Interview – Adrian ‘Ace’ Severe


1. Welcome to TheBritishWrestlingRevival Adrian, first of all please introduce yourself to the readers and give them a quick summary of yourself as a wrestler???

Hello, thanks for having me. Well, my name is Adrian “Ace” Severe, I’ve been wrestling for 4 years now and I’m a former 2 Time NEW World Champion, NEW Hardcore Champion and POW Tag Team Champion. I was born and raised in South Tyrol, Italy which once was a part of Austria therefore my native language is German. I also speak Italian and English

2. Lets talk about your growing up, did you enjoy watching wrestling growing up or did it start much later and if so, who inspired you to think I am going to become a Wrestler??

Unfortunately I came across wrestling when I was already 13 years old. I wish I would have seen it earlier. There was a time when a German TV Station was showing DVD’s of different wrestlers every week. When they showed the one of Rey Mysterio and how I got in the business, worked his way up through all the different promotions and finally ended up in WWE, that’s when I decided that this is what I want to do with my life.

3. How did you get involved with Wrestling training, who trained you, how was this experience and if you could have been trained by any one else or even do a seminar with dead or alive when you started off wrestling who would it be and why would it have helped you as a wrestler ??

I was always reading up an backstage news and what was going on in the wrestling world on a news page and one day there was an ad on the side to Alex Wright’s Wrestling School in Nurnberg Germany. As soon as I read that the school was in Germany I was determined to go there no matter what. I was trained by Alex and his Father Steve Wright who English People may remember as Bull Blitzer. I guess if I could do a seminar with anybody it would probably be either Shawn Michaels or Eddie Guerrero. I’ve always looked up to them because they are both perfectionists and just so innovative and smooth in the ring. Plus they can have amazing matches with anybody!

4. You are a previous NEW World Heavyweight Champion but you were defeated towards the end of last year by T-K-O in a Tables, Ladders and Kendosticks match, will you be looking to regain this title this year and if so do you have any words for T-K-O??

It’s always nice to have gold around your waist. I’ve got a lot of other stuff going on at the moment but if the opportunity comes along I will definitely try to get that belt back

5. You are German based but you were born in Italy and you came back home for the EPW Total Honor show with the likes of AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Rosita, MVP, Eddie Edwards and Austin Aries on the show, how was it to return home and is coming to Italy more often one of your ambitions in 2016??

It was very neat to be able to wrestle in Italy. It was only the 2nd time I was able to wrestle in Italy and being on a show with all these great names made it that much better. I really enjoyed myself in Rome last year so I’m looking forward to going back there.

6. Last year you were part of the All Star Touring Roster over here, what are your thoughts on the talent we have over here and you are coming back over here this year as far as I’m aware are you looking forward to this and who are you looking forward to facing??

I absolutely love being part of the All Star Team. It’s just amazing how much you can learn by working up to 10 times a week. The talent on the team is 2nd to none and I can’t wait to be back there in February. I had really good matches with a lot of people like Oliver Grey, James Mason, Tony Spitfire, Charlie Garrett, Dean Allmark, Sam Adonis ect. and learned something different every time so whoever it is, I’m looking forward to facing them.

7.You also wrestled for WAW and Infinite Promotions last time you were here, are you looking to work for more promotions while your over here this year and if so and you are booked for those other promotions over here what can fans expect if they have never seen you??

Of course I’m looking to work for more and more promotion all over the UK, Europe and the World. My goal is and always will be to have the best match of the night no matter where I am or who I’m in the ring with and fans can expect a very intense match with a few moves they have probably never seen before. Here is a little highlight clip that’ll give you a little taste of Adrian Severe:

8. What are your future ambitions in Wrestling and where do you see yourself in 5 years time??

I’d like 2016 to be the year where a lot of doors open for me all around the world. I’d love to go to Japan and the States to show what I’m capable in the ring. My ultimate Goal in wrestling however will always be to get to WWE and work my way to the top there.

9. Where can the readers find Adrian ‘Ace’ Severe and where can promoters book you??

They can find my on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at:

Promoters can either contact me via facebook of via email at

10. Have you got any future dates or projects you wish to plug??

I’ve got two big shows coming up on February 5th and 6th in Nurnberg Germany, and after that 10 day run with All Star Wrestling. People can check out my social media pages for upcoming dates all the time.

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