DVD Review – TIDAL Wrestling ‘Anniversary 2’


Welcome to the latest DVD review, again we return to TIDAL Wrestling based in Leeds for another installment of one of the best promotions in my opinion in the UK. It has been a while since we last reviewed anything from TIDAL a few months in fact but now we have their two new releases to take a look at over the coming weeks!

Match 1 – JD Boom vs Panda Cub

First of all we have JD Boom vs Panda Cub, JD is always hilarious in TIDAL and so i’m expecting nothing different here and he is taking on Panda Cub who I saw for the first time a week ago last Friday and impressed me in a match vs Nixon who also appears later on so i’m hoping for a good opening match here. JD started after the entrance by questioning why a Panda is talking and sneezing. Panda Cub hit with a series of dropkicks, armdrags and finished the combo with a good standing moonsault. JD hit him with a shoulder barge and a clothesline though to end Panda Cub being on top. The crowd of course was behind Panda Cub but before he could do anything he was hit with a good lariat, JD argued with Dan Eagles which meant Panda Cub could capitalise but JD Boom reversed this and kicked him basically in the arse, he performed another lariat as well as a DDT to make Panda Cub roll to the outside. JD was going to dive over the ropes but clutched onto them instead, Panda Cub returned to the ring and hit him with a nice discus elbow which made him hang onto the apron on the outside, the crowd were behind him to dive over the ropes but JD held up the ‘Lana’ banana which made him stop in his tracks. Big T Justice came into the ring and hit Panda Cub with a massive chokeslam which allowed JD Boom to get back into the ring and get a 3 count.

Match 2 – Dan James vs Violet O’Hara

Next up we have one of the most underrated male wrestlers in the UK, ‘The Armbar Superstar’ Dan James vs one of the most underrated female wrestlers over here in Violet O’Hara, this was for the TCW Open Championship as vacated by Sean Only due to injury. Dan James went straight in there beating the living crap out of Violet from when she came into the ring but of course Violet isn’t a pushover and dropkicked him out of the ring to stop his offence. Violet stalked him on the apron but Dan caught her and threw her down onto the ring apron. When they returned to the ring, Dan James worked on the arm which he is known for doing of course due to his nickname. He then got her up and bent her arm before executing a vicious backbreaker. Violet tried getting some offence with some kicks to the midsection but James planted her down to the canvas with a lariat which stopped this in it’s tracks, he carried it on and took his time with a great suplex. He then went up top and landed on his knee, this allowed Violet to hit him with a hurricanerana and then slammed his face into the mat to get a 2 count and show her fight. Violet tried to kick Dan but she missed and Dan hit her with a crushing spinebuster. Dan argued with the ref and Violet kicked him in the dick before getting her shining wizard but Ward 13 who are in the next match came in and took her out of the ring before she could get a 3 count meaning it ended as a no contest and the title was still vacant!!

Match 3 – The Burial vs Ward 13

The next match is between the two men we saw  in the last match Ward 13 who have basically rampaged through TIDAL as apparently people who were previously in a mental asylum hence the name, they were facing The Burial who I was impressed with last time they faced off. The match started as expected with both teams brawling round the ring, this wasn’t going to be a normal tag team bout after last time out. The larger member of Ward 13 though took out both members of the Burial but Graves distracted him and tackled him onto the stage. Graves got the skinnier member back into the ring to try and score a pinfall. Both members took shots at him with european uppercuts. They controlled the match and after a while, the larger member returned to apron which spurred him on to get the tag. The Burial though continued their tactic with keeping him in the corner with hot tag after hot tag. Graves bought a pinata to the ring which allowed the big member of Ward 13 to clothesline both men down, he slammed Graves down with ease. Graves tried to fight back and nearly got the tag to Rose but was hit with a spinebuster. He was inches away again but crawled through his legs to no avail. The smaller member came in and continued his punishment of Graves that the larger member started but he didn’t last long as the larger member returned to fray and threw himself right at the legs of Graves, Rose was thrown to the outside but jumped in, the referee intervened. Graves had the smaller member in position for what looked like a swing but he was german suplexed to the mat by the larger member of Ward 13 which meant his offence didn’t last long. The Burial ended up defeating Ward 13 by Disqualification after both members of Ward 13 remained in the ring after the referee’s five-count which meant that The Burial were robbed of the win of that they wanted. The Burial were of course mad at this and ended up throwing both members out.

