Interview – Kyle Ashmore

1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Kyle, please introduce yourself to the readers and tell them why they should look out for you in the future??

Hey. I’m Kyle Ashmore. A UK based pro wrestler. Why should people look out for me, well in the UK in the UK there’s not many people who are my size that can do the things I do between those ropes. I like to think I bring an exciting, high flying strong style to the table. I’ve got a pretty fantastic beard too!

2. Let’s talk about growing up for yourself, what wrestling did you watch growing up and who inspired you to become a wrestler and to start training to accomplish this??

Growing up I was actually WCW boy. I guess that’s where my style originated from too. I was mesmerised by the cruiserweight division and what those guys could do. People like Billy Kidman, Rey Misterio Jr and Jimmy Yang were the guys I tried to emulate. My absolute favourite was Chris Jericho. Admittedly I didn’t get to see much of Y2J back in WCW but when I made the switch to WWE as a kid he’s the guy that caught my eye and made me realise I wanted to do this. His charisma, his mic skills and his in ring ability was out of this world. It still is today.

3. How did you then get involved in Wrestling training, who has trained you and what are your thoughts on the experience you had, would you recommend training with the people you trained with??

I was at an independent show when I was maybe 17 or 18 and there were a team of guys handing out flyers for a new wrestling school affiliate with FWA. I didn’t have a job at the time but I knew I wanted to do so I used to travel 2 hours each way to Croydon from my hometown of Southend twice a week to train. I started my training with the likes of Charlie Rage and Darren Burridge. We used to train in a damp dark shed like building wrestling on a hard floor or maybe a solid boxing ring as a reward! You didn’t complain though, even though you got beaten up every day, you were being trained by the best in the country and you were working towards your dream job.

4. You made your debut with a promotion I am affiliated with in Plex Wrestling down in Aldershot against Red Eagle and Darren Saviour I believe, how was it to debut for Plex and as a result do you want to return in the future to hopefully go for the title??

Plex is a great up and coming company with a passionate fanbase. It was good fun being there and I was in some great company there. I hope that I was well received and that they’d want me back. I’d be happy to work there whenever they want me. It’d be a privilege to help a company grow.

5. Another promotion I am affiliated to that you mainly wrestle for is British Empire Wrestling in Tooting where you have had matches with Leonardo Darwin, Rob Cage and Stingray Stevenson, how is it to be part of a promotion really coming into it’s own and do you want to become champion in the future and lead the promotion if given the chance to get a title match ??

BEW is another company that’s starting a grow and another one I adore being at. I’ve had some interesting matches and great rivalries there. I feel like I’ve had some great matches there and surely management have seen that. Being in the title picture would be a privilege. The title has just been introduced via a tournament and unfortunately I was tied up in a fued with Darwin so I wasn’t included. Hopefully I can insert myself in the title picture and become a mainstay of the company.

6. Many readers will know you from PROGRESS where you are a PTNTL and ENDVR regular, what do you make of PROGRESS’s rise over the past few years and you are in the quarter final match vs a familiar face to the Northern crowd in Ashton Smith in PROGRESS’ Manchester debut do you have any words for Ashton ahead of your match and do you think if you win the NPS that it will propel you even further in PROGRESS??

PROGRESS are a fantastic company and their rise as a company is astounding. In my opinion they are one of the best companies in the UK and to even be associated with them is an honour. Like you mentioned they don’t just run sell out shows they have great development shows such as ENDVR and PTNTL. These are filled with guys, like myself, progressing from the Projo, their training school. They have the best facilities in the UK and classes run everyday. If you want to be a pro wrestler today then this is without a doubt the place to be. When you’re being trained by the UK’S top talent like Jimmy Havoc, James Davis and Darrell Allen then you really can’t go wrong. Yes my next match is quite possibly the biggest of my career to date. Ashton Smith is a phenomenal athlete and I’m probably going to be walking in as the second favourite to the northern crowd. That won’t phase me. He has to know that this means as much to me as him and I’m going to bring it. You’re gonna see me at my absolute best and I know that’s what I’m gonna see from him too. Getting the W from this match is the aim and progression in the NPS tournament will undoubtedly raise my profile. Look at the guys who have taken part in previous years and see where Will Ospreay and Mark Andrews are now. Winning the NPS is the aim!

7. What are your thoughts on the current state of British Wrestling and do you think that in the next five years that it could be back on tv??

British wrestling at the moment is the best it’s been in many years. Theirs so much talent you can see in every part of the UK. That is shown by the amount of British talent making it across the pond and causing a stir over there. You have PROGRESS selling out shows within minutes. ICW selling out 4000 seaters and IPW:UK running more shows that ever before with tons of top UK talent and much much more. Myself? if I can be included in these British wrestling Headlines then that would be a privilege and ultimately that is what I’m aiming for. If I can get keep entertaining crowds and sending them home happy then my job is done. Ultimately I’d love to join the guys making waves in America and I’m gonna work my hardest to achieve that.

8 and 9. Where can the readers/promoters find Kyle Ashmore and Have you got any future dates/projects you wish to plug??

As you know I’m gonna be in Manchester on December 6th so that will be a must see. If you haven’t been lucky enough to get some tickets then you can see everything on their on demand service. You can also catch me on Twitter @beardashmore for my other dates, information and bearded needs.

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