Interview – ‘Bodyguy’ Roy Johnson


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Roy, please introduce yourself to the readers and tell them why they should look out for you in the future??

Aight, boom, see me yeah… Roy Johnson aka Bodyguy aka The Personification of Power aka Mr “No Rest Day” aka The Wavyweight Champion of the world, badman, jheeze!

Readers need to look out for man cos I’m bursting through the scene whether they like it or not. I am undoubtedly the most wavy guy in BritWres and its usually better to see a roadman coming towards you, than not see him coming for you at all, y’unnastand? Any show with Roy Johnson on is automatically going to have you entertained, whether you want to be or not.

2. You are training at the Projo (Progress Training School) currently, who has had a hand in your training and what would you say about your overall experience so far in training??

So with regards to my training at the Projo, I’d like to give thanks and shout outs to man like “Dazzling” Darrell Allen, man like James “JD” Davis, man like Jimmy Havoc, man like Eddie Dennis and man like Danny Garnell as well as input from Jon, Glen & Jim (PROGRESS co-owners).

I’ve enjoyed every single bit of training at the Projo, although some sessions with Jimmy Havoc have had man questioning what he is doing with his life, I wouldn’t come back if I didn’t enjoy it.

Its mad looking back at it, but I started at the projo in October last year and made my debut less than 5 months later, which is a mad ting in itself. It has been and continues to be a steep learning curve and I’m fortunate for the set up at the projo, coaching and guys to train with. Anyone seriously thinking about getting into wrestling would be madder than a mad madness to not go there.

3. A few wrestlers since its inception have came out of the Projo and have made a name for themselves on the main roster and around the country, what makes you stand out from the rest and is one of your main goals in the future to debut on the main roster??

As I mentioned before, I am undoubtedly the most wavy guy in Britwres, so that’s one thing that makes me stand out. Also, I don’t know how many man in Britwres can say they have won a European championships, broken a British record and represented Great Britain in powerlifting.

I also don’t know how many man in Britwres have independently made a mix tape and sold it to punters without them even hearing a track.

My fade and garmz/threadz also make me stand out.

Making a main roster debut is definitely an immediate goal of mine and is something I will continue to work hard at achieving. If it takes me months or years, I will get there.

There is nothing in life that I really wanted to do, that I wasn’t able to get good at. Kanye West quote, but whatever innit, Kanye is a wavy guy.

4. You are facing Tom Irvin on November 1st at the Garage in Islington for ENDVR, do you have any words for Tom and how do you approach a match like this versus one half of one of the most over teams in the UK right now??

Words for Tom… seckle yourself on twitter, don’t @ man in nonsense and I will endeavour (deliberate pun, rate me!) to not kill you. Realise that this match will not be nonsense and I will be looking to embaraas you.

I will approach this match like I approach my powerlifting, calmly. Dip, grip & rip. Which coincidentally I plan to do with Tom Irvin’s neck.

Being geeze won’t help when I slap him up and steal his ring gear and I hope he’s sold enough merch to get himself some good life insurance, you get me?

5. I have heard about you selling merchandise (t-shirts and CD’s) outside Progress shows, where can fans purchase this merchandise online or at shows??

Basically yeah, I’m a hustler from day, mans gotta eat, buy ring gear, protein, pay for petrol, gym membership, pay bills, reh teh teh…

Setting up a website is long for man doe, I’d rather just carry my stuff to shows I’m on, a lot easier and cash in hand keeps the tax man away. May do the Paypal ting one day if enough people demand it, but most people can wait to buy at shows.

Also… Buy my CD, buy my t-shirts!

6. As far as i’m aware you are a powerlifting champion, could you list your achievements so far, what is your future in it and how does it help you in Professional Wrestling??

I look up at my wall and I have 14 medals, countless trophies. This list could get a bit long still, so a few highlights…

2015 British Grand Prix winner
2015 British Open Champion
British Deadlift Record
2014 All England Champion
2013 All England Champion
2013 European champion
2012 4th in the world championships

Being a powerlifter, firstly gives you a strength advantage, gives you a strong core, back, leg strength, grip and a good leap. I think it gives you a good pain threshold, discipline and the ability to perform in front of a crowd.

7. Speaking of future, what are your future ambitions and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??

I want to get in the WWE, I don’t think many get into wrestling don’t. I want to travel the country, Europe, the world and entertain people. Even thought I don’t like and could care less about the fans; wrestling is an escape for most of them, so I feel like I’m doing some sort of public service by getting them out of their mum’s basement for a couple hours on a weekend.

In 5 years time, I’d like to be living in Miami, with bae. Even though I run South London and the youngers need me, I am the Wavyweight champion of the WORLD, not just South London.

8. What are your thoughts on the current state of British Wrestling and are you glad to be leading the next wave of talent to come through??

Britwres is POPPING right now and its great to see multiple shows on every weekend, all of them drawing massive crowds. The frequent sell outs of PROGRESS shows and ICW selling 5000 tickets for a show just show how popular it is and that’s testament to the hard work the promoters and talent put in, plus the support from the fans.

Some shows that are being put on now are real top quality, drawing fans from all over the world as well. When I first watched a British wrestling show live, in Nottingham in 2003, it was pretty rotten, grown men shouting out “SHALL I?!”, on a stage, in front of no people. It took me 10 years go to another one.

It is great to be involved in British Wrestling and I hope the new wave of talent can push Britwres to higher heights. I want to take this opportunity to shout out some standout new wave talent: Jack Sexsmith, Pastor William Eaver, Chuck Mambo, Isaac Zercher, Sammy Smooth, Sebastian, Tom Irvin, Damon Moser, Earl Black Jnr, Kyle Ashmore, Shen Woo, Jinny & Elizabeth.

Obviously doe, I’m the most wavy of the wave.

9. Where can the readers/promoters find ‘Bodyguy’ Roy Johnson??

I’m available on twitter – @bodyguy_
instagram @bodyguy_
Facebook search “Bodyguy Roy Johnson”

10. Have you got any future dates/projects you wish to plug??

1st November, PROGRESS Wrestling: ENDVR13
25th November, PROGRESS Wrestling: PTNTL3

Brand new tee coming soon and my second mixtape will drop early 2016

My weekends are looking nice right now until the end of the year, but if anyone wants to book man…


(That means I’m done…)

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