DVD Review – TIDAL Wrestling Silent Nightmare : End of Days


Another week has flown by and that means the second of the TIDAL DVD reviews, I reviewed the previous instalment which was their 2nd anniversary show last weekend and now I am back with their second Silent Nightmare show called end of days. They got 8/10 last time but can it be upgraded to a 10 once again?? I think so looking at the card before watching this DVD so it has to be a good sign.

Match 1 – TCW Open Championship – Sam Wilder vs. ‘The Priority’ Chris Ridgeway

The first match was high quality on paper and it was between Sam Wilder of the Proven who of course is Open Champion with tag team partner Caz Crash after winning it on the Anniversary show and Chris Ridgeway who as well as being a BWR alumni is a great talent and should give Wilder a really great battle in this case for his title. As the DVD says if Wilder does win this, Crash does face Dan James later on for the title so if Wilder loses both Caz and Dan don’t get a shot as far as i’m aware. Crash himself was standing outside the ring to cheer on Wilder and maybe help him to the victory. Wilder and Ridgeway locked up with Chris dragging him into the corner but second time round, Chris wasn’t so lucky and was grounded with Wilder focusing on the ankle. Wilder got a nice bodyscissors takedown and a dropkick to send Chris to the outside, Sam went to the apron and tried to kick him but was thrown down to the apron instead by Ridgeway. He added insult to injury by smashing his head off that apron before tumbling him back in and punishing the champion even more on the ground. Wilder had the crowd behind him but was contunuely punished by Chris who wouldn’t let him get up. Both men were up though and they traded forearms and Ridgeway missed a kick which meant that Wilder could get some much needed offence. Wilder tried again what he couldn’t pull off on the apron and it worked with Sam kicking Chris. Wilder didn’t punish him even further on the outside though and both men went in but Ridgeway went back to the apron and kicked him in the head before getting a 2 count. Chris stalked his opponent and even though he missed the kick the first time he didn’t second time around, he capped it off with another suplex and went for it second time round but Sam reversed and hit him with a dead lift german suplex. Wilder like Ridgeway did moments before stalked him and wanted him to get to his feet, Sam had him up on his shoulders but it was reversed and Chris raked his eyes and kneed him in the face followed by a back suplex and a dropkick. Like alluded to, the crowd were behind him and when Chris had Sam rested on the top, Sam fought himself out of a superplex attempt but Chris threw Craig Anderson into the ropes which meant Sam couldn’t capitalise. Ridgeway did though and hit him with a superplex before holding onto him and slamming him down to the canvas, he went straight out of the pin and into a leg lock. Sam Wilder though sneakily got a cradle pin to sneak the win against Ridgeway in a good opener.

Match 2 – Team Loom (Lana Austin & JD Boom) (w/ Big T Justice) vs Violet O’Hara & Ruby Summers by Pinfall

The next match was between Team Loom who weren’t together on the last event with Lana replaced by a banana with a picture of her on in JD Boom’s match with Panda Cub, they were facing the team of Violet O’Hara and Ruby Summers, Violet was viciously attacked last time by both Dan James in their match and Ward 13 and it is good to see Ruby Summers as well back in TIDAL once again as of course she was the pick for breakout star from myself in the BWR Awards for last year. JD dressed in a tree costume to the ring before this was taken off to reveal his ring attire. Lana started first off against Ruby but Summers wanted JD instead first of all. Ruby wasted little time and jumped on JD with a Lou Thesz Press, JD ended up on top of Craig thinking he was Ruby, Ruby dropkicked him into the corner with Violet coming in and kicking his legs before kicking him downstairs while the referee was dealing with Lana. Violet then executed a nice neckbreaker followed by a facebuster to the canvas, she continued on hitting him in the corner before getting a bulldog. Boom went to the outside before hugging Lana and then going back in and he got the chance to get some offence on Lana with Big T Justice distracting Violet. Lana then came in and threw her around the ring but she wasn’t in for long before JD came back in and hit a nice spinebuster, Violet tried fighting out of it but got the breath taken out of her by JD, Lana was tagged back in and choked Violet with her boot making sure that she couldn’t get to Ruby on the otherside of the ring. Once again Boom was tagged in and nearly lost the match through a quick roll up and as a result Lana once again was brought into proceedings and again punished Violet. As you can tell quick tags between the two was the rule of the day but even though it lasted for most of the match, Ruby came into proceedings finally and was on fire getting some great offence in on both Lana and JD and was then back in again after Violet was swung around by JD and hit him with a missile dropkick for good measure before he was hit with a Shining Wizard by Violet. Lana then came in and distracted the referee and Big T charged into Ruby and then threw Boom into Ruby to get the 3 count. Once again JD couldn’t get the win legitimately but this was expected.  Following the match, Violet O’Hara challenged Lana Austin to a No Holds Barred match.

