DVD Review – WWE Best of Raw and SmackDown 2015


Welcome to the latest WWE DVD review and today it is the turn of Best of Raw and SmackDown 2015, WWE recently have been a bit hit and miss which has mainly been the fault of PPV’s being either bog standard or not worth the purchase and so to get something different and from the TV side of it is a welcome refresher to the release schedule.

This set as the title suggests is WWE’s attempt to compile the best of Raw and SmackDown from the previous year and of course there is going to be some people scrutinising this release as with 5 hours a week of both, some moments or matches that people would want to be on this release could be missed out which is why generally I do not in the main say really bad things about this set.

Myself I don’t watch Raw or SmackDown as such anymore for a few reasons which are mainly my schedule which means I am only at home for a few hours a night which means I cannot possibly sit through 5 hours a week and also it bores me so I could put it down to an hour but it isn’t worth it so this set is a review title I look forward to every year for that reason and so again I cannot complain when something is left out as such as I don’t really watch it every week!


2015 as a year was quite weird with a break from the norm as such with Seth Rollins becoming champion, the Divas and the tag team division becoming more popular which you would not have seen 5 years ago as even thought the talent was there it wasn’t used properly so the likes of Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Paige, Sasha Banks etc. and the New Day especially coming to the forefront is refreshing.

Overall counting everything up there is 22 matches so for anyone buying this you can’t really watch this all in a weekend with all the moments as well so it is more of a long term watch which isn’t a bad thing as it means it is quite a comprehensive look at the two shows. The highlights of the matches include Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose in a great ambulance match which I could just simply throw on in the background and enjoy, Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins which going by today’s news could be the last time we see it in both WWE and when they wrestled in Ring of Honor. Seth Rollins again starred in a match vs Brock Lesnar who due to his schedule we hardly see wrestle on Raw and John Cena & Daniel Bryan vs Tyson Kidd & Cesaro which was great and it is a shame that Tyson got injured as him and Cesaro were gold and one of my favourite teams in WWE up there with the New Day.

Of course it wouldn’t be a best of a year if it didn’t include one of the biggest names ever in the company in John Cena and his run as WWE Champion with the famous open challenge was included with matches vs the likes of Sami Zayn and Cesaro as well as segments with the likes of Kevin Owens sending a message to him. John Cena as champion of course made it a championship worth challenging for every week.

Speaking of Zayn, there is of course focus on the new stars from NXT mostly Kevin Owens and Neville with of course Owens being newer  to the main roster than ‘The Man That Gravity Forgot’ but to see these two getting showcased on matches and segments on the DVD. This of course means less of the old guard are showcased with only abit of Kane and no Big Show which is unusual as they are normally at least showcased in a few matches or moments on these DVD’s so to see none of this adds to the rating.

As alluded to earlier the tag division has rose as there is no more I always use the example of Adam Rose and The Bunny in the fray it is proper tag teams like The Dudleys and The New Day who unfortunately only feature the once as they are literally the best thing in WWE right now apart from AJ Styles of course but there is some great matches to compensate and this year is another great attempt by WWE at putting the best in as opposed to just filling gaps like on the Best PPV Sets previously.

Finally you do get some matches that they would build up to usually on PPV’s such as Charlotte vs Paige but for me this is great as it means that you get a look at what is to come and if the challenger wins it makes the viewer believe they can go on and win either on that next Sunday or in a few weeks so this doesn’t detract from the rating it improves it for sure

Overall this review has been short and sweet but for a reason, there is lots of cracking content on here that has really made me believe WWE can put out a great set to start 2016 and with NXT Greatest Matches which is right next to me coming up this could continue right through 2016. To see some of the best talent the WWE has to offer adorn this set the likes of Rollins, Lynch, Paige, Charlotte, Cena, Lesnar etc means it is a must watch for I would say mostly for the market like me who watch WWE but not so much the main show every week so if I were you and you could pick it up either now if you want to pay full price or later on if you want to pay less it is well worth the pick up and so it gets a 9/10 rating from me, not a lot of New Day drags it down but overall a great set!

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