Interview – Tyson Dux

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1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Tyson, first of all please introduce yourself to the readers and give them a quick summary of yourself as a wrestler???

I would have to say I’m a constant student of the game. I love what I do and I’m always studying matches from every era and style. My style is hard to pin down but if I had to pick a description I would say wrestler/striker. Been all over the world except your lovely country and have had many opportunities with many great places.

2. Lets talk about your growing up, did you enjoy watching wrestling growing up or did it start much later and if so, who inspired you to think I am going to become a Wrestler??

It started at 5 or 6 when my mom bought me a colouring book. It was a rockin wrestling book with Hulk Hogan, Hillbilly Jim and Piper. That’s where it started. I decided that was what I wanted to do when my dad took me to a WCW house show. Benoit and Regal were in the card and at that moment I knew.

3. How did you get involved with Wrestling training with Scott D’Amore, Joe E Legend and Terry Taylor, how was this experience looking back on it and would you say that you would of been as successful if you would of been trained by anyone not as experienced as these three?

I remember training being extremely tough in a ring with no give. The idea is to get rid of the weak and it was just that. I’ve seen hundreds come and go in this business in my almost 20 years. I think my success hinges on me and my work ethic and small windows of opportunity. I’m grateful for all they have taught me.

4. You have been part of WWE a couple of times over the past ten or so years such as on Heat, Velocity and also as part of an angle with the Undertaker on Smackdown, how was it working with the Undertaker and do you think there was ever a chance of you picking up a deal with WWE??

I worked as a free agent for 2 solid years had my own entrance music and was about to sign a deal when I blew out my knee on velocity. Undertaker is awesome plain and simple. He commands respect from everyone at WWE without saying a word. He was fantastic to work with and someone you could talk to for hours. I am looking to return to WWE but not as talent but as a trainer at the performance center. That’s the job I’m hunting for.

5. Also you have been part of Ring of Honor which is where I mostly know you from, do you think that ROH is really showing recently why they are known as one of the best promotions in the world and how was it working in ROH previously??

Can’t say enough good things about the talent and product. I’m a fan of ROH.

6. You have been over to Japan a few times in your career recently for AJPW, what are your thoughts on the influx in the popularity of Japanese wrestling and are you looking to go back more regularly to Japan in future??

Love working in Japan. It’s probably the highlight of my career working there with zero one and AJPW. Another run of tours would be something that i would never turn down. Watching Japanese wrestling room become more main stream is great. Not so much for the Japan side, they do alright in their own country but for wrestling fans. Watching any NJPW show fans win.

7. Of course the name of this blog is TheBritishWrestlingRevival, would you consider coming over to the UK if given the chance in the future and if so have you got anyone in mind that you would want to face??

I’m a huge studier of the game and world of sport is one of my favourite eras to study such great work. They are so scientific with all movements. The U.K. has been doing so well and have a ton of great talent. One day I relish the chance to work there. Opponents? That’s difficult cause there are so many choices but I’ve have to start with Doug Williams.

8. You have been wrestling since 1997 do you see yourself still wrestling in 5 years and do you have any other ambitions you want to achieve before the end of your in ring career??

I see myself wrestling on the grand scale of indies for a couple more years before slowly just doing small Canadian shows. I’m 37 now so 40 is a good time to start the Terry Funk retirement haha. I’m hoping to stay active in the business with training the next generation including my son who’s 13 right now. I would like to have a few more tours of Japan and get to see Europe before I’m done and also PWG.

9. Where can the readers find Tyson Dux and where can promoters book you??

Twitter brother that’s the best way to see what’s up and coming. Promoters email me at

10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

Keeping busy at AAW AIW SMASH wrestling as well as many more.

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