Match 3 – TCW Open Championship – ‘Armbar Superstar’ Dan James vs  Caz Crash

Dan James was taking on Caz Crash here in the 2nd Open Championship title match of the night after Wilder snuck a win almost out of nowhere against Chris Ridgeway in the opening match. James is a quality wrestler and is always someone I am glad to see used in TIDAL and Crash is great as a singles wrestler and even though I am not exactly a massive fan of The Proven he is good in a tag team as well so this one should be great. Dan threw his towel at Caz’s face and as a result started off on top beating the living crap out of Crash and of course Dan worked on his arm early doors. Caz wasn’t going to lose his title though that easily and hit him with a forearm after jumping off the ropes onto Dan who was on the outside recovering. Crash tried jumping back in but was hit by a forearm but then Crash stayed outside and splashed onto James who was grounded. Crash irish whipped him into another corner and even though James tried to reverse an onrunning Caz Crash he grabbed his leg and threw him down to the canvas before dragging the ring apron with an ankle lock, James raked Crash while Anderson was adjusting the ring apron which meant he was back on top once again after a period of no offence. He worked the arm once again kicking and leathering it to jade the joint champion. Crash tried to get back into the match but James reversed and stomped on the arm to reinforce which area he was focusing on and cleverley when Crash was being asked bit the fingers. It was looking likely and likelier by the second that James would either pull off the win or Crash would get a sneaky win like his Proven partner earlier, Of course Crash didn’t give up and executed a crossbody, elbowed him and dropkicked him to fight back into this match but you could tell he was in pain and James capitalised getting him into an armbar once again but he was too near the ropes, Crash got up and used his feet as opposed to his arms to wear down James.Jason Prime from the New Nation came out and distracted Caz Crash when it looked like Crash was going to win,Dan James throwing water in Crash’s eyes  while the referee and Crash were distracted which allowed James to get the 3 count and win the Open Championship!!!

Match 4 – Rampage Brown vs ‘Anti-Hero’ Tommy End

Next up we have a match which is sure to be an absolute war between two of the best hard-hitting wrestlers in Europe in Rampage Brown and Tommy End, End of course was the first ever wrestler I interviewed and is from the Netherlands so it’s a bit of England vs Netherlands you could say. This match though for me as well as the main event really stood out and I think it will be a good’un. Both men shook hands and locked up with Rampage throwing Tommy to the canvas but they were both up again and Tommy took Rampage down. Brown focused on the hand when he got End grounded but this was reversed and End got him into a headscissors. Both men though at the start due to them being quite evenly matched both shared offence. It soon became hardhitting though after some submission moves at the start. Both men went to the outside and even though they weren’t out there for long they used their surroundings and even a member of the audience was knocked down due to this. Tommy threw Rampage back in and End went to the top but couldn’t hit his foot stomp and Rampage’s piledriver was reversed as a result after this. End then hit him with a roundhouse kick after reversing this and then kicked him again but this time in the chest, he slowed him down even further by getting another headscissors locked in. Rampage battled out but was hit with a foot stomp before he could really do anything. End found him out of the ring again though as he did battle back after the foot stomp, Rampage chopped him on the wall and then slugged him a few times with some great right hands and another foot stomp. They made their way to the stage with End ending up being suplexed onto the stage after initially getting back into the match with a few forearms and elbows to the head. Tommy fell down the stairs and was bundled back into the ring but despite this he kept kicking out despite being punished by Rampage. Once again though he tried for the piledriver but it was reversed and then Rampage hit Tommy with a nice spinebuster, Rampage tried for a powerslam but it was reversed and then both men nearly got the win with quick roll ups, Tommy then stood tall finally after a nice german suplex, Tommy went for his foot stomp but was turned inside out with a lariat, again Rampage went for a piledriver but was hit with a back drop, Tommy finally got his foot stomp but it only got a 2 count. End hit him with an elbow but was hit with a piledriver mid air which got Rampage a win in a great match.

