DVD Review – WWE Best of PPV Matches 2015


Welcome to the 2nd review of the year WWE wise and this time it is the turn of Best PPV Matches of 2015! I didn’t know myself until today (18th January 2016) that this was out today and so even though I watched it this weekend anyway to save me time in the long run, I didn’t think the DVD was out for another week!

Anyway onto the review, every year WWE release two sets which are best of Raw and Smackdown (review to come) and Best PPV Matches, both in my opinion are good purchases for those people who don’t want to shell out 100’s of pounds each year on WWE DVD’s and considering some of the PPV’s aren’t amazing it is wise to pick up this one if you fall into that category or even are new to the business.

I reviewed all the WWE DVD’s barring one or two for the reasons that my copies didn’t arrive etc. in 2015 so for me this is a bit of a trip down memory lane of sorts for a look back as well as Best of Raw and Smackdown at a year filled with highs and also quite a few lows!

This DVD itself retails at £30.00 for 3 discs of matches which is great but as always WWE’s selection is questionable and some people will agree and disagree with the selection but this is just the nature of the beast

The first match on the DVD is the WWE Championship match between Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Seth Rollins which was the main shining light on quite a drab Royal Rumble show, I normally love Royal Rumble and to be honest I cannot wait for next weeks Rumble but I felt disappointed with last years. This match though was great and deserves it’s place on the DVD. I would have to say where this suffered though at the time is that the Royal Rumble match was on the same night and as a result this great match was overshadowed and even though that doesn’t happen now mainly due to the fact that this is the only match from the Rumble on this DVD.

Next of all we got Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan, This was a pretty good match but was there to basically set Reigns vs Lesnar in stone for WrestleMania. The problem I have with this is that it is pretty short for Main Event standards and considering that WWE is trying to establish FastLane as a major PPV on the Road To WrestleMania this was the only really good match on the card so they will have to step it up this year. I have now seen this match 3 times through the PPV DVD, Daniel Bryan DVD and this one and it is feels the same every time I watch it that it’s good but not that special!

Rusev vs John Cena is next up on Disc 1 and to be honest I think this match isn’t very good and is only really on the DVD because it was on WrestleMania and that it was the first match that Rusev lost in his WWE career. In my opinion Rollins vs Orton should have been put on their instead and even Sting vs Triple H in a way but overall this is one that is just used to fill up space.

Speaking of WrestleMania next we have Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns, this in my opinion was one of the best matches in 2015 and some people do think that the cash in overshadowed it, myself going into the show the day after before I reviewed it for WWE Home Video UK I knew no results and was just sitting there open mouthed when Rollins had the belt at the end and it had a great match as set up and a great ending in my eyes and so this is definitely deserving of a spot on the DVD!

Next we have a match of the Extreme Rules PPV which was Cesaro & Tyson Kidd vs The New Day, this match was great in my opinion and one that should have gone on longer and if it did it would be up there as one of my WWE matches of the year, like I said at the time this had the potential to be amazing if only given longer and it was great to finally see the tag team division strengthening after months of at the time matches with the Bunny and Adam Rose.

Next of all we had the main event from Payback which showed why I shouldn’t always write off their PPV’s as the cover suggests it was a Fatal 4 Way between Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns for the WWE title held by Rollins. Kane would be fired if Rollins lost which of course would never happen as I don’t think WWE will relinquish his title reign for a while at least. The fact that the Shield were in this match gave me as a viewer some great moments and a reminder of the Shield as a team but fighting against each other as opposed to on the same page. This was a great main event and it still is watching it again now and so in that case it is a great addition to this set.

2 matches from Elimination Chamber were showcased next with The Tag Team Elimination Chamber which included The New Day, Cesaro & Tyson Kidd, PTP, Lucha Dragons, Los Matadores and The Ascension and The famous Kevin Owens vs John Cena match. Both matches were great especially Cena vs Owens which like Lesnar vs Rollins was a 2015 MOTY candidate for me, the Chamber match was great and these two as a result were highlights of the PPV and as a result deserved to be on the DVD, I normally am not a massive fan of Elimination Chamber as normally I find it drab and boring but last year’s was a change to this for sure!

There was also two matches from the Money In The Bank PPV with the marquee match included which was great and what you expect from this type of match thrills and spills which is always good to see year in year out and also we had the awesome match between Rollins and Ambrose which again for me was a MOTY candidate for me, I know i’m saying this a lot and rightfully so, I know I slate WWE’s matches a lot in these reviews but there is some gems and this is for sure one of them. One match I will be rewatching off this set in future for sure!

The final disc starts with the great match from Battleground between Charlotte, Brie Bella and Sasha Banks which was one of the best if not the best Women’s match in WWE in 2015 and I am glad this is one of the matches I rewatched as it was worth doing so. I am a huge fan of Becky Lynch so to nit pick if it had her in it as opposed to her friend Charlotte at the time this would have been amazing for me but still a great watch, also we ended up getting the 2nd Cena vs Owens match which considering the last one which was epic I had high hopes when I reviewed this and it wasn’t as good it was just meh but it is like most matches done a 2nd time they are either better or not half as good this falls into the latter category!

Taker vs Lesnar from SummerSlam was next up and was the only match from that particular card and like the Hell In A Cell match which is on this DVD and reviewed last week, this was all build up and no payoff and to be honest I still don’t really see the point in bringing in two part timers to wrestle each other about 4 times and the ending of this match made no sense to me or anyone in the Wrestling community for that matter so for me this shouldn’t have been on the DVD!

Nikki Bella vs Charlotte and Seth Rollins vs Sting were next from Night of Champions, Nikki vs Charlotte was quite a disappointment and especially for someone like me who normally loves women’s wrestling in WWE and elsewhere but I reckon WWE put this in as this was the event that Charlotte who is my second favourite diva in WWE behind Becky Lynch won the title so for it to be put in it is fair enough and I can’t really complain, The Rollins vs Sting match like I said in my review was very good and was also up there as one of the best of the year but the fact that we may not ever see Sting in a WWE ring again due to the mess that happened in this match overshadows it but still worth a watch and still worth putting on this DVD! Finally we get the Taker vs Lesnar match from Hell In A Cell which like I said earlier was a disappointment as again massive build no payoff but if you want a larger section on that read my recent review on the show!

Overall WWE had an up and down 2015 and I hope that it is mainly up in 2015 but this is a must buy for those who want an in the main good look at last year’s high and lows. It gets a solid 7/10 for me as there are some matches that deserve their spot and those who don’t!

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