DVD Review – TIDAL Championship Wrestling Against All Odds 2 : Hardcore Edition


Welcome to the latest TIDAL DVD review, it has been shorter than usual since the last one and after watching Return of The Kraken a few weeks ago I was looking forward to this one as TIDAL had hyped it up to me massively as one of if not the best shows they have done so today we will be putting that to the test. Will it get the usual high score or will it not live up to the hype??

We first of all get a backstage segment with Lana Austin and JD Boom in the toilets effectively forming Team Loom, there is new editing on this DVD with there being new graphics after Craig Anderson I believe hypes up the show. This show of course is headlined by Hardcore Holly somebody who I have always wanted to interview but has politely declined when I have asked him previously as well as the 4 Corners 4 Chair Match with Liam Lazarus vs Matt Myers vs Dara Diablo vs El Ligero which will be messy. It was announced then that Sean Only will be forced to relinquish the TCW Open Championship or he will be fired. We then get a new TCW intro with the usual ‘In’ by Random Hand as the song which is great in my opinion.

Match 1 – JD Boom w/ Lana Austin  vs ‘Dappler Grappler’ Josh Alden

First match is between JD Boom and Josh Alden, as far as i’m aware this is Josh’s TIDAL debut, Josh is someone I have interviewed recently and is one for the future for sure, with Lana in JD’s corner expect for there to be some sort of cheating involved with the win. The bell sounded but of course JD was distracted by the crowd and this was a hilarious opener with JD taking breaks and Josh pulling his moustache and getting called a dapper bugger by JD while Josh was pushing on the shoulder area. Josh was in control but Lana figured in the match first when he pulled JD out of the ring after JD was on Josh’s shoulders. Alden went after JD but he was distracted by Lana which allowed JD to jump over and basically take control on the outside as well on the inside. JD won by hitting Josh with his lego-tache while Lana was distracting Dan Eagles so I was right about the finish, I think this is what you expect with JD and his matches are always hilarious, good debut from Josh though and I hope to see him return sooner rather than later.

Match 2 – Martin Kirby vs Chris Ridgeway

Martin Kirby who I have seen live and on DVD’s around a million times and never disappoints takes on Chris Ridgeway another BWR alumni in this match, I saw Chris for the first time live last weekend in Huntingdon for the Young Tigers Cup around 30 minutes from where I live and he is someone who I want to see more of live so to see him on this DVD is great and I hope he is a regular feature for TIDAL now he has debuted. Chris showed great ring awareness at the start and both men got each other grounded a few times so there was no clear advantage for anyone especially as both men are around equal height. Ridgeway went to the top of the stage and waited for just before the 10 count to return and tangle again with Kirby with Kirby having offence before being thrown out after Kirby attempted a Sable Bomb which was well scouted by Ridgeway as it meant that Ridgeway wasn’t out of the match for too long. As a result when they went back inside the ring he was arrogant but gave Kirby a good beating to keep him down which meant that he could gloat. Kirby had the crowd behind him and got back into the match, this was impressive debut for Ridgeway but he did in fact suffer a loss due to the Fameasser from Kirby, again like Alden please bring Ridgeway back, Kirby as usual produces a top quality match which got both the crowd and myself behind him.

Match 3 – Lana Austin vs Violet O’Hara

Second time we see Lana on this DVD with JD Boom in her corner this time, Violet returns for the first time I believe since being decimated by Sean Only so it is good to see her back in TIDAL and hopefully now Sean’s injured she might take the Open Championship belt. Lana started touching her which got Violet all riled up but both women beat the living hell out of each other in the opening seconds. One thing you can take from this don’t piss Violet off or you will regret it but this was not taking away from Lana who came back from this giving some of the punishment back but this was returned basically straight away. Overall what you can say from this match is that both women beat the living hell out of each other and even though there was portions of the match where both women dominated neither did for that long to say who was going to be the outright winner. JD’s face was slapped off by Violet on the outside which was a great moment in this match. Violet though ended up winning the match with a botched interference with JD accidently tripping Lana which led to a shining wizard for the win.

