Bluray Review – WWE The Kliq Rules



Welcome to the latest WWE Bluray Review and the second ever after Payback 2015 a couple of months back! This time this profiles The Kliq who are known as X-Pac, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash who were big stars in the 90’s who had a group backstage and a lot of websites previously when this came out told one story so we finally get it from the horses mouth if you will.


We get to see the footage of the famous MSG moment which is one of the main highlights of the set where two amateur filmers who are WWE fans filmed the infamous moment in it’s entirety when all members broke Kayfabe when the show ended and Kevin and Razor last appearance before they graced the screens of WCW where they were a sort of Kliq there telling wrestlers they were still being paid by Vince. Wrestlers like The Undertaker, Godfather, Hulk Hogan and even storied Kliq hater Shane Douglas and Justin Credible as well as behind the scenes crew such as Vince McMahon, Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo and even the filming crew of the infamous moment talked about the Kliq and basically especially the wrestlers their version of events as onlookers which in my opinion is good as if you just had the Kliq speaking it would be a lot more biased. Of course all the Kliq members told it different to all of the wrestlers at the time and how they all get special creative treatment of who they wanted to be pushed such as Bob Holly while The Kliq said that it wasn’t like that really and so to be honest with this documentary it is something that unlike a profile will never be answered as there are two sides to this coin. But other parts were explored such as the BSK with Undertaker, Yokozuna, Rikishi and The Godfather which was previously untouched so it is good it was brought to life as a sort of rival Kliq at the time and also what came to light in future years was also brought into the mix with the formation of D-X discussed in length which in my opinion was one of the best times in WWE and so it is good that even though it is an hour and 6 minutes they get to cram it in.

My opinion of the documentary is though that WWE have not produced their best here and take it as you will as some people will love this DVD but this years benchmarks have been Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior and Jerry Lawler. I never reviewed The Shield DVD and Bryan’s one was up there as well as I do not own the Network so I had never seen it. This benchmark has not been met unfortunately and while it is a good effort towards the end it just got a bit boring and being a huge Wrestling documentary fan that was a hard pill to swallow.

kliq3 kliq2

On Disc 2, it has some good exclusives and it knocks the rating up! One of the best was Shawn Michaels & Diesel vs Razor Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid from Action Zone, it also included famous matches between Razor Ramon and The Kid in X-Pac’s debut, the famous ladder match between Ramon and Michaels from WrestleMania X. The Blu-ray extras are all from after the MSG moment, the WCW tag team match with Harlem Heat is good but not 5 star by any means but good to have on the set, the return of X-Pac and Nash vs Rock are also on the set as well as the Sledgehammer ladder match from TLC 2011 which is one of the only titles I bought when the previous suppliers stopped and finally all of them coming out at the latest WrestleMania in the Sting vs Triple H match.

Overall rating – 7/10 – All alluded to, the documentary isn’t bad but isn’t as good as previous benchmark and some of the matches are good as well as some of the bonus features on the Bluray being good but if you were to part with your cash for this if you want the specific matches on the extras go for it and also less discs in the case but the DVD would be just as good. Looking at the future schedule we have a couple of PPV’s and 2 compilation sets so watch this space for those reviews! Thanks for reading!

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