Interview – Kelly Sixx


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Kelly, first of all please introduce yourself to the readers and give them a quick summary of yourself as a wrestler???

Thanks for having me Sam! It’s always fun to do these sort of things. As for me, I struggle to decide how best to describe myself… You always hear the same generic answers a lot of the time from people, and I’m all about staying different. I guess the most accurate idea I can give you is I’m quick, explosive, and you’re guaranteed to see at least 1 thing that you’ve never seen before, every time you watch me live.

2. Lets talk about your growing up, did you enjoy watching wrestling growing up or did it start much later and if so, who inspired you to think I am going to become a Wrestler??

I was never introduced to wrestling as a kid, I was more into games really. I have the best story actually as I first discovered wrestling when a friend of mine got me to play ‘Here Comes the Pain’ on PS2. All I did was play Tajiri and use his finisher 5x in a row, but that was enough to make me crave more, so we started watching Smackdown every Saturday morning. The first WrestleMania I saw was 20, and the emotion was what captivated me. From Rey Mysterio being cheated out of the Cruiserweight title, to Eddie Guerrero overcoming the oppressive Kurt Angle, I was sucked into the drama of it all.

3. How did you get involved with Wrestling training, who trained you, how was this experience and if you could have been trained by any one else or even do a seminar with dead or alive when you started off wrestling who would it be and why would it have helped you as a wrestler ??

My friend (that introduced me to wrestling) and I tried some moves at home (shock, horror!), and eventually I began attending training schools around the south of England. We first tried FWA in Portsmouth under Mark Sloan, but at 14 years old we couldn’t hack the conditioning at all. I’ve since been trained by Dan James, Dan Head, Graeme Hughes and more, however I credit the majority of my development to Justin Richards and the RPW team of Andy Simmonz/Andy Quildan, as I have spent the majority of my training time with their respective schools and learnt so much. I’m happy with the route I’ve taken, however If I could add any trainer to my list I’d have to pick Shaun Michaels, he’s always been my favourite wrestler and I’ve always been emotionally sucked into his matches.

4. You have recently made your debut I believe for one of my main affiliates in Plex Wrestling down in Aldershot in a tag team match losing to the Peace Kids while teaming with Nightshade, first of all what did you make of your first time with Plex and are you looking forward to hopefully returning there this year??

I actually wrestled for Plex back when I was fresh on the scene in 2011, however I was nowhere near ready at that point. It was this first contact that helped me pick up some more opportunities with them moving forward, now I am confident that I can hold my own. Plex itself has improved 10fold from what it used to be, and I’m very happy to be a part of moving it forward. I’m looking forward to more opportunities in front of the Plex crowd, to prove I really can hang with the best on their roster.

5. You wrestle for one of my affiliates SouthCoast Wrestling last time out vs Lion Kid in a losing effort, will you want a rematch to beat him this time and will you want to go after the One to Watch trophy in 2016 if given the chance and if so do you have any words for Josh Bodom ??

I’m not a big one for rematches, not unless there’s a real reason behind it. If I lose, I lose, I just make sure I learn something every time I’m blessed with the chance to perform. Eventually we’ll probably cross paths again, and I fully intend to be a better version of myself by that point.

6. KAPOW is another promotion that you wrestle for who have been known in the past for their fun action packed shows, how would you say that KAPOW is different then any of your other bookings that you have and wrestling for them gave you the opportunity to wrestle for VII Pro Wrestling in a showcase, how was this experience??

KAPOW are in their own special world, and I think that’s fantastic. They attract a wide range of fans that might otherwise not be interested in the other promotions on offer in the UK. They’ve given me a platform to build on, and for that I’ll be forever grateful. I’m hoping to be able to go back there in 2016, however that’s all dependant on whether they will let me to be me, as I no longer have any desire to use the Kakarot Character.

7. Chuck Cyrus has hyped you up on Twitter about you being basically a one to watch for this year, for those who haven’t seen you wrestle yet what can they expect and do you want 2016 to be the year that Kelly Sixx breaks out and becomes a big name??

Chuck’s my biggest supporter and harshest critic (aside from myself), and for that I’ll always be thankful. He’s helped me pick up opportunities and I feel I’ve taken the ball and run with it whenever possible. As for my 2016, there’s no ‘want’ for me anymore, this is guaranteed work bringing in guaranteed results for me now. I’ve given myself a list of goals and I’m going to achieve every single one of them this year, I just hope your readers are going to come along for the ride!

8. What are your future ambitions in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??

I used to be happy moving slowly and just dreaming, but I’ve seen my friends achieve amazing things while I’ve been passing up on opportunities by being lazy. That isn’t happening anymore. I am going to climb my way up the UK scene, until I get an opportunity to make it abroad for WWE. I’d love to give Japan and Mexico a go, but WWE is the ultimate goal for me. In 5 years, I’ll be there without a doubt.

9. Where can the readers find Kelly Sixx and where can promoters book you??

If you want to keep up with me, check out my Twitter: @KellySixxUK If promoters wish to book me, either message me on the twitter above, or email: / Facebook:

10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

The two big ones for me this month are RCWA on 23rd January, I’d love to spill a match announcement but I’m going to play it safe and not upset anyone. All you need to know, is if you’re coming to see me for the first time, this would be the ideal one to see. I’m also making my return to RPW in Portsmouth on 30th January, feel free to message me through the above methods and I’ll sort out some discounted tickets!

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