DVD Review – WWE Christmas Collection


Welcome to this weeks taste of WWE and a DVD which in my opinion isn’t right for me to be reviewing in November but hey ho! This is the first time that WWE as far as i’m aware with no research prior to this review have released a holidays DVD. This falls under the budget DVD category which is probably why it’s a holidays DVD as it can be used as a stocking filler or just a general present for anyone who is a wrestling fan in your household who you don’t want to break the bank buying a documentary 3 disc or 2 disc DVD or Blu-ray for. This is hosted by WWE Hall of Famer and christmas fan Mick Foley as well as his daughter who has dabbled previously for Ringside Collectibles Noelle Foley who as far as i’m aware this is her first project with the WWE. Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler designed the artwork for this DVD which takes it away from the realms of budget and masks it straight away when you see this on the shelf and so WWE have not cut corners with this one.

This DVD is full of Christmas matches understandably due to the title ‘Christmas Collection’ which would be boring on it’s own so the fact that both Mick and Noelle are involved add a different dimension to this and make it a more of a completed product as apposed to just a DVD, WWE have thrown together to add to their ever growing release schedule. The DVD’s segments in between matches are focused on the matches themselves and a running storyline for the quest for Santa. These segments are really good and are really fun, I think it’s just because it’s about a month or so to Christmas but like I said if I was in the holiday spirit I would love it even more. Mick Foley as usual is great and is really genuine and fun and is a great choice by WWE to host this DVD he squeezes some jokes in as well to make this a real enjoyable experience for all who are watching.

The matches themselves aren’t great which let’s this DVD down a little bit but if you were expecting there to be John Cena vs Kevin Owens type matches on this set you would be mistaken as understandably it is full of Christmas matches which are fun and get you in that holiday spirit when you watch them on RAW and again here for example. The great matches are the Battle Royal, John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio and Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt’s Christmas based street fight and of course Xanta Clause who’s match with Scotty 2 Hotty is what I remember at least about WWE and Christmas.

Overall this may be a short review but it isn’t a massive set so it doesn’t need to be, this DVD is at a slender price of 8.99 and is worth it for the price. Fair enough some of the matches on here aren’t amazing but this is something I will be popping on again around Christmas time and enjoying even more.

This gets a 7/10 from me nothing amazing but better than I thought it would be!

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