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1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival thanks for your time, could you please introduce yourself to the readers first of all??

My name is Lady Lory, I’m from Germany now living in the UK. I’m current 2x ECTA Women’s Champion, HEW Women’s Champion and DOA Siren Champion.

2. How did you get involved in Wrestling training and would you say this was due to a love of Wrestling growing up??

My brother got me into wrestling when I was around 13 years old and I loved it. One day he started to go to a training school and I joined him. I think I was 15 when I started to train.

3. How did you get involved in Wrestling training, what are your thoughts on it looking back and who would you say would of done a great job training from anywhere in the world??

My wrestling back then was terrible and I’m happy I stepped away from the people who trained me.
When I moved to Belgium late 2008, my boyfriend Robin Lekime (The Bull) trained me and I have to say without him, I wouldn’t be where I am now. He thaught me everything he knew and made sure I improved myself every time I stepped in the ring. I mostly trained with guys, so that helped.
I’m still learning and I’m really happy that I learn from the best in the UK, The Knight Dynasty, Sweet Saraya and Ricky Knight.

4. You are making your UPW debut later this month against another future interviewee Amazon, what are your thoughts on your opponent and being initially from Germany what can people going to this event expect from yourself if they have never seen you wrestle before??

I’ve met Amazon but I’ve never been in the ring with her. She’s a tough girl but so am I.
I’m a fighter and I won’t hold back. If she thinks she’ll have an easy night, she has another thing coming. I’m unstoppable!

5. You are the current HEW Womens Champion and you will defend your title in an unannounced last woman standing match, how did it feel to win the title first of all and do you think who ever it is they will be no match for Lady Lory??

It always feels good to win a championship!
I won the HEW Women’s Championship from now Bellatrix World Champion Sammi Baynz and we really didn’t hold back. So whoever will step into the ring with me on Saturday Sep 26th, I’m ready for you! Show me you’re worth taking me on for my HEW Women’s Championship.

6. This Summer I believe you have been part of WAW/Bellatrix including camps, what are your thoughts on the camps environment and also how is it to work with Ricky Knight, Saraya Knight etc who are known as the big wrestling family over here??

I loved being on the camps during the summer. Not everybody can handle it as it is hard work, believe me.
The fans appreciate the wrestling and time you’re giving them.
It’s just a lot of fun.
Being part of WAW and Bellatrix is amazing. Ricky Knight and Sweet Saraya put so much work into the whole product that it just gets better and better every time you go there. The passion and love they have is remarkable. They just know what they are talking about and it’s sad that many people don’t see that. I’m proud to represent WAW & Bellatrix!

7. You also wrestle in France for ECTA and you are the current women’s champion, is it one of your ambitions to get to as many places as you can to wrestle??

It should be every Wrestlers ambition to travel as much as possible.

8. Like I alluded to in question 4 you are initially from Germany is wrestling quite big over there, what are your thoughts on England as a country so far and What are your thoughts on the current state of Female Wrestling??

I know Wrestling was big in Germany in the early 90’s. You still have a couple of Promotions running regularly and doing a good job but I can’t say much about it as I haven’t wrestled in Germany since I left it.
I love England, from the very first time I came here it felt like home.
Female Wrestling is quite big at the moment and I hope it will grow even more. So many talented girls out there.

9. What are your future goals/ambitions in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??

I would like to go to Japan and America in the future.
You never know what will happen in 5 years, so we have to wait and see.

10. Where can readers/promoters find Lady Lory and have you got any future dates/projects you wish to plug??

Twitter: @TheLadyLory
Facebook: My fanpage – Lady Lory (Athlete)

You can catch me this weekend at UPW on Friday and HEW on Saturday.

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