British Wrestling Revival Awards 2015

Welcome to this year’s End of Year Awards, this is the 3rd annual one and a yearly highlight for me to end the year. 2015 has been a really good year for Wrestling and for the blog and I cannot wait for 2016 and for the 3rd year in the blog’s existance. There will be a few more categories than usual, will Kay Lee Ray get the awards for the 3rd time or will another female wrestler get the award and will Will Ospreay retain the award of best male worker??

BWR Best British Male Wrestler – Zack Sabre Jr.


One of the hottest talents in the world not to be signed to WWE, Zack has had a stellar year, he has been wXw Tag Team champion before losing it to Cerburus, been a mainstay in Pro Wrestling NOAH, has won PWG Battle of Los Angeles this year and in my opinion he could start the year by becoming PWG Heavyweight Champion. He has also been over here when he can wrestling for the likes of Progress, Southside and IPW:UK three of the best promotions in the UK and I think with his stock rising his dates over here will slowly decrease but I expect him to still wrestle over here a similar amount of dates next year. I need to finally see Zack live in 2016 as it was the same with Finn Balor and Kevin Owens, I had chances to see them live but never took them and now regret it. I think if ZSJ does go to WWE in future that it will be the same so in 2016 i’m going to go out of my way to see ZSJ live finally.

BWR Best Female British Wrestler – Nixon Newell


Photo Credit : Brett Hadley used with prior permission

Kay Lee Ray has won it nearly 3 years in a row and even though KLR has been on NXT this year, has had stellar matches in Southside, ICW and has been abroad for Shimmer again as well as being invited to join up with Stardom in 2016, Nixon has had a breakout year in my opinion, last year she was named as my breakout star for 2014 and now she is the best female worker in this years awards. She is the current Queen of Southside and BEW Women’s Champion and has earned them through beating Kay Lee Ray and in the BEW case Toni Storm, Dragonita, Erin Night, Elizabeth and Nightshade. Most shows that I see now have Nixon on them and on the poster such as Southside, Great Bear Promotions, Fight Club Pro, SWA/VII Pro Wrestling, BEW the list does go on and I think 2016 will be a great year for Nixon especially with her now holding the Queen of Southside title which means I will see her live more down my neck of the woods!

Male Breakout this year : Joseph Conners


Photo Credit : Brett Hadley used with prior permission

Joseph won the accolade of Male Breakout Next Year in last years awards and is now this years Male Breakout, Joseph wrestles a lot in my area so I see him wrestle on a lot of local shows I go to and everyone else is starting to see what I have seen in Joe and that is a great worker who is deserved of his acclaim and also his Southside title reign, his heel persona is better than his face persona and I am so glad that mainly due to his heel turn on Paul Malen in Southside that he has now used this in nearly all promotions he is apart of including TIDAL for one where has had two great matches of note which are vs Drew Gulak and Hardcore Holly, both worth watching. Joe was the first wrestler I saw live in 2013 at an EAW show and to see his growth over the past two years since into one of the best wrestlers in the country has been great and he was up there with Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll for Best British Male Worker for this year which is a testament to how good he is right now.

Best Tag Team of the Year – The London Riots


Photo Credit : Brett Hadley used with prior permission

A new category for this year which replaces Best DVD and that is Best Tag Team, I had heard of The London Riots before and seen a few of their matches but due to not being able to get to London area to see them for the likes of Progress and IPW:UK, I finally got to see James and Rob wrestle live as a team for the first time this year in Southside and they have grown to be my favourite team in the country due to their entrance music which is ‘Diesel Power’ by The Prodigy now one of my favourite songs due to the Riots and the great matches they have had this year that I have seen live with StarBUX, The Righteous Army and The Hunter Brothers and the fact they have won FPW, NGW, WrestleForce, Southside, FPW and IPW:UK Tag Team titles in the same year shows why they deserve this award.I cannot wait to see where 2016 goes for James Davis and Rob Lynch collectively known as the London Riots

Best Promotion – Southside Wrestling Entertainment


Again for a 3rd year in a row, Southside are my promotion of the year and rightfully so in my opinion. I may not be looking at a broad spectrum as I go to Southside regularly mostly in St Neots, Bedford, Stevenage and Huntingdon but they have stepped up their game this year before reaching their 5 Year Anniversary and even though this year has mainly been ICW and Progress orientated as they have stole a march on the UK Wrestling Scene, Southside as well as promotions such as PCW still continue to deliver epic shows and to see talent such as Matt Sydal, The Amazing Red, Kenny King, Andrew Everett, Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae, Joey Ryan, ODB, DJZ, James Storm, Chris Sabin, Roderick Strong, Gail Kim, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Abyss, Rockstar Spud and Trevor Lee on my doorstep is great and long may it continue for 2016 with Angelico, Sami Callihan, The Hurricane, Blue Pants, Carlito etc. all announced for early 2016 it should be another great year for the promotion who keep growing and growing.

Breakout Star Next Year (Male) – Chris Tyler


Photo Credit : Brett Hadley used with prior permission

Like Ruby below Chris is a BWR alumni and is someone that I interviewed when he still plying his trade mainly for EAW down in Rushden, since then a lot has changed and since being on HOPE shows as a mainstay in their roster and shining he has gone on to impress more fans for Southside Wrestling Entertainment as well. I saw Chris recently for the first time since a carnival local to me in 2014 and he has really improved since then and was absolutely quality vs Pete Dunne in the Young Tigers Cup in November. I got told by Jack from Independent Wrestling Facebook Page about how good he was at a Sheffield show for Southside and I knew it was coming when he was announced and I have always rated Chris since his days with EAW and next year he will in my opinion breakout and like Ruby I would like to say that next year he will be the Best British Male Worker but we will have to see.

Breakout Star Next Year (Female) – Ruby Summers


Photo Credit : Darren Potts

A former BWR alumni and someone who I think will breakout next year. Has wrestled for the likes of TIDAL Wrestling, NGW, Monkey Madness, Royal Promotions, Plex Wrestling, UKWE/BWE, and PWA-UK in 2015. Mostly wrestled up North previously but has really started to make waves further down the country which is seen with matches for the likes of Plex and PWA-UK and I think that 2016 will be the year that Ruby really does add to that list and I hope next year that I am right as I was for Tyler Bate and she does end the year as taking Nixon’s Best Female Worker award something I firmly believe she could do if she continues the way she has been in 2015.

I would like to thank anyone who has read this blog this year and I am hoping that next year will be the best year yet for a blog that I originally created as an accident. I would also like to thank anyone who has been interviewed by me this year and has taken time out to answer some questions for me as well as my affiliates from WWE Home Video UK to TIDAL to newer affiliates such as Vertigo Pro, GOOD Wrestling and Slobber Knocker Box who I’m looking forward to working with in 2016! I wish everyone a happy new year and  have a lot planned for next year so stay tuned!

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