Slobber Knocker Box Review – December 2015


Welcome to the first review and article of 2016, today we are taking a look at the newest Wrestling subscription box to hit the UK and also yo can get it in Europe and America I believe but they are based in the UK and that is Slobber Knocker Box!!

Last month I contacted them about doing a possible review and it was agreed that I could do one which means that this is my first Subscription Box review and a change from the norm for me as I normally just review DVD’s!

The box itself can include anything from exclusive T-Shirts to autographs to Pop Vinyls to DVD’s but as far as i’m aware don’t quote me on it but SKB try to cater to more of the British Wrestling market which is a niche and is a real gap in the subscription box market which is good as there are a lot of British Wrestling fans who don’t watch WWE and also those who watch both like myself.

The box’s price is £16 a month plus £4 postage and European Postage is £8 for anyone wanting it abroad but will it be worth the money, this is a question which will be answered at the end of the review..


Delivery itself was poor but it wasn’t anything to do with Slobber Knocker Box, it was to do with Royal Mail who lost the first box and even though both were sent 1st Class Signed For, the slip only arrived yesterday when I got home so it took around a week even though it was meant to be 1st Class. SKB throughout had great customer service and to be honest I can’t fault them for it, nearly every single query was answered really fast and overall the owner of the company was great to deal with.


Let’s move on to the content itself :



In this month’s particular box you get an exclusive Slobber Knocker Box Bullet Club #TooSweet shirt with all the members on there in a roll call which is a good addition to anyone wrestling t-shirt collection, These shirts set you back at least £10-£15 normally and it is subtle and so it doesn’t let people know that your a Wrestling fan unless they know what it alludes to and these as a result are the sorts of shirts I tend to buy so good item there from SBK.

Next of all we have two dvd’s from IPW:UK, IPW:UK are known as one of the best promotions in the UK right now and have been for some time bringing over a mix of imports on some shows and also one of the best roster of European talent around with them being as far as i’m aware one of the only promotions in the UK to bring over Bad Bones on a regular basis. The two shows are from two different years with one from 2014 which is their Taste of IPW:UK in Germany with the likes of Uhaa Nation and The Wolves and the other one from early last year with Bad Bones vs Ricochet the main draw and the likes of Jody Fleisch vs Jonny Storm and Doug Williams vs Sebastian being the underbelly if you like. These go for £11.99 each on the website so so far we get about £34 pounds of value already from the DVD’s and the shirt which is a great deal alone considering it is valued at around £35.  I haven’t seen any of the two shows yet but I may watch them on Saturday night in between watching WWE Hell in A Cell 2015 for review!


Final three items are a Sean Only signed photo and some Slam Attax trading cards, the print is great as I watch a lot of Sean through TIDAL and I have interviewed him in the past so it is a good addition to my collection that’s for sure. Maybe not for someone who doesn’t know Sean but for those who do it makes this box even better, hopefully SBK continue to use signed photos in the boxes as I would rather myself have a British Wrestler sometimes instead of an ex WWE star that’s just me though!

The cards are from the older line of Slam Attax cards from around 2011 if i’m not mistaken. I used to collect these religiously as well as the WWE Icons sticker album but stopped and when I did the newer set was out and I thought it was a waste of money and still think cards are but they are a good little addition to bump up the box a little bit which is good, it wouldn’t be my first choice of item but considering we get the main few items I have no complaints!


In my opinion this is worth getting as for £16 in this first box alone you get a few DVD’s, a nice t-shirt, a signed photo and some trading cards, this is a lot better value than a lot of subscription boxes also on the market and I think that Slobber Knocker Box will just keep getting better and better after this first box and I look forward to seeing where they go!

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