Blu-ray Review – WWE Survivor Series 2015


Welcome to the latest WWE review, last time out we had Best of PPV Matches of 2015 in which I rewatched many matches that I reviewed early on in the year some good and some bad so today I look forward to giving you my thoughts on one of the last PPV’s of the year in Survivor Series and one of the biggest events of the year along with the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania.

I myself have never been a huge fan of Survivor Series but of course I watch it every year basically now to review it for the blog but if I wasn’t a reviewer I would have to say that I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it!

The main draw wasn’t the traditional Survivor Series Match, it was the Undertaker returning again and also a new WWE Champion being crowned with the end of the WWE World Heavyweight title tournament in which we get two Semi Finals and of course the final with Roman Reigns facing off against Alberto Del Rio and Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens and of course we knew who was going to collide in the final and of course it did happen with Ambrose vs Reigns two Shield members being set up for the final.

Of course we still had the Traditional Survivor Series match as it would not be Survivor Series without it. On the two teams we had Ryback, The Lucha Dragons and The Usos taking on King Barrett, Sheamus and The New Day. This match overall was fun and energetic as expected especially with the likes of The New Day and The Lucha Dragons in the mix. When Big E was eliminated Kofi and Xavier walked out and Sheamus was eliminated by Ryback which showed Sheamus to be weak as he couldn’t beat Kalisto even though still at the time the Money In The Bank holder so if he was made to look strong here it would make it better when he wins the title as if he does win the title, Ryback could beat him and should be champion.

The Divas title match itself was a return to form for WWE who to be honest even though they have all of this great talent feeding through NXT such as Paige, Charlotte, Sasha Banks and my personal favourite Becky Lynch they have not put on good matches female wise recently which sucks but this itself was great and worth watching for sure. Of course I didn’t watch the event until this weekend so I don’t have an opinion watching this event second time round unlike some reviewers but if I was watching this second time round this would be one of the matches I would be looking forward to re watching I think.

Tyler Breeze vs Dolph Ziggler was the worst match of the night and this was mainly due to where it was sandwiched, it was more of a gap filler as opposed to being a major match. Breeze in this match looked good and not out of place on the main roster and his win gave him momentum. This is part of a long program between the two men so it being not very good i’m not going to lose sleep over it and I think hat it will be better next time out but that matters on where it is placed in the card but we will see in the next review if they wrestle each other and if it is any better.

The Undertaker and Kane (The Brothers of Destruction) vs Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper was next just before the main event. I don’t know if I have ever mention this but I have never been the biggest fan of Taker, don’t get me wrong his matches with HBK are two of my favourite of all time but he doesn’t enamour me as much as he used to. This match lasted 10 minutes and served as a kind of nostalgia pop for those who used to love Brothers of Destruction and if you guessed I am not the biggest fan of the team you are write as well and it was my first DVD I reviewed for WWE as well!! The Undertaker hit the tombstone on Luke Harper to win and I think that it could of gone on longer a few years back and also if Taker hadn’t tweaked his knee.

Finally we get Reigns vs Ambrose. This match overall in my eyes was quite rushed and all to climax to one point which is Sheamus’s cash in which is what watching it back and knowing how it ended I was waiting for it and the match itself reflected this. Reigns won the title to beat Ambrose and then confetti comes down, pyro goes off, an embrace happens and Triple H offers a handshake which makes Reigns spear him but this only means that a rested Sheamus can win the title but of course it wasn’t long until Reigns won the title again until losing it last night finally to the man he stabbed in the back Triple H!!

You get basically build up to the BOD vs The Wyatts, Charlotte vs Paige’s excellent contract signing which was so controversial, A Miz TV and a match between the Final 4 in the WWE title tournament from Smackdown in a tag match, to be honest they are not worth paying the extra money for as if you watch WWE TV on a regular basis anyway you will already have seen all of this!

Rating – 7/10 – Another alright PPV and Blu-ray as a whole. Charlotte vs Paige and The Survivor Series match stand out but considering this is meant to be a big PPV in the year it is not and I am looking forward to seeing if WWE improves to end the year and go into the new year! In my opinion though if you want to pick the DVD or the Blu-ray I would pick the DVD as unlike documentaries or major PPV’s you don’t really need the extras as it is just an alright PPV!

If anyone is interested I will be reviewing Best of Raw and Smackdown 2015 which I already have a review copy of ready to go, NXT Greatest Matches Volume 1 which is really exciting, TLC 2015 and Straight Outta Dudleyville and Royal Rumble (TBC) so watch out for all of them which sound great in my opinion!

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