Match 5 – Martin Kirby & Nathan Cruz vs Damian Dunne & HT Drake

2 teams that I would say are unorthodox as they have never teamed but all 4 are great wrestlers so it’s fine to book this I would say. Kirby is a great wrestler, Cruz returns to TIDAL in this match, Dunne is someone who I have seen live myself many times and is a staple of the Midlands Wrestling Scene, criminally underrated I would say and finally HT Drake who I was introduced to due to TIDAL and teams mainly with BWR alumni Micky The Dragon so is used to tag team matches and has had some good singles contests in TIDAL before. Dunne and Cruz were first off and neither man had the upper hand I would say in the opening exchanges gaining equal offence. HT came in but not for long as Damian was quickly tagged in and they got a team team double axehandle. Drake then returned to the ring and was kicked by Kirby who was promptly tagged in. Kirby got Drake in the corner and took control but some pretty slick moves from Drake got him out of it and he continued on fire when Cruz came in until he was pulled out the ring and beaten up by Kirby, Cruz and Kirby continued this when he returned to the ring slowing Drake down. Drake got a nice chinbreaker but got hit by a knee lift when he tried to get to Damian Dunne, Kirby got him with a back rake and a backbreaker when he returned to the ring but these only got him a few 2 counts in a row, Drake was fighting back but Kirby and Cruz were not giving him an inch of a chance to do this and get over to his partner. Cruz splashed off the top rope but missed it going face first into the canvas, Kirby was tagged in but Drake rolled through having the momentum and tagged his fresher partner Damian Dunne who came in fired up clotheslining Martin Kirby multiple times before kneeing him and kicking him in the head. He followed this up with an elbow tot he face and a crossbody on Cruz when he was in and he took both men out when they were on the outside. Drake got a spinning kick and Dunne followed it up with a spear, Cruz pulled him out of a pin which meant Drake was the only man in that team still in the ring. Dunne came back in and caught Cruz with a facecrusher, Drake followed this up with a german suplex but they couldn’t pin Cruz as Kirby is the legal man. Dunne lost the match though as Kirby had a handful of tights in the pinfall.

Match 6 – ‘The All-American Canadian’ Addy Starr vs Alexis Rose

Next of all one of the toughest female wrestlers in the world in Addy Starr who has had some quality matches in TIDAL vs a newcomer to the scene in Alexis Rose who as far as i’m aware wrestles for the likes of Fierce Females, Alpha Omega and now also as part of D.N.A in Leicester Championship Wrestling with Xander Cooper, Marc Massa and Cy Gregory (all BWR alumnis). Alexis beat her up from the start to try and gain an advantage but Addy was on top basically straight away following this. Alexis left the ring complaining about hurting her finger and sneakily took Addy out but again like before Alexis couldn’t convert this into momentum as Addy kept coming back. She did finally do so though getting some elbows to the face in the corner and a good russian leg sweep. Alexis kept slapping her and Rose refused to release a hold while Addy Starr was on the ropes which meant Addy won by disqualification

Following the match, Addy Starr demanded that Tidal Wrestling management give her better opponents.

Match 7 – ‘Young & Bitter’ Pete Dunne vs ‘The Righteous’ Joseph Conners

The semi-main event was between Pete Dunne and Joseph Conners, like Damien Dunne I am familiar with both men mainly as they wrestle a lot down here in the Midlands area and both have had great performances recently in TIDAL including against each other which was a great match so I am expecting another cracker. Conners left the ring almost immediately but returned and they ended up locking up with Dunne grounding Conners as a result Joe ended up leaving the ring once again but even when he returned he wasn’t on top with Dunne getting most of the offence for the opening part of the match. Conners finally got on top of the match though grounding Dunne and holding tight on a head lock and following this up with a great clothesline and a side takedown which allowed him to get back into this head lock for a second time. Dunne wrestled out of it though and got into a headscissors, Conners got up and over and administered another head lock. Dunne worked round and both men got to their feet but were soon grounded again, Dunne looked to take control working on the arm and knee of Conners as a way to try and wear down his opponent and make sure he can’t get on top of proceedings but he did getting a few vicious lariats and clotheslines. He got a backbreaker and tried for a Righteous Kill but Dunne got a suplex to dispell that happening. Both men exchanged blows with Dunne getting a good enziguri and a suplex to end this off. Conners though got a great tilt-a-whirl slam to show that even though he was hit by those two moves that he wasn’t out of it by any means. Dunne got a sleeper from out of nowhere but Conners got to the ropes, Pete ended this by throwing him onto his head. He tried for another sleeper and this didn’t work, both men clattered each other once again with both men ending up down. This occurred again with both men getting lariats but a pump-handle facebuster meant that Dunne got the win. It is now 1-1, two great matches between two of the best in the UK who work so well together.

