Blu-ray Review – WWE Battleground 2015


Welcome to my latest WWE Blu-Ray review, this time it is the turn of WWE Battleground 2015 the latest release from WWE Home Video UK. Held at the Scottrade Center in St Louis, Missouri to a crowd of 11,000. Battleground is one of the newer PPV’s and returns again for the second year in a row. I never liked Battleground last year and I think it was one of tthe first reviews I ever did for WWE.

The opening match is between Randy Orton and Sheamus which is the umpteenth time we have seen this match but to be honest Orton had to be on the card in reality as it is his home town and he seems to be to the place that hosts his returns every year or an ongoing feud. This in my opinion is the best they have had and I hope that this spells the end to these matches especially now Orton as far as i’m aware is taking time off. Overall a great opener which is great to open the show.

A Tag Team title match follows between The Prime Time Players and Big E & Kofi Kingston 2/3 of the New Day is a good match but isn’t the best tag team match I have seen by any stretch and now The Dudleyz are back the tag team division will be more exciting so the PPV’s leading up to their RAW return will include the same talent. Roman Reigns faced off against Bray Wyatt after in a great match where the two men really geld with a high level of brutality for a singles match on a PPV. This was match of the night up to this point and as a result this is on course for a good rating if it can keep going.

Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Brie Bella is next with Charlotte representing PCB (Paige, Charlotte, Becky), Sasha representing B.A.D (Beautiful and Dangerous) and finally one of the members of the dominating force in the WWE Divas division up to the debuts of the NXT talent Team Bella. This is a great encounter which is a good PPV debut for Charlotte and Sasha who are seen as the main ploy in this match and a return to form for the Divas division as regular readers will know I am a massive fan of Women’s wrestling so I am sceptical but overall a good effort which will improve for sure next month at SummerSlam. Great stuff.

Kevin Owens vs John Cena followed but this was not as good for sure than their other bouts with one of them being a MOTY candidate, this is still great but does not live up to that billing. I said Reigns’ match was the MOTN so far but this over takes it even though it does not reach the billing of the previous PPV matches between the two. The main event of quite a short show for WWE’s standards was between Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar which was billed as the big rematch from WrestleMania where Rollins cashed in when Lesnar had basically retained. In my opinion Lesnar was used for a reason to up PPV buys as without him the buys or viewers would shoot down. This was being hyped massively but it did not meet expectations as it was only 8 minutes long, The lights went out when Lesnar was about to win When the lights returned, The Undertaker emerged and attacked Lesnar with a lowblow, chokeslam and two tombstone piledrivers. Rollins retained the title by disqualification as a result and meant that it could build towards their match at SummerSlam which is fair enough!

The Bluray extras are the kick off match between King Barrett and R-Truth which I didn’t watch mainly as they are not worth my time. John Cena and Kevin Owens segment from RAW is great and worth the extra money for the Blu-Ray. The New Day and Bo Dallas against PTP and The Lucha Dragons is alright but just that and is mainly put on their to showcase the talent of some of the men in the tag match coming up on the show.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns 2/3 of the now defunct Shield vs Seth Rollins and Kane makes it onto the Bluray in a decent encounter which unlike the tag team match deserves its place as a special feature. Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar’s contract signing is of course needed on here as it has major relevance to the upcoming match and is worth the watch

Rating 6/10 – A decent show but again nothing has reached the heights of WrestleMania but for a build up to SummerSlam it is worth watching for a couple of matches and the money for the Bluray for certain segments. No real complaints as such!

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