DVD Review – TIDAL Wrestling Release Of The Kraken 2015


Welcome to the latest TIDAL DVD Review, it’s been a while in terms of TIDAL but at least having WWE commitments has kept me busy reviewing which meant that when I received this last Friday in the post I was surprised but also pleased! Didn’t do it last weekend as I was busy all day while this weekend I am going away so I thought that I may as well get it done! I will be trialing a different format with this review where I just give some background to the match, say who won it and the finish and finally my rating, this will make it more concise and straight to the point!

Match 1 – Danny Jones vs Flash Morgan Webster

Never heard of Danny Jones which is weird as I have normally interviewed most people on a Wrestling show so I get exposed to him for the first time! Of course I know Flash Morgan Webster as I have seen him live a few times for Southside and of course on DVD’s and he has become one of my favorites so anything with Flash gets my vote! This was a good opener, I loved Danny’s whistle which he used, Flash was on form as usual and he continues to become better in my opinion, of course never seeing Danny before this match I didn’t know what to expect in terms of style but he impressed me and his height meant that he could ground Flash and show he wasn’t a pushover. Flash won to pick up another win in TIDAL through a running knee which would get him the 3 count!

Rating 3/5 – Not the best match by any means but a great opener which included one of the best in the UK vs. one to look out for in the future! Good job TIDAL, more of Flash please!

Match 2 – Ward 13 vs The Burial

Ward 13 return to TIDAL again, last time I saw them they absolutely demolished The Silver Age so to see them face two wrestlers nearer their size offered a good proposition, have not heard of The Burial previously so like TIDAL always does it introduces me to new talent which is always good! This broke out at the start and wasn’t a normal tag team match more of a tornado at the start but it soon called order. This started off as an even match but as soon as the larger member came in he start to annihilate him at the other side of the ring this meant it was more of an even match than usual as the larger member was beaten on the other side with fast tags. It went to the outside with all men grounded but this meant that when they went back in that Ward 13 started to dominate again which allowed them to pick up the victory through a double stomp from the top rope from the smaller member from the team. River the only named member of the team who is more of a valet attacked Rose and Graves with Spike DDT’s to add insult to injury!

Rating 3/5 – Another good match which Ward 13 dominated like expected but I thought The Burial did a good showing on their TIDAL debut and against a more even matched team I would like to see them return such as against The Proven or So Scandalous

Match 3 – Lana Austin vs Ruby Summers – Special Guest Referee JD Boom

Next up we get a Women’s match with Lana Austin and Ruby Summers facing off who seem to be TIDAL’s most used female wrestlers and as such if TIDAL launched a Women’s title I would expect them to be the two to face off. Both have been interviewed by myself before and JD Boom is literally the best thing as well as Liam Lazarus about TIDAL so him as Special Guest referee should be hilarious!  This went to the outside quickly with Ruby dominating including smashing Ruby’s head off the lift but Lana started to dominate when they returned to the ring and did for most of the match, he used fast counts for Lana and slow counts for Ruby which benefited Lana but annoyed Ruby and rightfully so. Ruby did dominate for some of this and you could tell that she was going to crack. Lana won the match with a DDT with a fast count to pick up the victory. After the match Lana jumped on JD Boom and they high fived, Ruby though low blowed JD to get some sort of retribution and more than likely set up another match, it ended with JD snogging Lana and them leaving the ring – Rating 4/5 – is a definate 4 due to JD Boom who just made this match, cannot wait for the next match between Lana and Ruby!

Match 4 – Martin Kirby vs El Ligero

This match is self explanatory as it includes two of the best in Britain, this could main event most promotions in the UK and to see it on this card shows how good TIDAL is. In the opening exchanges no-one got the upper hand. They exchanged shoulder blocks off the ropes which would see the winner getting the upperhand in this match at the start. Kirby ended up getting it but Ligero wouldn’t be down for long and got some momentum with a hurricanerana. Kirby went and got a mask to do some armdrags with Ligero, this ended with a Sable Bomb attempt which was countered with a kick to the face. Both men throughout the match had patches where they dominated but it was Ligero who took the win in a great action packed match which could of been a main event like I said, the finish came when Ligero performed the C4L after getting out of Kirby’s clutches on the top rope!

Rating 4/5 – Great match which showed how good both wrestlers are. Was mesmerised with it for portions and that is why they are two of the best! Great booking by TIDAL!

