Blu-ray Review : WWE Monday Night Wars Volume 2 : Know Your Role


Welcome to the latest WWE review this time it is The Monday Night Wars with this time being Volume 2, this series goes behind the scenes with the men and women who lived through this famous and often controversial war as they give insight on key matches and moments. This set features the final ten episodes of the series aired on the WWE Network featuring interviews with Bischoff, McMahon, Austin, DDP, Goldberg, Ric Flair and more.

The names of these episodes were Monday Night Jericho, The War Goes Extreme, The War Gets Electrified, Divas Gone Wild, The War Goes Mainstream, Foundations of War, Building an Army, The Kliq, Mistakes on the Battlefield, The Fall of WCW and Life after Wartime and these were aired on WWE Network before making it to DVD and Blu-ray releases. This means that if your buying this you are paying for a series you can see on WWE Network for free/ £9.99 a month which means it should only really be buy this if you don’t have the Network and don’t really feel a need for it or if you collect the DVD’s and Blu-ray’s then fair enough. Like Volume 1 this is a tad one sided with WWE releasing it they get across their views well enough.

It is a great set though and features the mid carders as well as the main events who made the Monday Night Wars worth watching either when it was on or re-watching it now like I am. Such as Chris Jericho who gets his spotlight and also the influence of ECW as a spanner in the works for the two promotions fighting also we get other episodes analysing the Rock and also the Divas which is great and finally we get the influence of celebrities and also the stars moving over to the different sides of the war as well as factions and we get an episode about the Kliq which I didn’t watch myself as I have only really just reviewed The Kliq Rules so there was no need for me to watch it but basically it was included due to their backstage influence in the War and around the time in general. Finally we get abit of a wrap up with the Mistakes In The Battlefield looking at the errors of the war and also Fall of WCW and Life after Wartime which focuses on WCW and when they were bought by McMahon.

Overall this set covers the Monday Night Wars from every percivable angle and like the other set it is good at including all the interviews that are needed for all the angles, characters, promoters, storylines etc and as a result it is a must buy for me for any one who has not seen any of this set yet on the network especially and collectors in general.
In terms of Bluray extras they are listed below, these add to the great set and offers a different perspective with different matches and segments which make for a must have guide for any fan who wants to look into it more :

Hulk Hogan WCW Contract Signing Parade
June 11, 1994

Paul Heyman Calls into the Show
LiveWire • October 5, 1996

Post-WrestleMania XIV Press Conference
Stone Cold Steve Austin & Mike Tyson Q&A
March 29, 1998

Bash at the Beach Press Conference
Dennis Rodman & Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Karl Malone & DDP Contract Signing
June 18, 1998

Scott Steiner Thinks WCW Sucks
Nitro • February 7, 2000

ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Mike Awesome vs. Tazz
ECW on TNN • April 14, 2000

Rating 8/10 – Another great Blu-ray from WWE and worth the buy for sure if you need a comprehensive look at the Monday Night Wars buy the two sets or if you have the network watch it there well worth it!

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