Show Review – GOOD Wrestling ‘Good One’


Welcome to my first ever show review and for the first one ever it is the take of GOOD Wrestling a new promotion coming out of the Milton Keynes/Northampton area who put on their first show last night aptly named ‘Good One’. This event was held at the Craufurd Arms in Milton Keynes a weird place in a way as it looks just like a general pub on the outside but when you go inside it is both that and a live music venue to boot. The card in my opinion was stacked full of great talent and talent that I would say for the most part you wouldn’t get down here they are limited normally to the London area such as Jack Sexsmith, Pastor William Eaver and talent from the Bristol/Wales Area such as Panda Cub and Nixon Newell as well as wrestlers I haven’t seen in a while live like Darrell Allen and Doug Williams. There was though wrestlers that I do see regularly in this area such as Joseph Conners, Stixx and Chris Tyler, 2 out of the 3 I have seen on literally every single wrestling show I have been to since I started in August of 2013.

I myself was first in to the venue as a fan which was abit awkward but it soon started to fill up but the intimate venue they used meant for two things cramped seating and I would say next time I go or anyone else goes for that matter bring a cushion if your sitting down as it doesn’t half hurt when you leave and also up close wrestling for a great price.

The show itself started a little late due to apparent train problems but it didn’t matter as it meant late comers could pile in before a start at around 5 to 8.


Match 1 was between the aforementioned Chris Tyler and Stixx, Tyler won my breakout star tip for this year as I reckon due to recent bookings with promotions such as GOOD and Southside that he will start coming into his own this year and really show the UK excuse the pun how talented he is. Stixx on the other hand is always great to see live and is someone who playing heel or face will give you your money’s worth and this match in itself was a great little match to open the card up, of course nothing special as of yet due to it being the opener but still I would say it was good and I would love to see both men back in GOOD as due to their roster filling up, the depth of matches both men can have with different members of this roster makes me think we haven’t seen the last of both men in this promotion. Stixx was screwed over though via a roll up late in the day but Tyler did play the heel so of course he was going to cheat and gloating about it when he went towards the back he showed off that point.


Match 2 went into a newly formed team of Cy Gregory and Terry Isit, both BWR alumnis and local competitiors with Cy wrestling for the likes of Leicester Championship Wrestling and Terry for EAW and Megaslam’s touring promotion vs a lone Rob Lynch who came out and basically explained that James Davis his LR partner wasn’t there tonight and the crowd thought that he was about to introduce a new partner but Cy stabbed Terry in the back and formed a new team with Rob of the MK Riots. Lynch cuts a promo and the basic message was that Isit had to find a partner in about 5 minutes so the next match would be between the two newly formed teams.


The next match then was between Nixon Newell as articulated by the ring announcer ‘the best female wrestler in the world today’ and in my opinion you cannot argue with that point, of course if you read the BWR Awards Nixon won the best Female Worker of the year after winning Breakout Female the year before and she is overall my favourite women’s wrestler at the minute and really think that if she has an injury free 2016 that she will get her name even further out there. She was taking on Panda Cub who comes from the Bristol area apparently and I was seeing for the first time apart from on a Vertigo Pro DVD last weekend. This match was great with the crowd and me included being behind Nixon due to in the most part Panda Cub dominating proceedings. A little bit of offence though at the end from Newell got her in the position for a Vulture Culture Destroyer which is one of the best finishers I have seen live. In summary it was great to see the BWR Best Female in action in my area and in a great match too and Panda Cub impressed me as well so good job from GOOD putting that match on the card as it was a good choice.

The final match before the interval was between The newly formed MK Riots vs Terry Isit and a mystery partner. Danny Jones was revealed to be his partner somebody who I knew a little bit about which was basically that he was from the Wales area and wrestled abit for Chaos and Dragon Pro. This match though in itself was a bit of a massacre as expected but also showed both Terry and Danny standing their ground against two men who you wouldn’t expect them to beat. This meant that up until the end it was back and forth for the most part with the crowd being behind Isit and Jones especially at the points when it wasn’t going there way. As expected though The MK Riots ended up winning with no upset on the cards after a bit of offence at the end to take the pin on Isit with Jones outside the ring not able to help Isit at all. Overall though this was a great tag team match with it going all the way round the small intimate venue of the Craufurd Arms, great to see Rob and Cy again and Terry and Danny for the first time, albeit in a losing effort the latter team really impressed me and i’m glad I got to see both men for the first time.

An interval occured with GOOD serving up a good first half and at this point I couldn’t wait for the next half with some great matches to come.