Following the match, Lana Austin attacked Violet O’Hara with both women having to be dragged from the ring by security.

Sean Only came to the ring. He told the fans that he was saying goodbye for now. He then told the fans that he didn’t need their sympathy and was being forced to give up the TCW Open Championship. He tells the fans that he beat Joe Hendry with one arm and broke Violet O’Hara and that the championship and company are worthless without him.

Match 4 – Hardcore Holly vs Joseph Conners

The import for this show is in the 4th match of the night with WWE legend Hardcore Holly taking on one of the best in the UK ‘The Righteous’ Joseph Conners, I think his heel gimmick is epic and his entrance especially gives me chills when I see him for Southside. Holly put his middle finger up to Joseph when he went for a handshake, Conners bailed to the outside. Joseph got back inside and both men locked up but Joseph disrespected him which meant that Holly went ballistic making him look like the same color of his tights. Conners though got through this stage and got some retribution of his own by dominating him. Holly of course had the support of the crowd and after a while Holly started doing what he was doing at the start and that was smashing him for six which got him the victory from a Alabama Slam to win a great match which shows that Holly has still got it. Holly said thanks for the support and saying how if it wasn’t for the fans that he wouldn’t have had a career which was a good end to the match.

Match 5 – Xander Cooper vs HT Drake

Another BWR alumni in Xander Cooper who was one of my first audio interviewees vs HT Drake one of the new crop of talents coping out of the North of England and from his previous outings one to look out for in the future. HT focused on the arm before taking him down, Xander turned it round and applied a nice wristlock but again HT reversed this, overall both men exchanged wristlocks and headlocks without either men getting the advantage, this was a great match to follow Conners vs Holly as HT was out to prove himself even further on his Leeds debut as his previous TIDAL outings have been good but if he could pick up the win it would really help him in the title picture while Xander it is the same. Xander picked up the win to help him in that aspect but it was tainted as his feet were on the ropes. Would love to see more of HT Drake as he is coming into his own and isn’t just seen by myself as a rookie anymore, he is legitimately a top class wrestler.

Match 6 – The Proven (Caz Crash & Sam Wilder) vs The New Nation (Alexander Henry & Jason Prime)

Next we get our tag team match which is between The Proven and The New Nation, the latter are normally known as the Red Nation with Alex’s tag team partner injured I believe so one of the best up and comers in the UK Jason Prime has been taking his place.  Both are BWR alumnis while The Proven have been getting better and better and some of my favorite ever TIDAL matches have came vs So Scandalous. Wilder started off against Henry with Wilder dropkicking him to state their intentions. Prime came in against Caz executing a nice armbar nothing fancy but got the job done and got him grounded, he grounded him against with a nice headlock takedown which shows that even though Prime looks like he would be a brawler he can do technical wrestling up with the best of them. Prime tagged in Henry who then went outside to have a chat with Prime. This allowed Caz to fly over the top rope to take down both men. This turned into a brawl on the outside as a result the first one of the night which there always has to be. They got back into the ring and Sam Wilder was giant swinged by Jason Prime, followed by a powerbomb, kick to the back of the head and a spear, Caz came back in though just before they were about to lose to clear out the ring. Sam Wilder and Caz Crash as a result came back to win the match defeating Alexander Henry by putting him up on their shoulders and bringing him crashing back down to the mat. The New Nation cut a promo after the match basically challenging them to another match saying it isn’t other and also berating Yorkshire in the process, Caz and Sam also said some words afterwards berating Newcastle in return.

