Bluray Review – The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro Volume 3


Hello once again, I would first like to apologise for not getting this out earlier on Saturday and Sunday. Been really busy personally and so the blog has took a backseat and so a lot of the content you saw last week was in the pipeline for a while! Will change by next week that’s for sure!

Today we look at the next installment of The Very Best of WCW Monday Nitro a set like ECW Unreleased that has reached a few volumes, I think I have reviewed every one of these sets apart from the 1st one which was just before I started reviewing for WWE. The DVD set includes more than 30 matches and 10 moments and the Blu-ray has 6 additional matches and 2 more moments in the history of WCW. The Bluray is 8 and a half hours long and by god it was a full weekend watch which was one of the reasons why this is being released today.

Let’s get fully into it then, DDP is hosting this set again as he has for the past two which is great in my opinion as he is one of the main people I think about when I hear WCW. If you have read any WCW reviews from me before you will know that I got into Wrestling later on so I never watched WCW so these sets are history lessons for me more than other reviewers who stayed up watching it in it’s prime. Dallas provides stories which are vital and shows how knowledgeable he really is. WWE did not use their logos in the presentation which at least gives WCW some credibility and shows that WWE aren’t out to be biased or slate WCW like they have in previous releases like the Monday Night Wars release. The good parts of the release were as followed the match between Booker T teaming with DDP vs The Steiner Brothers which was the final match on the set and really made it worth watching till the end and the end of WCW well towards at that. This is a good match which wasn’t too long so it was a good end to the set in that aspect, another good match was Jeff Jarrett vs Bret Hart, never watched Jeff in WCW but  this was a cracker of a match that like a lot of the set included Bret Hart, there was some interference but it doesn’t take away from it being a cracker of a match. Speaking of Bret Hart, his match with one of my personal favourites Booker T in 1999 was great as well and is a testamant to how good Bret is that he is heavily featured on this set. We did cut to Disco Inferno mid match like Bret vs Jeff Jarrett in terms of interference but again it did not take away from the great match WCW put on at the time.

Lets move onto a segment, the NWO Wolfpac Flip NWO Hollywood’s Limo segment was awesome and this follows a great match, this makes the Bluray worth the buy for this alone. Love a good old backstage brawl and this is now different. Finally Eddie Guerrero & Chris Jericho vs Chavo and Dean Malenko was also great and being a huge fan of the cruiserweight division in WWE and WCW which is the reason why Juventud Guerrera is one of my favorite’s and to see him live last year was awesome linking this article back to British Wrestling!

Let’s look at the bad points before rounding up and giving you a rating!

DDP Chases Macho Man is not worthy of being on the set and the fact that DDP gives it a reason doesn’t justify this being on the set at all, no no for me again for the segment when The Giant (Big Show) pushes Scott Hall into a pool no reason for it to be on the set and docks down the rating. Scott Hall vs Sid vs Bret Hart vs Goldberg was rubbish as well as Sting & Vampiro vs Lex Luger & Ric Flair one was so bad and the other was more of a gimmick match where salsa was involved may appeal to some fans but not me.

Rating 7/10 – Some great matches and segments on here but some god awful ones which are not worth my time. Overall better than the usual PPV’s I review that are B at the most but still not as good as WWE’s previous WCW effort. I have Monday Night Wars : Know Your Role and Beast In The East to review next which seems quite promising please watch this space for those reviews.

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