Match 8 – TCW Championship: All Out War (No DQ, No Count-Out) – ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero vs Liam Lazarus vs Dara Diablo

The main event was between El Ligero, Liam Lazarus and Dara Diablo in an all out war. Ligero of course is great and the most performing wrestler in the Indies last year only losing out to Reigns and Ambrose overall as far as i’m aware, Liam Lazarus is in my top 5 favourite wrestlers, I think he is great in the ring and is underrated definately and finally Dara Diablo who frankly I have always been neutral on, haven’t seen enough of him in my opinion to warrant a good or bad opinion but maybe this will change that. El Ligero straight away ran down to the ring and blew powder at Liam Lazarus, they battled in the ring before Ligero came out and battled Diablo on the stage. Lazarus went up to join in and was double superkicked down the stairs. Ligs sent Diablo into the wall and dived onto Lazarus and Diablo who were on the outside of the ring. He grabbed Lazarus but Diablo went after Ligero and they fought throwing each other against walls and pillars. Lazarus was assembling chairs as the two men fought. They went up towards the merchandise table as usual and Ligero went crashing into all the merch. Diablo was then sent head first into the table by Ligero who didn’t just lie there after being thrown directly into the merch table. They then battled in the corridors of Leeds University including a side russian leg sweep into some shutters. Ligero rolled down the stairs as both men got closer to the ring again. Lazarus came out of nowhere with a bin lid to hit Diablo and Diablo and Ligero teamed up with baking trays  to beat the living crap out of Lazarus as sort of retribution. Lazarus was back in the ring while Diablo hit Ligero and he got more weapons. Lazarus sent Diablo face first into a dust bin and then put it on his head, he ducked Ligero who had a golf club and it then went into the dust bin over Diablo’s head. Ligero put the bin in the corner and he sent Liam head first into it. Ligero grabbed a board and threw it in the ring, he rested it on the corner but him and Liam ended up being sent into it by Diablo. He grabbed Lazarus and executed a sit down powerbomb and jackhammered Ligero to be the only man standing tall. Lazarus hit Diablo with the tea flask and tried to do the same to  Ligero but couldn’t originally before doing so and spitting hot tea in his face sending him into the pile of chairs he assembled earlier. Lazarus then hit the Lazabuster on Diablo but went outside instead of pinning grabbing another board and putting it on the second rope as well as the belt. Lazarus went to the top but was crotched by Dara Diablo who then hit him with a right hand which was also done by Ligero. Ligero went up to the top and footstomped him onto it but not through it. He positioned it again onto the corner and Lazarus was hiptossed by Diablo and Ligero, it happened one more time and it was broken finally. Chairs were thrown in the ring and the belt was rubbed in his face, they tried to hiptoss Lazarus into those chairs but both men were lowblowed. Lazarus grabbed the belt and hit Diablo and Ligero with it. He then hit Craig Anderson making the crowd turn on him, he hit Ligero and Diablo following this with a belt. Diablo low blowed him but was thrown out by Ligs, Lazarus was then C4L’ed onto the chairs by Ligero but due to Anderson being injured a 3 count didn’t happen. Ligero went for it again  but was hit with a chair and then a death valley driver onto those chairs. Lazarus then dropkicked Diablo and hit him twice with his Lazabuster. Liam exited the ring and grabbed drawing pins which Aaron BeatUp thought were teabags from his deathmatch with Shane Strickland/Killshot. Ligero was set up but Diablo threw him out of the ring, Dara got him on his shoulders setting up for the Death Valley Driver he sent Diablo out of the ring through quite a few shoulder barges. Lazarus then hit Ligero with a chair and threw him onto the drawing pins. Lazarus and Diablo were both trying for their finishers on the drawing pins but it wasn’t to be. Ligero came back in and sent both men into the drawing pins after they were on the top rope trying for a superplex!! He went to top and splashed on top of Lazarus before picking up the 3 count to become the TIDAL champion for the second time!!!!

Rating – 9/10 – Another great show from the folks down at TIDAL, it was 8/10 last time but the rating has gone up this time with most if not all matches impressing me! Main standouts were of course the All Out War, Pete Dunne vs Joseph Conners II and Rampage Brown vs Tommy End. It didn’t get a 10 mainly as Alexis Rose vs Addy Starr was of course short and the only match that didn’t impress but it built up to Addy complaining about her opponents so had a point. Would recommend a purchase for sure!

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