Blu-Ray Review – Sting Into The Light


Welcome to another week and that means another WWE review on Blu-Ray, this time it is the turn of a documentary after the constant PPV releases that have been driving my up the wall for some time it is good to finally get some differentation in my WWE viewing. With this release you get a behind-the-scenes look at the man behind the black and white face paint which is something which myself and many fans have been after for some time now.

The documentary itself starts off with Sting on his way to the WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT and him overall talking about his career goals now he is coming to the WWE. Sting walks in and that is when the documentary itself starts. The documentary itself is a candid look at Sting and his life behind the famous face paint which gives it a different and refreshing look and we get to see him as Steve Borden as a change, this is great as it would suck if he was in character. His parents are included as well and talk about him growing up and basically their reaction to him pursuing wrestling with The Ultimate Warrior in Jerry Jarrett’s promotion first of all, it isn’t often in a WWE documentary we get to hear from the parents and especially from someone who has never had his own release or many interviews as himself before, this makes it fresh and not seen before which gives it a good few marks in my book.

Like any WWE documentary release we get some matches talked through which is good and really offers an insight not seen previously but overall my opinion is the best part of the documentary is the life story which to me is amazing. His time with the number two promotion which in this article will not be named is mentioned in some capacity but not much to brush them under the carpet and keep up this mystery that WWE like to portray about both him and The Dudley Boyz about where they have been for the past ten or so years but the fact they are kind of mentioned means that WWE are more relaxed and Sting does have a say about what does go into this instead of WWE trying to keep them away as much as possible.

We also learn about his faith which for me being a religious person myself doesn’t annoy/bother me but it isn’t shoved down the viewers throats for those who don’t like religion at all, overall in terms of the documentary it does belong on here similar to the Jericho and Jerry Lawler releases features like this make it more personal and don’t just make viewers think that even though they are talking to a camera that they are being false and not really telling the truth also in another similarity to the Jericho release you get him talking in the car for parts of it which is good in my opinion.

The evolution of the Crow character is talked about which is good especially for those fans who have no clue how it came about as well as of course interviews with the likes of Ron Simmons, his son and Goldberg and Big Show your usuals like Lex Luger, Jim Ross and DDP as well as recent stars such as Tyson Kidd which all offer insights into Sting as a man or just as a fan sitting at home watching him wrestle in WCW and how his son dealt with his fame with kids asking for autographs and then him going round to their houses and asking for their Dad’s autographs as he thought his Dad was like everyone elses which to me is something you find out from just giving these sets a few hours as you delve even further into the lives of the individuals

The matches are the best part of the set, we of course get the Ric Flair matches which are true classics if you get to watch them and are worth the price alone also we get matches with The Four Horseman, The Steiner Brothers, Rick Rude, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Cactus Jack and The Great Muta and to see those names facing off against the Stinger gives this release more strength and makes it the better part of the set. There are some bad matches on here which is to be expected but they are on here so that they never have to be used on another WWE DVD set and of course we get his recent WWE stuff which is a good addition no matte rhow bad you think those matches are on the Blu-ray you get a few more matches/segments but myself I would buy the DVD to save yourself some money as you get all the pieces of the Jigsaw if you buy the DVD as you only pay for the added segments which you can find easily on the Network or YouTube.

I don’t like how Sting got injured recently at Night Of Champions as he is a true legend in the business but this does not take away from this and I will probably go into that in more depth anyway as I have Night of Champions on my schedule towards the tail end of the year. This is a quality release which gets the first 10/10 in a long time for WWE as I loved this and it is worth the pick up for any Sting fans or any one needing to add to their collection with a good release.

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