DVD Review – Vertigo Pro Round 2 Fight


Welcome to the latest DVD review on here, this time it’s something different as usually we review WWE or the likes of TIDAL and Pro Wrestling Chaos but this time it is the turn of one of our newest affiliates in Vertigo Pro Wrestling based in the Cardiff area. They have sent me their 2nd show to review which I really appreciate and thank them for and it will be good to give you my thoughts on the show and whether you should buy the DVD/ try and make one of their shows.

Match 1 – Ian Williams vs Panda Cub

First match is between one of the rising stars down in Wales that is Ian Williams who I believe is one of many to come out of the Dragon Pro Wrestling Academy and Panda Cub who like Ian is popping up everyone around the Wales/Bristol area and I am seeing him for the first time in a few weeks for GOOD Wrestling in Milton Keynes so this will be a good chance to see what he’s all about before then. A quick note about this DVD in general though, it is really well produced and includes lots of added touches such as the Street Fighter opening.  Ian Williams focused on the arm initially putting the pressure on Panda Cub but Panda reversed it to make it even again, Ian put Panda in a side headlock before taking him down to keep the highflying Panda Cub grounded but both men showed great technical prowess in the ring with neither man gettting control in the opening stages. Ian came back in and tried to get back in control with a few stiff kicks but Panda Cub took him down with a bodyslam which allowed him to try and go up top but was thrown off to throw off his momentum. Ian as a result went back to grounding and keeping him away from the top rope with a lot of hard hitting moves both in the corner and on the ground, Panda came back into it and got some momentum with a personal highlight being the standing moonsault. He then tried to run at him when he was at the corner but Ian wasn’t going to lie down and hit him with a tornado DDT as a result. Ian’s return to the helm didn’t last long as Panda Cub used his power which I didn’t know he had, he tried going up top but Ian went out the ring which allowed Panda to dive to the outside hurting his knee in the process. It ended in a double countout though as both men were still on the outside at the ten count!

Overall a good opener with two great up and comers in the British Wrestling scene as a result I look forward to seeing Panda Cub for the first time in a few weeks as a result of a good performance

After the match Ian Williams was interviewed backstage and was basically talking about how he could of beaten him if he wanted to and that he wanted a best of 3 as a result.

Match 2 – Lou King Sharp vs Aaron Echo

Next match is between Lou King Sharp one of the best up and coming talents up in Scotland and has wrestled for the likes of ICW, PBW and the new 5* Wrestling in his career so far and Aaron Echo who as well is one of the new up and coming talents to come from Scotland also counting ICW and PBW as previous promotions he has wrestled for. LKS offered an open challenge instead of the match being necessarily booked originally with Aaron Echo answering the open challenge. LKS wasn’t very happy to see him and jumped out the ring and into the crowd just as they were about to lockup but soon went back into the ring to start proceedings off. Lou ran into problems due to his height and as a result Aaron was in control originally nearly getting a 3 count straight away. I was really impressed by Echo in the early goings having never seen him before but he was caught off guard and as a result LKS got some offence in that he previously wouldn’t of got at the start of the match keeping him grounded which worked to his advantage. Aaron got back on top after LKS made a mistake of the top rope and a few clothesline and 2 powerslams were given to him as a result but it only got him a 2 count. Aaron went for the pumphandle slam but it was reversed and a side drop kick was administered by LKS. Aaron got 2 out of the 3 amigos but LKS got the sunset flip bomb to get him a quick 3 count and victory. Eddie Dennis came to the ring after taking offence to LKS’s comments about Wales which could set up a future match between the two, Dennis and King Sharp scrapped in the ring which could set this alluded match up in the not too distant future.

This scrap carried on after the match backstage with both men being held back!

Overall Echo looked good and LKS did as well so I look forward to seeing if they face off again to see whether Echo gets retribution or whether a match with Eddie Dennis is in the offing.

