DVD Review – Undertaker – The Streak 21-1


Welcome to the latest WWE DVD review, it is a bit late due to Night of Champions disc being sent late but the Owen Hart Blu-Ray isn’t out until next week so it is all fine! Today we have the turn of the Undertaker 21-1 5 Disc Set. These get released every few years when the Undertaker hits a milestone and so are not new as there was a release a few years back called The Streak for example!

Jimmy Snuka, Jake The Snake Roberts, Giant Gonzales, King Kong Bundy, Diesel, Sycho Sid, Kane, Big Bossman, Triple H, Ric Flair, Big Show, A-Train, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Batista, Edge, Shawn Michaels and CM Punk have all fell to the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar has beaten this legend. All of these matches are on this 5 disc set which is expected and there is no interviews with the Undertaker, no thoughts on the matches or interviews with fans of him and the wrestlers who grew up watching him.

Jimmy Snuka’s match with Taker is good but not amazing and not memorable but any stretch of the imagination but is good for his debut at WrestleMania and a streak that lasted many years. Jake The Snake is better than the Jimmy Snuka match as it tells more of a story and Jake was great back then and got a better match out of Taker as a whole. The dire match with Giant Gonzales is next and is a stark contrast and is normally in a top ten worst matches of all time and rightfully so, it is awful due to Gonzales and even Taker couldn’t get a good match out of him.

King Kong Bundy was good with the first references of the streak used, I have never been a massive fan of Bundy mainly as I never grew up in that era and got into wrestling in the early 2000’s but this was a little cracker of a match that even though you could tell Taker was still recovering from injuries he still put in a better performance than against Gonzales and for the obvious reason, better competition!

The match against Diesel again was grand with both men showing some great offence and really telling a great story with each other. This was one of Diesel’s last matches in WWE before he jumped ship which adds to it when you watch it back as you know that Diesel in a way had one of his best matches on his way out!

Sycho Sid was next on the conquer list and this was rubbish compared to the other matches on the card and in the streak in general. Watching this again after seeing every WrestleMania a few years back I still remember watching that years ago and having the same opinion then as I have now, if there was a countdown of Undertaker’s best matches this would not even be close!

Undertaker vs Kane was alright compared to that and even though the promos for this were great there wasn’t as much substance in the end product, for their first match together it was good but not Match of The Year worthy by any stretch of the imagination!

Big Bossman follows this with another bad match with a fantastic run in with this match being mostly remembered by Wrestling fans for the Brood coming in to hang Bossman from the cell which for obvious reasons was not included on this DVD set. Triple H and Ric Flair followed which were in his American Badass days and these matches are good watching them back and encompass two of his best Mania performances overall.

A-Train and Big Show vs Taker followed which was dreadful and pointless with the numbers game used due to their size but with it being a streak DVD it is included but not the best match Taker has had that’s for sure! Kane’s rematch was better than first in my opinion and was so first entertaining and worth the watch like a lot of Taker’s matches from then on going forward, great match!

His match vs Randy Orton was again good and against a newcomer at the time in Orton they developed a great match which I think Orton should of won at the time for Taker to put him over but alas it’s a 21-1 streak so this never happened but a very enjoyable match which showcased both men’s talent. His rubbish match with Mark Henry is a contrast and not a very good one, not worth speaking about it!

Back to the great matches for the next few up to him losing the Streak, Batista and Edge in 23 and 24 were great and showed that he still had the tools to get through these matches and to full effect by taking the WHC and Edge’s own undefeated streak at Mania in two years. Shawn Michaels and Triple H’s matches with him for the next four Manias are 4 of the best matches I have ever seen and even though I’m not a massive fan of Taker never have been never will be I will always rewatch those great matches over and over as they are classics, the career vs Streak aspect in 26 with Taker taking his career was extra special and added to it massively and his 2nd and 3rd matches with Triple H I would say 28 is the best out of the last 2 but 17 beats both hands down.

CM Punk’s match with Taker was great and is one match that has made me forget what the rest of the card is as I only remember this of course Punk is known for going home and retiring due to not main eventing Mania but at that time I was a huge Punk fan and I was rooting for him all the way back then watching this one and actually thought he would break the streak.

His match was Lesnar is a classic for the main reason it is the conquering factor in the Streak and is something that will always go down in history as a moment that shocked everyone in the wrestling world especially me who had Taker pegged to win so when I woke up next morning to find out Taker had lost I was so shocked and couldn’t comprehend it even though I am not a massive Taker fan I have huge respect for the guy!

Rating 6/10 – Too many bad matches on this set for it to reach a great rating but that aside and the fact I have never really been a Taker Fan it gets a solid 6/10 for a good effort from WWE as you can see past the drivel to get some gems that are worth watching or rewatching!

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