BWR Wrestlers Of The Future Interviews – Lacey Mendez

lacey lacey2

Photo Credit : Darren Potts : Go and support him if you could, top guy!

1. Welcome to BWR Lacey, please introduce yourself to the readers of TheBritishWrestlingRevival and give a quick summary overall of yourself??

Hi my name is Lacey. I’m really into wrestling at this point in my life. Looking to make it a career actually. I’m working full time outside of wrestling but its not what I want to do forever.

2. How did you get involved with Wrestling training, was this due to a love of wrestling growing up and who were you trained by and finally how would you sum up your experience overall??

I actually only started watching wrestling 3 years ago. After watching it, I thought thats the sport I want to do. I was pretty much new to the whole ‘wwe’ type wrestling and I honestly thought it was real. So, I went to training at grapple and it wasn’t anything like I expected one bit. But I loved it! I’ve been doing a few matches recently but overall I just want to focus on my training now, ignore the matches because I’m not at my own show standards quite yet either.

3. You wrestled for our friends at UKWE recently in the Bombshells matches, UKWE is fairly new to the scene what are your thoughts on your first experience with the promotion and do you want to return in the future after your debut??

I was booked on the Saturday to wrestle Erin night at UKWE and I really enjoyed the match. The ring was nice too. I was actually asked by the promoter to come again the next day to again face Erin and Dahlia. First time wrestling dahlia then and she was the first proper high flyer for me to have a match in. There’s a story line aiming to be added to it so looking forward to seeing If they’re going ahead in future.

4. What would you say are your future ambitions and where would you see yourself in 5 years time??

In 5 years, I want to be good at what I do. I know I can’t impress everyone. All I’m looking to do is be the best I can be and just aim to be the best from there.

5. Finally where can the readers find Lacey Mendez on social media and where can promoters book you and also have you got any future dates/projects you wish to plug??

I have a page on Facebook which is about the only way for contact at this moment but I’ll always reply whoever messages me out of respect. I have been given some dates coming up. Just need to double check which ones I can fit in really.

Thanks to Lacey for doing the interview and if you could support her that would be great as she is in my eyes one to watch over the next few years!

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