Match 4 – ‘Dynamite’ Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate

Next up is Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate, two of the best talents I would probably say both in my area of the Midlands but also in the UK currently. Both men of course have faced off before and are part of the Attack contingent so know each other quite well so I was expecting a great match here. Both men shaked hands before they started as a sign of respect and Pete got Tyler down to the canvas straight away to ground him. This was in the opening stages a masterclass of sort of proper wrestling from Pete Dunne and was a change from some of the matches on the TIDAL card which can be high flying. The crowd applauded after the opening exchanges and Tyler took over as opposed to Pete previously and he twisted the arms around onto his back holding them with his legs and also using his fingers cracking them. They locked up again with Pete taking him down quickly and focusing on the arm bending it right back and ended up stamping on the elbow. They tested each others strength before using a Greco-Roman style. Like alluded to this was an absolute masterclass with neither man as such having massive offence for that long. A show of this was when they both exchanged slaps which were proper hard. Pete Dunne though started to take full control with knees to the face and grounded submissions jading Tyler Bate. Bate didn’t give up and firmly had the ball in his court after a dragon leg whip and from there he executed a great combo of moves which ended with a european uppercut. Dunne reversed most of what was thrown at him mainly his airplane spin and his dead-lift german suplex which he kicked out of. Pete executed a great pumphandle facebuster to pick up his first singles win in TIDAL in a cracker of a match.

Match 5 – Rampage Brown vs Mike Bird

Next up was a match between one of the best in the UK in Rampage Brown vs Mike Bird who is really starting to make massive waves on the British Wrestling scene. It was Rampage’s return to TIDAL  for the first time since losing his TIDAL title to Liam Lazarus as far as i’m aware. Rampage of course started with a lot of power moves such as clothesline to try and put his opponent away early and of course to show his brute strength. Mike Bird of course wasn’t going to go down quietly and as a result he threw him down hard to the floor and then punched him in the face from the apron followed by a knife edge chop from both men on the outside. Rampage was going to throw him into the lift but this was reversed as was a piledriver on the stage from Rampage on Bird. They went back into the ring and Bird got him grounded and started to try and jade him by taking the air out of him. When he executed a knife edge chop, Rampage though did the same but Bird continued on with no sight of a return to the forefront from Rampage which was epitmised with Mike getting a back suplex with ease. Bird though made the mistake of going up top with Rampage getting his feet up to boot him in the face. Both men traded blows with Rampage having a new swagger to him of sorts. He then irish whipped him and threw him down with a back drop, he then booted Bird in the face and shoulder blocked him off the top rope. He went again for the piledriver but Bird reversed and executed a spinning sit down powerbomb. Bird went for his piledriver but was thrown for six with a lariat. Rampage picked him up and threw him down to the mat with a powerbomb, the same one which concussed Liam Lazarus. Rampage went again for the piledriver but was reversed with a firemans carry being executed, Bird took off his elbow pad to try and get a lariat but was caught with a spinebuster. Rampage signalled for the end but his piledriver was countered again but Brown finally got it to pick up a victory on his return to TIDAL, great match overall between two of the best wrestlers in the UK, TIDAL couldn’t have picked a better wrestler to face Rampage on his return I don’t think.

