DVD Review – WWE Hell In a Cell 2015


Welcome to the first WWE DVD review of this year, after having a months break from doing a WWE DVD review or any sort of DVD review for that matter but am now ready to get going again and review WWE and British Wrestling DVD’s on a more regular basis

The first one of the year is WWE Hell In A Cell which was at the tail end of last year which was headlined by The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar in an acclaimed rematch after the other two at Summerslam and WrestleMania 30 as asort of feud ending match. Going into this event this was the main draw and the WWE championship match was sort of an afterthought.

Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena was a surprise mainly as Del Rio wasn’t rumoured to return as such and he accepted the open challenge along with Zeb Coulter which I would have to say caught everyone off guard at the time including myself but the match itself is ok and nothing special and I hope when Cena returns from his injury that him and Del Rio feud as his return as I myself don’t believe Cena will win the big one again but that’s just my opinion.

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt was a great match and certainly up there as a match of the night for me. The build to this match was great and as a result this match was worth the watch compared to some matches recently put on by WWE with no build and as a result the match suffers but in this case that does not happen, really enjoyed this!

The Dudley Boyz faced one of the best stables of the past few years next of all in the New Day. I love The New Day and anything with them is usually gold and this was a really fun match which wasn’t amazing but the two teams made up for it as you get the fun along with a good old fashioned tag team match which makes it another winner in my book.

Charlotte vs Nikki Bella was also good and improved on the previous month and in my opinion Charlotte keeps improving match on match and hopefully we get an extended program with Becky Lynch (my favourite female wrestler by the way) up to WrestleMania and I would love to see Becky take the title of Charlotte when the time comes. Good match though and also the last time we see Nikki Bella up to the Slammy’s I believe.

Seth Rollins vs Kane was fine nothing more to say, not one of the best matches neither man has put on. As a result it kind of took the prestige away from the title as a match between two part timers took over and so it is a shame it has come to this in my opinion but hopefully 2015 will see the end to that.

We then have the cool down match between Ryback and Kevin Owens, it was short and just that a cool down so nothing bad or good to say on this match just wasn’t long enough for these two and I think they should of swapped the Charlotte vs Nikki Bella match with this one maybe!

Finally we have  the main and hyped to the hills match between Lesnar and Taker which in my opinion was alright but again nothing special which seems to be a theme of this show. There was no real violence like expected of a Hell in A Cell match which was a shame. I didn’t feel shocked at Lesnar winning as it wasn’t really a great match and it won’t be something I will be revisiting any time soon that’s for sure!

Summary –

Rating 7.5/10 – An alright show not the best and not the worst ever show I have ever reviewed. The reason why it got so high is that i’m quite used to especially last year the PPV’s being rubbish or mediocre so this is one with some good matches and some that aren’t very good and so WWE starts the year off quite well in the grand scheme of things. Next reviews are Best PPV Matches of last year and Survivor Series of last year so will it go down a similar route or will it impress me or will it be a dud find out over the coming weeks as well as my thoughts on Vertigo Pro Round 2 Fight this weekend!

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