Bluray Review – Owen: Hart of Gold


Welcome to the latest WWE Blu-ray review, this time it is the turn of Owen : Hart Of Gold. This is the latest documentary released by WWE and my last WWE review of the year before Hell in a Cell on January 4th 2016.

I never watched wrestling when Owen Hart was in WWE but the tragic event that happened to Owen during his intercontinental championship match at Over The Edge 1999. When he died a massive talent/void was left, he was a wrestler that in my opinion would of become one of the best to ever grace the squared circle. Before this was released I heard that it was slated by Bret Hart so let’s see whether it is worth that moniker or is it a bonified great end of the year?? Lets find out!


This documentary basically tells the story of Owen from growing up as a child, working for his father Stu Hart which got him his start in the business after being born basically in the business. The initial run he had in the WWE as Blue Blazer which is followed by a part on WCW in which he competed in 4 matches for including against ‘Rock and Roll’ Ricky Morton before of course ending his career with WWF/WWE. He was known as a sort of midcarder who was an amazing performer like Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler they are not at the top of the card but are known as being really good wrestlers who a lot of people think should be at the top of the card.

Of course his feud with Bret Hart is covered which culminated with a great match at Summerslam for the WWE title which I have seen watching this Bluray and is worth the watch as a result. It should him to be on par with his brother and established himself as a top heel in the company. He ended up in his career never winning the WWE title winning various midcard titles but in many peoples opinion including myself he would of won the title if the tragic accident didn’t happen to him and this is worth the watch especially for newer wrestling fans young or old if you can get ahold of it as it is a history lesson for those who never knew Owen Hart or his matches including  myself as I had only ever seen tidbits of him.

This Bluray shows how quality he was as a wrestler/athlete which made him stand out with his international experience to make him a great all rounded wrestler. He is known for the accident but more awareness should be made of how good he really was and this is the message I have for anybody ready this and also he was known as a great guy, this is highlighted in the Owen Tales which is the best documentary portion, the fact he was a great person and a great wrestler really shines through, he didn’t pass away due to drugs and didn’t get heat backstage so it’s why I will always have horrendous amounts of respect for him.

The matches on the Blu-ray include Bret, Shawn Michaels, British Bulldog and Edge to name a few and these are all great unlike a lot of DVD’s/Blu-rays where there is some rubbish matches that are on there, this one doesn’t falter on that area, add to it some tribute videos from after his death to the mix and you get a great Blu-ray but you could get away with buying the DVD as it only has 3 extras on it.

Owen : Hart of Gold is a great set and worth the buy for anyone who either knows him or not, great release which gets an 8/10 from me, not knowing much about him before hand it was a history lesson so doesn’t get a 10/1o  but a quality set none the less and one I recommend!

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