Match 6 – Martin Kirby vs Mark Haskins vs Liam Lazarus

Next of all we have a 3 way match between Martin Kirby, the returning Mark Haskins and Liam Lazarus. Kirby is someone who I have seen over a million times on both DVD and live and is someone who I enjoy watching wrestle, Haskins is one of if not my favourite wrestler currently and so for him to return is great and finally Liam Lazarus is quality in TIDAL and when he lost the title I was pretty bummed out about it. Kirby and Haskins shook hands and Lazarus hesitantly shook Mark and Martin’s hands. Haskins went out fast paced like he always does taking both men down almost straight away. Sean Only though turned up and said ‘I’m always watching’ playing mind games with Liam Lazarus. Haskins kicked both men to the canvas again and then went after Martin Kirby, Haskins was looking to dive out the ring but he was dropkicked by Lazarus, his allowed Lazarus to of course take control but not for long with Kirby coming back in he soon dispatched Lazarus out of the way with Haskins vs Kirby facing off again with Mark getting the better of Kirby. Lazarus didn’t have a repeat of previously with Haskins as Mark got the better of Liam. Kirby tried to get back in but Mark kneed him to the face and then he did the same to Lazarus when he was grounded. Haskins then executed a beautiful snap suplex before kicking him in the spine and then booting him down. Kirby though was on the top rope and european uppercutted Haskins to the ground before removing Lazarus and getting a great neckbreaker. He called for the Sable Bomb but this was reversed but he was then thrown down to the canvas. Lazarus then hit Kirby with a great dropkick from the top rope, Lazarus took Haskins’ leg out and then tried to kick him in the chest on the ground but Haskins caught Lazarus put him into a firemans carry before dumping him down on the mat in a seriously good combination from the reversal. Haskins went up top but missed with Kirby hitting him with a superman dive and Lazarus putting knees into his chest, Kirby though kicked Lazarus in the midsection and double suplexed both men. Lazarus got put onto the top turnbuckle and made sure he wasn’t suplexed and then crossbodied both men. Liam Lazarus then executed a nice facebuster but only got a 2 count and then tried the same with Haskins but was DDT’ed for his troubles. Lazarus tried the Lazabuster but was put in a submission but out of nowhere Kirby hit the fameasser on Haskins to get the 3 count in a quality match!

Match 7 – The Proven vs So Scandalous

This is a match that has been put on a few times by TIDAL and is always entertaining, The Proven for some reason I don’t know what it is bore me at times while So Scandalous are great especially Ryan Smile who is a great wrestler, great on the mic and as well is a cracking graphic designer. This was for the Open Championship as well so whoever scored the winning pinfall would get the vacated belt. Ryan Smile and Sam Wilder started off with Smile getting a nice kick combination starting off really fast, he continued this with some showboating. Dunne was tagged in and go a double axehandle but Smile then came in again and stomped Wilder’s left hand, Dunne was finally in and continued where Smile left off by making sure he couldn’t get to the corner. Crash then came in and kicked him in the midsection, Wilder came back in again and took all the air out of him witha  smart face lock. It was another quick tag with a punch to the midsection but when he irish whipped Dunne he was elbowed in the face and then crossbodied. Crash ducked the clothesline and then sat on Dunne to get the first fall of the match. Dunne went full speed ahead getting Smile back in with quick tag after quick tag. Caz Crash though fought out but he tried a handspring and fell on his head meaning SS had a opening to try and get a fall in the match. Wilder though came in and got some offence on Dunne including a nice fisherman’s suplex. Both members of So Scandalous were outside the ring and Caz Crash dived out the ring to take out Ryan Smile. Smile superkicked Wilder and they followed this up with a nice spear to get themselves a fall in this match. Crash came back in and fired up beat both members of So Scandalous for six. Crash then got a crusher but as did Ryan Smile, Smile fell right to the floor on the outside and Dunne nearly got the win for the team. Crash got an enziguri to send Smile right back out. The Proven then took their opportunity to  get their Point Proven tag finisher to become the Open Champions. Following the match, The New Nation came through the crowd before going face-to-face with The Proven. Tidal Championship Wrestling management orders both teams not to fight or they shall be fired. They will face each other at the earliest opportunity in 2016.