Match 3 – Mike Bird vs Jonny Storm – Newport Street Fight
Next match is between  a #BWR alumni in Mike Bird and a legend of the business in Jonny Storm in a Newport Street Fight, I think Mike Bird is going from strength to strength and I think 2016 could seriously be his year and Jonny Storm is still as good as ever so to see both men in a street fight is an interesting proposition. Jonny got the better of Mike in the opening exchanges with some good offence. With it being a street fight they went to the outside basically straight away which was akin to most TIDAL shows. They went back towards the ring and Jonny went after the first weapon but as did Mike hitting him with a handbag. They went back inside with Mike lying in the corner, Jonny got a traffic cone and put it in between where the sun don’t shine and Jonny also got a cricket bat smashing the cone straight into where that area. Bird looked jaded so Jonny tried to take advantage but Mike smashed him with a bin lid as a result. He continued with the lid kicking it in the midsection in the corner. Mike got the singapore cane, smashed him with it and performed a russian leg sweep with it before gouging it into the head of Storm and crossfacing him with it on the ground. Bird went after the pin before only getting a 2 count.. Jonny stormed jumped back up Shawn Michaels esque and seemed to have more energy than ever performing a dropkick jumping from one rope to the other but when Storm jumped over him onto the apron he was elbowed off and as a result Storm was vulnerable but he grabbed a bin and threw it at Bird who was on the top rope which made him fall off. Storm looked to be on the offence when he returned by an elevated kneebreaker slowed down his momentum. Bird came back with a chair and Storm was damaged even further when he drop toe holded Storm into the chair he had just brought in. Mike Bird grabbed the bin but couldn’t take advantage and Storm again was energetic and used his Wonderwhirl to go for the win throwing him straight into the bin, Bishop who I believe I saw on a TIDAL show and was impressed with was outside who looked to be an ally of Mike Bird helped him win by cheating.

Storm got some retribution with a 619 to both men, it wasn’t the win but hopefully it sets both men up for another match.

My thoughts on this match is that it wasn’t an amazing street fight as such but the ending made sure that it left an impact with a  wonderwhirl into the bin followed by Bishop screwing Jonny over, a backstage promo from Storm set up a tag team match and i’m betting that Jody Fleisch maybe the man who he teams with for Round 3 which would be an exciting proposition.

Match 4 – Captain Dick Morgan vs Danny Jones

Next match was between Captain Dick Morgan someone who i’m very familiar with from Chaos down in Bristol due to his team The Wyld Galleons and Danny Jones I have seen as far as i’m aware for both CSF and TIDAL before and is someone who is very good in my eyes. Both men exchanged offence in the early going before a hand shake which showed the respect between the pair. What I liked about this match in the early going was that they used technical, hard hitting and high-flying offence with both men being quite evenly matched throughout the whole match and this meant that if either man could get quite a lot of momentum going that they might be able to pull off a 3 count and until the end neither man gained that much momentum which does allude to the fact that both men are evenly matched and it ended with Dick Morgan pulling off a win when Danny lost concentration with Dick reversing a roll up. Danny Jones rejected a handshake at the end and I think that like a few of the previous matches on this card that rejected handshake could set up another match between the pair which it didn’t on the next show as Dick was in action in the Calling Spots Open Championship match but I think it could be a real possibility for the next show at the end of the month!

Match 5 – Chris Renfrew vs Davey Blaze vs Pastor William Eaver – No.1 Contenders 3 Way

The sub man event was a 3 way dance between Chris Renfrew who is another like Lou King Sharp and also Davey Blaze in this particular match to come from Scotland which brings events like this a different dynamic because like in England it’s always good to see wrestlers come down from Scotland, Ireland and Europe as you get to see talent that you would normally have to travel there for so it is great to see Chris and Davey in this match and adding another wrestler who you wouldn’t normally see in Wales in Pastor William Eaver who like Panda Cub I am seeing for the first time in about 2 weeks. I am really looking forward to this match as it is three of the best and some would say underrated wrestlers on the scene currently. Renfrew went to the outside which meant that Eaver and Blaze would start off the match but Eaver and Blaze teamed up in a 2 on 1 assault on Renfrew. The Pastor and Blaze showed a sign of respect as both men finally started the match off properly with Eaver getting a side headlock, a shoulder tackle but Blaze got some offence of his own performing a dropkick followed by some stiff executed arm drags to take some control on proceedings. A chop in the corner followed by a running powerslam showed this but Renfrew caught his leg brought him out the ring and threw him into the ring post. Renfrew got inside and handed even more of a beating to The Pastor but he wasn’t lying down as he grounded Renfrew. A big dropkick though by Renfrew followed and Blaze came back in the ring to get some retribution of sorts including a great spinebuster. Eaver vs Blaze occurred again with Eaver going for a crucifix bomb but even though this didn’t come through a suplex from The Pastor did and he kept the offence going by executing a splash off the top rope. Blaze hit Renfrew with a spear to assist Eaver of sorts but Blaze and Eaver continued to battle with european uppercuts and stiff forearms. Renfrew was in a good position to just watch the beating and take his shot and as a result a stunner was executed to get him the 3 count vs The Pastor and now Renfrew is the new No.1 contender to either Wild Boar or Dave Mastiff

Overall a cracking match with all 3 men putting in great performances to stake a claim at the No.1 contendership but Renfrew showed great brains to pick up the victory. I myself cannot wait to see how the match between Renfrew and Mastiff or Boar turns out.

