DVD Review – WWE Beast In The East 2015


Welcome to the latest WWE DVD review, been a while with the DVD’s as Blurays have been my choice recently but a snap decision made me want to review this as I watched it a few months back the day after release and loved every second of it and knew that if I did review it maybe it would get to the dizzy heights of WrestleMania’s rating a few months back which if you read my reviews you will know has been the benchmark for PPV’s this year but this isn’t technically a PPV it is a special like the one at MSG a few nights ago and the fact this is in a different country which is Japan and the Sumo Hall in Tokyo to be exact.

Chris Jericho defeated Neville in a great opening contest. Jericho has never been my favourite wrestler, he was one of a couple of years ago but I think his constant returns are getting a bit stale it is like if RVD basically my favorite of all time not currently as it is Matt Sydal and Will Ospreay but if he kept returning I wouldn’t like him as much as I do today, in terms of Neville, he was one of the first wrestlers I got into when I got into Independent Wrestling 4 years ago through Dragon Gate and also my local Independent promotion Southside Wrestling Entertainment (big shoutout to them) so when he went to WWE like Kalisto I was really excited and I still really like Neville today, Neville keeps his usual pace early on and Jericho uses a technical style to slow him down and Neville ends up hitting a Red Arrow but misses and as a result he goes into a trademark Walls of Jericho which he escapes from. Jericho recovers on the outside but he is hit with a pretty awesome leap through the ropes and he is thrown back into the ring hitting a dropkick followed by a standing Shooting Star Press for a two count. Jericho hits a Lionsault to get back in to the match and it is all Jericho from there basically where he applies the Liontamer for the victory.

Nikki Bella vs Paige and Tamina was a short match and nothing to shout about which is weird considering my love for Female Wrestling. Nikki hits an average forearm on Tamina to pick up the win which sums up the divas division for that time period and now it is great as it has the likes of Becky Lynch and Charlotte which is a thumbs up from me. Lesnar vs Kingston was next and I tell you what it is great to just watch Lesnar suplex the living hell out of someone for 3 minutes before hitting an F5 for the victory before doing the same to the rest of the New Day, quite big fan of the New Day but overall love watching a bit of Lesnar when he is on a show and this is no different. Sub main event was Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens, surprisingly never seen either live even though they were quite prominent over here before there departures for NXT which sucks for me as it has always been the case that I have had the chance to see both multiple times but have had roadblocks so to follow these two for a while and get to see them hit this pinnacle is great for me. This was a great match which started with Owens cleverly leaving the ring to escape the barrage before returning to gain control of the match, Owens mocks Cena with a FKS and he goes for an AA twice before getting a Pele Kick and a Bloody Sunday. Balor goes to finish but is stopped in his tracks

Balor hits the Sling Blade and then heads to the top after a kick to the head to hit the Coup De Grace but doesn’t pick up the victory. Owens gets back in but Balor gets two dropkicks in and hits the Coup De Grace again to win the title and fulfill his ambition and also in front of in many ways his home crowd who saw him grow in NJPW which is alluded to throughout the show about how he grafted to get where he is.

The last match was Cena & Ziggler vs Barrett and Kane, this was basically a match where Ziggler and Cena took a beating from Barrett and Kane before lashing out through a hot tag and using some offence to pick up a win using the AA kind of a typical tag team match for a live event sort of show. The match does go 20 minutes or so but that kind of sums it up. That is basically the end of the show

Rating 8/10 – A good show which holds up again when re watched but it is a two match show, the prestige of having it in Japan adds to it and puts it as one of the best events of the year WWE have put on also for 12.99 it is pretty good for a christmas present or if you want it for yourself to add the collection good job WWE.

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