Match 8 – Addy Starr vs Nixon Newell

Addy Starr is great and her Lego deathmatch with JD Boom was one of the best matches TIDAL has done, she takes on my favourite female wrestler and the BWR Female Wrestler of the Year for 2015 Nixon Newell so this match should be a cracker. Both locked up with Nixon getting the upperhand but it soon went into a fight of sorts with Addy’s fighter style meaning Nixon had to do the same to stand a chance and it went to the outside with both females brawling, this included a great dropkick with assistance from someone in the crowd. When they returned to the ring though, Addy got Nixon with a clothesline followed by a suplex and a great curb stomp which squashed her face into the canvas. Addy got her up and then suplexed her to the mat. An irish whip though was countered and Nixon caught her witha  kick to the face before taking her down and then getting Violet O’Hara’s finisher Shining Wizard. Nixon herself got Addy up trying for a german suplex but this was countered with Nixon back-kicking her where the sun don’t shine. This was then followed up with Nixon stamping on her hand which like alluded to earlier showed that she has to in this match play dirty and fight as opposed to trying to win it normally due to her opponent. Nixon continuously worked on the hand and Addy did get a knife edge chop but Nixon was fired up and so it didn’t hurt her as such. Nixon tried to go for the Vulture Culture Destroyer twice but this was reversed twice, she was then booted in the face in the corner by Addy Starr. Both exchanged kicks before they both fell to the mat, they traded elbow chops on the ground and when they were both up, Nixon attempted a superplex but Addy battled out of it. Addy set her up and double kneed her from the 2nd turnbuckle. Nixon kicked out though and then speared her from behind. Addy was then kicked in the chest but this only got a 2. Again Addy was set up for the Vulture Culture Destroyer but it was reversed and Nixon was elbowed three times from different angles which meant Addy got the win! Great match!

Match 9 – Dara Diablo vs El Ligero

Diablo vs Ligero was the main event in a No Countout, No DQ  match for the TCW Heavyweight Championship. This seems like a cracker considering the usual No DQ matches in TIDAL include weapons, lifts and merch tables. Diablo got him with a low blow straight away and he grabbed 2 chairs. He nestled them in the corner but Ligero clotheslined him to make sure he wasn’t hit with a chair. Ligero though was suplexed across the ring and this was attempted again twice but Diablo was thrown in the turnbuckle. Diablo jumped over and threw him into another top turnbuckle. Ligero then kicked the chair Diablo was holding on the outside instead of going head first into it like what Dara expected. Ligs then went to the outside and then he threw Dara straight into the wall. It then went upstairs which was expected as it wouldn’t be a TIDAL show without a NO DQ main event where they go all around the Union would it. Diablo though got some offence back throwing him into the bar wall.  Ligero walked off and this gained him an advantage and let him monkey flip Diablo into the pillar. The DVD’s were used and then Diablo was thrown straight into the merchandise. They went back near the ring and Ligero went back first into some chairs. Ligero was right on the edge of the entrance way and Diablo was sent crashing to the floor. He threw himself at Diablo but was caught and then executed a spinning suplex on Ligero onto the apron which must of hurt. Diablo was beating Ligero up when he was laying on the ring post but Dara was thrown into it and then he was thrown head first onto the steel ring apron. A hurricanerana from the steps followed this which was quality. They returned to the ring and Ligero was thrown into the chair which was followed up with a great backstabber. The damaged chair was grabbed and set up, Ligero sat on it after a slap and Diablo exited the ring to have a drink before spitting it in his face. Ligs got up and double dropkicked him followed by throwing him into a chair and getting a  deathvalley driver and a big splash from the top rope. He went for the C4L and was caught with a suplex followed by a jackhammer. Diablo made sure as a result of this that he couldn’t get up. Another chair was grabbed and thrown in. All 3 were assembled in the ring and Ligero was dumped straight onto the chairs. Diablo was low blowed up top and then Diablo was powerbombed onto the chairs. This only got a 2 count though. He was prepared with a chair and Diablo took out Eagles which meant that Ligero had to wait for a 3 count. Ligero set him up for a C4L but Diablo held onto the legs before both men traded blow after blow. Ligero ran into a knife edge chop but Diablo got superkicked and C4L’ed for his troubles but Eagles was injured so only gave him a 2 count.

Liam Lazarus hit El Ligero with a steel chair while El Ligero was on the top rope. Liam Lazarus then pulled Dara Diablo on top of El Ligero for the win.

Following the match, Liam Lazarus took the championship belt. He suggested that Dara Diablo didn’t care for the belt and that it felt good to hit El Ligero. He offers both men the chance to face him for a match in December. He then informs both men that he doesn’t really want a match as he doesn’t feel like wrestling any more and instead he wants a street fight.

Rating 8/10 – Not the best show I have seen of TIDAL’s but it was still really good and of high quality that was for sure. The main event was the highlight as expected and other highlights included Nixon vs Addy Starr, The 3 Way Dance and Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate. I have another review coming up next week from TIDAL which is Silent Nightmare : End Of Days so hopefully the high standard continues next week! Great job TIDAL overall!

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