Match 6 – VPW Heavyweight Title Match – Dave Mastiff vs ‘Wild Boar’Mike Hitchman

The main event is between two BWR alumnis in Dave Mastiff and Wild Boar. Both are great wrestlers and so for Vertigo Pro to put this match on pleases me. I think that Mastiff will try and ground Boar early in this match to put him on the front foot and I was right with Boar grounded and punished by Mastiff early on with Dave looking like it was effortless. He did this for most of the opening exchanges but Boar did try and over power and get out of Mastiff’s clutches and he did by getting Mastiff to one knee before actually getting him down the canvas. It did revert back though to Mastiff getting the upperhand before both men locked up again with the usual shoulder barge contest that I have seen many times used with Mastiff just standing there waiting for the impact. Boar did get Mastiff down with a great leaping body charge to use Mastiff’s momentum against him. Boar stood on the apron and smashed him with a stiff shot. Mastiff though got some momentum back by knocking the wind out of him and grounding him once again like at the start of the match. When Boar did get up, Mastiff headbutted him and then continued to hard hitting offence in the corner. Boar had the crowd behind him and being fired up he got back into the match spearing his midsection in the corner and it became the other way round to what it was before with Mastiff now down and Boar standing tall. You would of thought that Boar was on course to win the title on his debut but Mastiff got him with a big boot, headbutt and a rolling senton before only getting a 2 count to show he wasn’t down and out. Boar though kept the offence up with a powerslam and a t-bone suplex but a mistake from Boar which landed him in the corner allowed a running senton to get a 3 count and Mastiff retains the Vertigo Pro Championship in a cracking match!!

Chris Renfrew’s music came on which made Mastiff confused ahead of their match on the next show and Renfrew finally came out to begin the mind games. Renfrew stood on the apron and Mastiff wanted to go right then but Renfrew wanted to bide his time!

Rating – 8/10 – Cracking first look at Vertigo Pro Wrestling for me, some great talent on show and the production values were great from them. Match of the night was of course Mastiff vs Boar which was a cracker. Just like to say as well great commentary as well as the production values on show, really insightful stuff which helped the review! I do recommend this DVD and it was quite an easy watch for me!

I would like thank Vertigo Pro for the opportunity to review this DVD free of charge and I hope that this does become a regular thing!

Their next show is Perfect Storm 1 : Let Them Fight at the Cardiff Masonic Hall if your in the area I recommend going to this show as the talent they offer on their shows make the ticket charge worth it.

perfect storm


The Official Dave Mastiff vs. ??? (Vertigo Pro Championship Match)

‘The Pride of Wales’ Eddie Dennis vs Lou King Sharp
( Calling Spots: A Wrestling Fanzine Open 1st Round)

IAN WILLIAMS vs PANDA CUB (Best of 3, Match 2)

( Calling Spots: A Wrestling Fanzine Open 1st Round)

Mike Bird – Made In Newport vs. Chris Brookes vs. DICK MORGAN vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? ( 6 Man, Over The Top Rope Rules, Winner Faces Mastiff)

and more TBC

If you want tickets go to http://www.ringsideworld.co.uk/events.php?id=674  or http://vertigoprowrestling.bigcartel.com/product/perfect-storm-1-let-them-fight

the prices are :

Ringside – £15.00
Regular – £10.00
Family (2 Adults, 2 Kids) – £28.00
Kids – £5.00

If you want to support them on Social Media please go to https://www.facebook.com/vertigoprowrestling/ and @_VertigoPro_ on Twitter and finally if you want to watch this DVD yourself in the comfort of your own home it is only £7 from vertigoprowrestling.bigcartel.com so get on that and buy both your tickets for the next show and a DVD to enjoy before then!

As usual please go and support us as well at :

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