DVD Review – WWE Annual 2015


Welcome to the latest WWE DVD review, today we take a look at the latest annual released by WWE and not the book the DVD set. Released by WWE every year this set is normally used as a present or a stocking filler for family members who like Wrestling and I know as I’ve received one before at Christmas as usual we get the Best PPV Matches of 2014 and Best of Raw and Smackdown from 2014. I wasn’t originally doing this review but thank you to the people who supply my discs they sent me the full version which is great and I thank them a ton for that!

I have already reviewed the Best PPV Matches of 2014 which got a 4/5, both releases in this 6 disc set are from January 2015 so you get them the year after on this set. I didn’t review Best of Raw and Smackdown due to as far as i’m aware discs going missing in the post and as a result there wasn’t any left so I am going to give you my thoughts on that DVD, the look of the set as a whole and whether you should buy it for your loved ones over this upcoming holiday period.

RAW and Smackdown The Best of 2014 as you can guess is a bit of a mixed bag. I have seen most of the moments already as I was an avid watcher of RAW back then so to see certain matches and segments again was great such as Dolph Ziggler vs Tyson Kidd vs Cesaro, Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton and Bryan’s Occupy Raw segment and The Uso’s defeating the New Age Outlaws to win the tag team titles but of course you get the filler and there is quite a bit of it with the main culprits being Stephanie McMahon  vs Vickie Guerrero in the mud pool match in Vickie’s last WWE appearance and Bo Dallas vs Sin Cara in an forgettable match that I couldn’t remember even though I did watch most of RAW and Smackdown in 2014. It is a good release on something like this but I reckon that to be honest as and when The Best of Raw and Smackdown 2015 comes out I think it will be better as I don’t watch RAW as much as I used to and as a result I go into reviews blind without knowing the results so I will be able to give it a better result. Overall good for those who don’t watch RAW and Smackdown and haven’t for ages but not those who watch it all the time and have seen the moments and matches dozens of times/through the network.

In terms of The Annual set, it is different to the previous one I have had where it had a pretty good slip case where the DVD’s were housed but this one is one big case with all 6 discs with two parts for both sets. This makes it pretty compact but also good on the shelf. I really like the cover art as well as it has all of the main stars from 2014 on it to give any one picking this up abit of a taste of what to expect if you were to pick this up! Overall I would recommend this DVD set as it is a good present for most fans but the content on it isn’t worth buying if you already have all the PPV DVD’s and have seen all of Raw and Smackdown but most people buying this will fall under the category of not watched it in a while or don’t have the DVD’s which in that case it is worth the buy!

My next review is also themed around a potential present and that is the Christmas Collection presented by Mick Foley and for the first time ever on a WWE release I believe Noelle Foley his daughter, I have mixed feelings on the outset so I am looking forward to giving it a watch and seeing if it is worth buying or not!

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