Match 4 and the start of part 2 was between Jack Sexsmith someone known mostly to Progress fans for being quite ambiguous vs someone who is the complete opposite and another BWR alumni and somebody I haven’t seen since early 2014 when I saw him with RJ Singh as the Bhangra Knights in Southside, ‘The Dazzler’ Darrell Allen who in this match played the heel and was quite serious. What I would say about this match is that it was literally the funniest wrestling match I have seen live from Sexsmith having his arse out for most of the match to him using Mr Cocko a version of Mick Foley’s Mr Socko but instead it is a condom. Every single time he dumped Darrell down to the canvas he had something to see such as ‘Suck My Dick’. I was in stitches throughout the whole match and I reckon we may see it again due to Darrell kicking him in the dick to get a DQ, after this match and I would say the annoying thing about the event was a family on the front row with one lad for quite a few matches trying to pick fights with wrestlers such as Darrell and at first it was funny but it just got annoying so thank god GOOD’s ring announcer basically told him to calm down and he did for the rest of the show. I go to shows to see trained guys wrestle and pick fights with each other not members of the audience.


Match 5 was between two other BWR alumnis in Pastor William Eaver who is like Sexsmith and Allen of Progress fame and is known for in my opinion having one of the best gimmicks in the UK currently of being a pastor and looking like a Jesus lookalike but also being great in the ring, he came out and was accepting donations from members of the audience and made according to him £5.14 of measly cash that will go towards the Trinity Parish fund. Also came out with his holy water and called all members of the crowd hevens and peasants. I was seeing him for the first time live and he was just as good as I thought he would be. He was taking on Wild Boar who I have seen before once in Bedford on an A-Merchandise/Wrestling Store show, the venue they used is now being taken up by Southside and I was impressed with Boar then and was last night. He seriously looks like an animal and really plays up to this moniker he gives himself. This match overall like most matches on the show was quality, it started with Eaver blessing Boar and started from there with both men having a great match just before the main event. This match also included a baptism from Eaver who had it spat in his face. The crowd went away happy though as the favourite with the fans Boar won via a trapper keeper which I think is an awesome finisher. Eaver drank his holy water at the end and stumbled round the ring and being on my phone sending Hashtag Wrestling and Wrestle Ropes the results he stopped looked at me and said ‘Oi Phone Boy like your shirt too sweet I like the Bullet Club’ and then he went to the back.


The main event was between Doug Williams and Joseph Conners. Doug of course was the main draw for those who came for him. I mainly came for the likes of Nixon, Pastor William Eaver and The London Riots and of course to do a review but the crowd erupted when he entered the ring and last time I saw him I wasn’t that enamoured as I saw him in Bedford in a British Rounds Match against Johnny Kidd and as much as I love that old World of Sport style, I had just seen the likes of Lion Kid, Noam Dar and Martin Kirby so it slowed everything down and I had the same opinion on him as I do with American guys who come over and were in big companies and that is that they ain’t that good. Last night though changed my opinion on Doug and of course for the better, he was facing my favourite wrestler in Joseph Conners, I saw Conners in my first ever live match and I have seen him more times than I can count like the likes of Will Ospreay, Mark Haskins and Stixx. Since dropping the ‘Special Edition’ moniker and turning heel he has really gone into his own and I prefer him more as ‘Righteous’ for sure. Overall this was literally a masterclass I would say of proper wrestling and even though it wasn’t flips or whatever which normally get you on the edge of the seat, this really did and I am not a massive fan of technical compared to high flying. This for me was easily match of the night and really brought the show to a close. Doug has still got it even though of course he is getting older and Conners is getting better and better and like when Conners wrestled Gulak for TIDAL this match was gold and when this show comes out on DVD or Digital I would urge you all to give this match your time as you won’t regret it. Doug ended up winning in the end which made the crowd happy to end off ‘Good One’

Rating – 8/10 – A great show and one of the best I have seen in a long, long time. The talent on it was great for a first show and to see some wrestlers in this area that I wouldn’t have previously seen is even better. Sexsmith vs Allen was hilarious as was Eaver vs Boar, Conners vs Williams of course takes match of the night and I myself cannot wait to see where GOOD go in the future as after last night’s show they may become a huge force in British Wrestling in 2016 as they have a niche which is to use live music venues and they are running in a quite undercrowded area of the country as most promotions run either up North or in the London area so to see more wrestling closer to home is great as we usually only have 2 promotions in this area. I am being picky but the reason why it didn’t get a 10 is due to the cramped seating and the ceiling being quite low meaning quite a few wrestlers nearly bashed their heads on lights but apart from that great first show!

I will definitely be returning to GOOD in future that’s for sure!

I would like to thank GOOD Wrestling for supplying me a ticket for this show free of charge, something which they didn’t have to do and I am hugely grateful for.

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Their next show is on the 29th April again at the Craufurd Arms in Wolverton, Milton Keynes, MK12 5LT

Tickets aren’t out yet but they should be soon!

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