Match 7 – Jack Gallagher vs ‘The Ugandan Warrior’ Nsereko

Jack Gallagher another BWR alumni making his TIDAL debut taking on ‘The Ugandan Warrior’ Nsereko who I believe is another Grapple trained wrestler which TIDAL seem to be employing a lot of recently. Seen bits of Gallagher before but never of Nsereko so this should be a good learning experience. Nsereko was a replacement for Dan James who apparently didn’t turn up. Gallagher tried to ground Nsereko in the early going but he couldn’t and Nsereko couldn’t either when he reversed Gallagher’s head locks. Jack finally grounded him and did this again when they ended up getting up through a pretty nice combination where he jumped on the turnbuckles and then dived under Nsereko to then ground him. Gallagher hung upside down from the ropes and threatened to kick Nsereko if he came close he jumped over him before dropkicking him and then going under and going for the leg again. To be honest the way Gallagher dominated his opponent on the floor was insane as well as the way he grounded his opponent. This made Nsereko made and he finally got on top after being dominated most of the match, he made sure he couldn’t duck under him basically. Nsereko got him grounded himself and he technically owned Gallagher which was of course surprising. Gallagher didn’t give up and gave him an uppercut and a dropkick into the corner for his troubles, he reversed Nsereko to throw him head first into the middle turnbuckle before dropkicking him in the corner. Gallagher went from a suplex from the apron but it wasn’t working and as a result Nsereko got a head butt and a Ugandan drop to state his authority. He called for the Ugandan Smash but he was dropkicked and then he tapped out from the Boston Crab which gave Gallagher the win in quite an even match. More of both of these men please TIDAL!

Match 8 – Liam Lazarus vs Dara Diablo vs El Ligero vs Matt Myers

All of these men bar one are BWR alumnis and this match was going to literally be mad. 4 Corners 4 Chairs so Lazarus had less chance of walking away from this with his belt against 3 other great wrestlers in Dara, Matt and Ligs. They all talked before the match, Matt got on the mic and said how his entrance tired him out and basically talked about all the members of the match and proposed Musical Chairs to Liams entrance music. Matt Myers was first out but it soon became a match with Myers returning as a result to proceedings. This broke out into basically a contest one up man ship with a few roll ups before Liam dived to the outside onto all 3 men clearing them all out and spilling it to the outside. Lazarus brought the first chair into proceedings but Dara pulled him out of the ring. This turned into chaos on the outside with the bar and merchandise tables being used, this is the thing I love about TIDAL is that unlike other promotions they go to the outside and especially in an environment like Leeds University Union it works incredibly well. It was  insane when Myers was thrown off the balcony by Ligero and Ligero flew off it onto the 3 men ringside. TC-Dub chants rang through the Leeds University Union and Ligero and Lazarus went back into the ring with a drop toe hold by Ligero into the chair the first action with the chair in this match. Ligero tried to control it but Lazarus wasn’t going down without a fight. Diablo got into the ring as the only man standing but Myers came in but was soon clotheslined to the mat. All 4 men though were soon down via various means, one man in these 4 were going to take the title at Dara was determined wielding a chair but two kicks to the midsection halted this and the other 3 formed an alliance tot ake down the threat of Dara. They put 3 chairs on him with all 3 men getting the Coast to Coast. It was 3 men left in the ring with Ligero surprising Myers with a C4L, Lazarus and Ligero faced off with clubbing blows with Lazarus standing tall and attempting a Vengabuster but couldn’t, Myers saved him by smashing him down on a chair. Lazarus threw Myers round before Ligero gave him a dropkick, Lazarus got his Vengabuster onto a chair, he wanted to add insult to injury but Sean Only stood on the stage before Myers smashed him down onto the floor, Dara DDT’ed Myers onto the chair before nearly getting the 3 count. Dara set up chairs near Ligero before trying a superplex which was reversed but neither man smashed each other onto the pile of chairs. Ligero went to the top again but Dara tossed him onto the chairs to only get 2 1/2. Ligero rolled him up but Dara performed a sunset driver onto the chairs to get the 3 count to end Lazarus’ reign and become the new TIDAL CHAMPION!!!!

Liam cut a promo after the match saying about how he doesn’t have a clue about what’s next and his direction, sad to see him like this after the match but I look forward to seeing what direction he goes in next as a result!

Rating 10/10 – TIDAL were right what a show! Such a shame to see Liam lose the title as he is one of my favourite wrestlers due to TIDAL but Dara will make a great champion. Great show from top to bottom. Cannot wait to see what’s next for TIDAL and who Dara defends against.

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