Match 5 – Josh Bodom vs Perfect Purdie – No Countout Match

This match was between Josh Bodom one of the best emerging wrestlers on the South Coast vs Perfect Purdie who was introduced to me through TIDAL. This was fought under No Countout rules. Josh Bodom cut a promo at the start and toyed with the crowd. Neither man got the upperhand in the opening exchanges but it was Purdie who got him out of the ring first of all, Purdie pulled him back up using his hair which annoyed Bodom and meant that he could use this to gain the upperhand mainly in the corners where there was chops for example. Purdie though got his own back and showed that even though Bodom was more well known that he wasn’t going to be a pushover or even an underdog. With this being No Countout though they used it to their advantage with Bodom for example hitting him with a moonsault off the stage and using it to taunt Purdie when he was down and wear him down even more. This match was won by Josh Bodom after he superkicked him sending him to the apron and finishing him off with a piledriver through the ropes. A W in the Win Column for Josh Bodom in TIDAL!

Rating 4/5

Match 6 – TCW Open Championship Tournament Final match
Sean Only vs Violet O’Hara

This was the final in the tournament for the TCW Open Championship. Sean Only who is someone who has grown on me since his debut and has since been a BWR alumni is facing off against Violet O’Hara. This is intergender of course and Sean has the upperhand due to his size compared to Violet but Violet is not a pushover as she beat Dan James to get to the final. Sean sat in the corner at the start with his hood up. Sean though jumped up and choked her in the corner, Sean look cold and calculated but Violet used her height to duck all of Sean Only’s attempts to ground her, he finally got the upperhand and punished her as a result smashing her down to the canvas for example. He followed this up with a superkick but Violet put her middle finger up which prompted the Last Caress followed by a choke submission hold which got him the win via a referee’s call due to her being knocked out to become the new champion. Not a great match but didn’t have to be it should how dominant Sean is in TIDAL.
Rating 3/5

Match 7 – The Proven (Caz Crash & Sam Wilder)vs Jason Bishop & Matt Myers

The Proven who are accomponied by Erin Night I believe are facing Matt Myers and Jason Bishop who was a replacement for Dara Diablo. I have never heard of Jason but I believe he was trained by main event challenger Mike Bird. Matt got the advantage in the upper hand with a lot of high flying moves which were pretty damn awesome. Jason Bishop got his first chance and was like an animal dispatching Crash easily which meant that Wilder came in to proceedings but again was slammed down to the mat twice before a clothesline in the corner. Bishop though was brought down by Crash who kicked him in the head followed by being kicked to the floor by Wilder, Crash came in and a tag was made again shortly after and they dominated from there on out. Myers though came in and got back into it but soon after it was back to the Proven being on top with them not allowing him to tag into Bishop but he brought himself into proceedings which allowed Myers to gain some momentum but Erin Night low blowed Myers which allowed a school boy and a win for The Proven again. A good tag team match a shame about the finish though but them being heels it was understandable. Please TIDAL bring back Jason Bishop in future, seems like a quality talent.

Rating 4/5

Liam Lazarus vs Mike Bird – TCW Championship

This was between two of the most underrated wrestlers on the UK scene with Liam being basically my favourite at the moment due to his matches in TIDAL and the fact I designed his Twitter banner and I think Mike Bird is utterly awesome through watching him in Pro Wrestling Chaos in some great matches. Mike Bird tried to wear him down in the opening exchanges by keeping him grounded but it didn’t work out and they basically restarted again when Bird returned to the ring, Lazarus this time was the one that kept him grounded and got him out the ring again but they locked up again with Bird this time getting him grounded so it was back and forth throughout the opening exchanges with neither man getting the upperhand. This match was great with them even spilling outside into the bar area and it wouldn’t be TIDAL if this didn’t happen. In my opinion Mike Bird dominated all match but in typical Liam Lazarus fashion he got the win to the delight of the crowd where Bird hit himself with the chair which allowed him to hit the Vengabuster and retain the title! Great match overall to end a great show! Rating 5/5

Rating overall – 30/40 –  A solid 30/40 for TIDAL, another great show for them which was an easy watch as it wasn’t too long. some great underrated talent and new talent showcased as well as the best in the UK which is what TIDAL is great for. Cannot wait for the next review!

I would like to thank TIDAL for the opportunity as always to review the DVD’s they produce
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