DVD Review – Signature Sounds The Music of WWE


Welcome to the latest installment of WWE reviews on the blog, we are back to documentaries for the next two reviews with this one and The Kliq Rules which will be on Bluray counting as my second ever Bluray review. This latest one is out on the 31st of August and features a countdown of the greatest 25 entrance themes which can always be disputed and when this is released there is bound to be people winging, this DVD Includes insider commentary on 25 classic themes from the WWE Superstars, Divas and the artists behind the tracks and special features featuring basically honorable mentions. This DVD is the slender price of £5.99 so it is pretty good for the price but will it be worth it??

This DVD has the Videos Volume 1 Ramped Up DVD written all over it but isn’t just the videos it has insiders commentaries so has one over the predecessor right at the start. #25 is Batista : I Walk Alone which starts with Jim Johnston talking to a member of Saliva about the entrance theme which is good to see people who made it get some sort of a credit. Batista’s interview from 2006 about his theme is then aired which is good to have some sort of an interview with Dave event though it isn’t recent. #24 is Fandango, this DVD has 54 minute running time so this will only be short segments which you could see from the Batista one at the start, Fandango does an interview on his piece actually in voice and character is saying it is a way of life. HOF Sunny’s theme is #23,  I got into Wrestling a little later than when she was in her prime so this entrance theme had no effect on me a such. #22 is my favorite current theme from The Prime Time Players which makes me mark out when they come out of the curtain.

#21 is Goldust which is a theme I love and is a personal favorite, Goldust like Fandango did his interview in character instead of as Johnny Curtis or Dustin Runnels which was entertaining and gave his insight into the thoughts on the song and how it feels when he comes out to it. #20 was Brodus Clay who has now left WWE of course but it is a catchy theme so deserves to be in this countdown and as a result Jim Johnston talks about it as well as Naomi and Cameron who were of course the valets in the piece as the Funkadactyls. #19 is Ultimate Warrior, this theme is another personal favorite, whenever I hear of it I think of his energy and him shaking the ropes so this is a no brainer. #17 is Mankind’s theme is next which is a theme that only a few months ago I found out was his, I always knew about the theme as it is one of the most well known in Wrestling but it is weird it never resonated in my head to Mankind, you get an interview with Mick Foley talking about his entrance and end theme which was the first in WWE to happen. #16 was The Brood’s theme which I really love, to be honest I would of loved Kevin Thorn to do something with Gangrel and his ECW theme is one of those I think should of been included. Edge and Christian talk about the theme and how it is one of the best creations Jim ever made. #15 is Randy Orton’s which is one I have always liked and is one of the best for sure, it is good to see like with most of the wrestlers on this set short interviews talking about their themes as It adds a nice feel to it. #15 is the late great Dusty Rhodes, we get an interview with Dusty about Jimmy Hart’s influence in the song. #14 is Shane McMahon’s theme which again is such a favorite of me due to my love of the WWE video games, I always used to love using Shane for this great theme which is so catchy. #13 is my favorite of all time which is Rob Van Dam, when he came back after an absence and I heard the song I went crazy and when watching this DVD it took me back again to how good it really is, love Rob’s theme. #12 is Mr Perfect, this song screamed out the title Perfection and sounds like royalty which is fitting.

#11 is Mr McMahon’s theme, you could not have this DVD without this, when I think of Vince 2 things come to mind his strut and theme. #10 is Trish Stratus, it is good to hear that Trish had something to do with the production of the theme and how she liked listening to that sort of music and it is a theme deservant of this countdown.

#09 is a theme that I have always liked like a lot of these and being a huge Rey Mysterio fan for quite a number of years I had to like this theme and even though now he has left it will always stand out for me and for WWE to include certain themes so far gets it a good rating. #08 is Stone Cold Steve Austin which had to be included and is in the bracket like The Rock and The Undertaker of being one of the best known,

# 7 is  The Rock, # 6 is Shawn Michaels  # 5 is Undertaker, # 4 – Triple H, # 3 – John Cena, # 2 is Chris Jericho and # 1 is D-Generation X   Are You Ready?, all of these themes are memorable and deserve their positions and so WWE have not made any mistakes in this countdown as every one has their reason for their inclusion and so for a DVD that looked to be just a theme DVD from the price is a good countdown that is good to sit and watch to remember old entrance themes from yesteryear.

Rating 6/10 – It is only an hour long and every theme is short segments so 6 is the optimum it can get but not a bad effort from WWE and makes me hugely look forward to when I review The Kliq Rules on Bluray in a few weeks. It is good to see Jim Johnston one of the most unsung cogs in the WWE puzzle get basically his own DVD as without him a lot of the famous entrance themes we associate with Wrestling would not have even happened.

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