Interview – ‘Notorious 187’ Homicide

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1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Homicide, first of all please introduce yourself to the readers and give them a quick summary of yourself as a wrestler???

Thank you for having me I been wrestling since 1994 I was a kid that from the ghetto that loved baseball and pro wrestling . I watch pro wrestling when I was 6 and felt in love the more I got older I decide I want to become a wrestler but my friends and family laugh at me cause I was small a fat kid and from the ghetto , so it motivated me to achieve a dream, travel the world, fight the biggest stars and have the last laugh.

2. Lets talk about your growing up, did you enjoy watching wrestling growing up or did it start much later and if so, who inspired you to think I am going to become a Wrestler??

First time I saw pro wrestling was WWF and everyone love hulk hogan but one day I saw a television show 1989 and was N.W.A there was the four horsemen and young up Comer wrestler call sting , road warriors and there was Terry funk. I threw my yellow and red colors to the side and became a funker. He made bad guys look so cool.

3. Lets go back to when you trained to become a wrestler, how did you get involved with Wrestling training, who were you trained by and what are your thoughts looking back at it on the experience??

I didn’t know there was a wrestling school where I came from at Brooklyn NY so a friend took me to a little store and had a wrestling ring a he told me some information about and I join in and make sure I represent new York very well . I had two guys show me basic stuff plus was watching tapes from Japan and Latin America but than I met Manny Fernandez and he showed me the the right way to become a better fighter

4. You are known to many people reading this as being part of The Latin American Xchange with you being part of it since the beginning while other wrestlers have come and gone from the stable, as far as i’m aware you are reforming again at the next JAPW show is it always good to reform, would you like another run as a team in TNA and what have been your favorite moments as a stable??

I met Konnan in Puerto Rico and he told me there a new promotion call Total Nonstop Action and making a new stable call Latin American xchange and want down. I took the offer cause Konnan is a legend in this sport plus it national television I took his offer and remember my first feud was New Age Outlaws and afterward feud with the best like AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels , beer money , dudley boys and more we had a great run had fun made sure that Latinos wrestlers is here and we taking over and with politics and injuries we took a step back
Now November 14 we back to wrestler a tag team that got a bright future as for tna I had great moments there bunch of great guys but now I’m looking for a new chapter and see other international product

5. You are a previous ROH World Champion holding the title in 2006 when you beat Bryan Danielson, Jay Lethal is the current title holder someone who you have teamed with and wrestled against in Ring of Honor do you think he is a good title holder and do you think that if you ever returned to Ring of Honor that you and Lethal’s matches would be amazing??

I was there at the very beginning at ROH and happy I’m part of their history I know Jay Lethal for years, had battles with him and he will be a great world champion
If I came back to ROH to feud Jay Lethal yes it would be amazing

6. You seeked your release from TNA in 2010 I believe but have turned up there recently in 2014, what has changed since 2010 and TNA is known recently for having a lot of financial issues and losing TV deals last year when you worked the shows, what was the feeling like backstage and were the crowd as red hot as when you left??

When I left TNA I was to return to ROH and where I started the independents
Hulk Hogan took over and he was changing the promotion and I wasn’t a fan but it business I felt in the back wasn’t the same like I was there people was coming to work happy 2010 and after no one was happy cause of a different direction
For myself I was happy be back but I had bad injuries that didn’t told no one so my performance not great till Aug 15 2014 at Mexico it was shut down could work no more cause I been dealing a torn rotor cuff since 2005
But as for TNA they felt they not giving up and making sure their ship won’t sink

7. You have trained the likes of Low-Ki and Ezekiel Jackson to name two in the past who have gone on to the WWE and other large promotions, are you proud when you see your talent reach the big stage and do you want to train wrestlers on a more regular basis when you retire??

I train 22 guys some went to WWE some went big on Indys and the rest just couldn’t handle it
I am happy I see my students doing huge success other companies and also the one that try and I don’t like the word “try” I just make sure they don’t forget where they came from and be humble

8. What do you still want to achieve in your career and where do you see yourself in around 5 years time??

I see in 5 years as a coach or giving back cause it wasn’t fun I came from and I was lucky where I’m at and I achieve.
I’m still on my 30s but I wrestle all over the world and bust my ass my shoulder giving me a year or 2 to fight and I just want people to see what I did and never forget the name Notorious 187 Homicide

9. Where can the readers find Homicide and where can promoters book you??

I got no twitter but people could find my information on Facebook but as my nick name Dee Erazo aka homicide and I got Instagram go by cideoutlaw5150

10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

I got no future plans I just go with the flow I’m just happy I make my in ring return November 14 at Jersey All Pro Wrestling
Information site is
Thank u for having me and thank u for the readers at the UK I love your country and hopefully I be back soon
Viva L.A.X.

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