectations of society and be you… There is no better feeling in the world then embracing the real you and sharing it with the world. 
Social Media
Twitter: Tough Daria 
Twitter: Dariab28
Instagram: Tough Daria
Facebook: Daria “The Jersey Devil” Berenato 
Periscope: Dariab28/Tough Daria
10. Have you got any future or current projects you wish to plug??
You can catch me Sunday Nights at 6pm on Afterbuzz Tv hosting the UFC show!
      Besides that you guys can follow my journey to the WWE on social media and Periscope I can promise you its going to be a fun ride! 

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