Interview – Trent Barreta

trentbarreta trentbarreta2

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Trent, please introduce yourself to the readers first of all??

Oh hey. Hi. I’m Trent. I wrestle. Thanks for reading this. Hopefully you don’t feel like you wasted your time by the time your done with it (you did though).

2. Let’s talk about growing up for you, did you watch wrestling growing up or did it come later if so who inspired you to become a wrestler??

I started watching when was 9 years old leading into wrestlemania 12. Saw Shawn Michaels dance down to the ring just covered in mirrors and wearing a train conductor hat and I knew I had found my calling. Shawn was my favorite right away, and still is. Some of my other favorites growing up were the hardys, edge and Christian, x pac and Mick Foley.

3. You were trained by Mikey Whipwreck I believe, how did you get involved in training with Mikey and do you think that being trained by someone with great all round ability meant that you had the decision of what type of wrestler you wanted to become or did you always want to become a predominantly high flyer??

I was super lucky to have supportive parents who were willing to drive me to an hour away to wrestling school when I was a skinny little 15 year old kid. So pretty much I just found a place to train online and talked my parents into letting me train there. Learned the basics from Mikey, John Curse (ran the school before Mikey started coming around), and a lot of the older guys who trained there. But as far as my in ring style now goes, that’s more of me taking little things from the guys I like watching. I dont think im really a high flyer at all anymore… But i did used to want to be one. I used to do all kinds of dumb things.

4. Most people will know you from your time in WWE, you started in 2007 before leaving in 2013, did you leave on good terms, is the door still open and what would you say is your stand out moment from your time with WWE??

My favorite match from wwe was against Tyson Kidd in Calgary. We went like 17 minutes or something. At the time I had always felt like I could have a match like that one, but just had never gotten to do it. I had a lot of fun ones with a lot of guys towards the end of my time with wwe. I mean at the time they felt good anyway. I’d probably hate all those matches of I watched them now. As far as leaving on good terms I have no idea. I didn’t get in a fist fight with triple h or anything like that… So yea, who knows?

5. You are part of the GFW roster teaming with Chuck Taylor as The Best Friends in your first few appearances I believe, what are your thoughts on the promotions’ first few shows and do you think that GFW could compete with the likes of TNA or ROH in the future??

GFW was fun. I really don’t know anything about the behind the scene stuff there’s. Just did one show. I hope they turn into something big though. More wrestling means more jobs for my friends.

6. Another team you are part of is Roppongi Vice w/ Rocky Romero for NJPW and ROH, how did the team form, what are your thoughts on the NJPW crowd from the point of view of a regular there and finally do you think that if you were given a full run on ROH TV as a team you could win the tag titles off the Addiction??

Pretty much Alex Koslov retired/took a break from wrestling, and Rocky needed a new partner. We pretty much just got thrown together as a team. I had been sitting home recovering from knee surgery for 6 months and then suddenly I’m in new japan teaming with rocky. It’s been wild. And also it doesn’t hurt that rocky was already a good friend of mine. He’s like my japan dad now. I usually have no idea what’s going on when it comes to real life things so yea rocky helps me out. Crowds in new japan have been great and of course we could be he addiction.

7. You are part of PWG BOLA 2015 which is a tournament you have only worked once I believe, how do you assess your chances, do you think that a promotion overseas could pull of a BOLA type tournament and who do you think is the dark horse in the line up for this year??

I am one of the darkest horses I’ve ever met. I barely even know what a dark horse is. BOLA’s gonna be a blast, PWG is insane. 93% chance I’m winning the whole thing. WXW’s 16 carat is a bola type tournament. And sure, don’t see why someone else could run another similar one.

8. Speaking of overseas, you worked for Southside, Kamikaze Pro and WXW in Europe who impressed you while over here, how was it working with Ben at Southside and finally do you want to return if so who do you want to face??

Honesty I was impressed with pretty much everyone i saw over there. Coming from a wwe bubble that I had been in for years I really didn’t know much about the uk Indy scene. Tommy end I thought was unreal good. He’d be by top pick of who I wanna face. Ben and his family have really cool dogs. Oh man such awesome dogs. Buster and the other one. Can’t remember her name. She was older and calmer and farted a lot but it was okay. We bonded. Hard.

9. Where can the readers and promoters follow and/ or contact Trent Barreta on Social Media??

@trentylocks on Twitter and Instagram. Real dumb name. Oh well.

10. Have you got any dates or projects you want to plug??

Nah just check my Twitter. I rarely even plug things on it though. My Twitter sucks these days…. Welp. See ya.


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